/ November 10, 2017

So… Glossier is finally available in the UK. You all know I HAD to pick up some goodies and test them out for you wonderful lot!


After watching a few reviews myself I decided I wanted to pick up a few bits and test them out for myself. I was surprised at how reasonable the whole range was priced. I have bought similar items from other brand of the same quality and spent much more in the past!

So what products did I go for?



Soothing Face Mist – £15

“For fresh, glowy skin all day long.”Glossier.co.uk

So, there isn’t a lot you can really say about a face mist if we are being completely honest. But this mist has become one that I reach for most mornings.

I tend to use this as a sort of primer before my primer… if that makes sense?

After I am done with my morning skin care, I have really been enjoying spritzing a little of this on my skin before I start to apply my makeup. Now, you can use it as a setting spray, but to be honest it doesn’t really give any kind of benefit in that sense. I tried it as a setting spray and there was no real difference in the longevity or look of my makeup, however as a primer it gave my skin that extra boost of moisture it needs without piling on too many products.

The spray is marketed as a Rosewater spray, and although this is one of the key ingredients, I find the addition of aloe the thing that I like the most. My skin gets very red after doing all of my skin care and I also suffer from Rosacea so my face can get pretty blotchy. I find that the Aloe helps to calm this, and just generally gives my skin the extra but of TLC it so desperately needs!


The actual spritzer is nothing amazing, its not ‘spitty’ but it could also be finer if you catch my drift… As I have been using it as more of a priming spray the spritzer isn’t really something that bothers me, but if you are wanting to use this to set your makeup then you might prefer to go with something that has a smoother mist (Id recommend the Glam Glow spray).



Balm Dotcom – £10

“Our cult favorite do-everything skin salve.” Glossier.co.uk

If this isn’t the most fabulous little lip balm I ever did buy then I don’t know what is!

Not only does the Birthday edition have an extra bit of sparkle (Its subtle, don’t worry) but the actual formula of this bad boy is to die for! This stuff leaves my lips feels smoother than a baby’s bottom!

On top of the added sparkle and just generally amazing formula, the smell and taste of this is just… well delicious!

There isn’t a lot more I can really say about this other than you can be sure I’m going to be stocking up on this. They have quite a few different flavours, so I think I’m going to venture out and sample a few of the other offerings they have on the site.



Perfecting Skin Tint – £20

“More skin, less makeup.”Glossier.co.uk

The first thing I do feel the need to say is don’t mistake this little bottle for a foundation, or even a BB cream for that matter. If you are into a full or even a medium coverage for that matter, this might not be for you.

Having said that, I do really enjoy this product. It’s a very sheer, lightly tinted moisturiser type of thing. Well, more of a serum really.

The coverage is lighter than light, but this is exactly what the product is intended to be. Although the coverage is sheer, it still manages to even put your skin tone but leaving your skin looking like skin.

Although I am a victim of acne, I’m not really into full coverage foundations. I usually go for a natural/medium kind of formula. This skin tint is definitely something I will be reaching for on those days where I don’t really want to put on make up, but I kind of need to leave the house so I have to make myself semi decent in order to walk the streets…

The product does what it is meant for, and I have to say I am a fan. I wore this to work a couple of times and even though it showed my skin for what it really was, I actually received compliments on how healthy it looked!

What can I say? Any product that leads to compliments is a winner for me!



Wowder – £18

“Undo the dew.”Glossier.co.uk

I have been waiting to try this little baby out ever since all the American YouTubers and Bloggers have been talking about it! I even considered getting it shipped over, but when I worked out the cost of that I accepted that I was just not meant to try it.

And then something amazing happened… Glossier came to the UK!

This was the first thing I put in my basket when going onto the website to place my order. I have been mooning over this powder for what feels like a lifetime, and it did not disappoint!

Not only is the packaging one of the cutest little powder pots in my collection, but the way it dispenses the powder onto your brush is really quite revolutionary in my opinion.

I really like the fact that on the inside of the pot, instead of having an open sifter where the powder just flies out everywhere, it has like a kind of net that you press your brush or sponge onto to pick up the product. You end up with just the right amount of powder on the brush and don’t waste anything in the process!

One thing I will say is that the colour options are a little scarce… Glossier if you happen to stumble across my little place on this big wide internet world, please make a translucent shade?

Apart from the restricted colour choice, the actual powder performs really nicely. It set my makeup in place without giving me a caked up looking face and left my skin looking radiant and natural.

If your an oily little git like me then I think you’d like this… To be honest, I think all skin types would enjoy this.



Boy Brow – £14

“Our all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper.”Glossier.co.uk

So, last but certainly not least… the brow gel.

My brows are possibly my best feature on my face. And that’s something a few years a go I did not imagine me saying. I put a  lot of time and effort into growing out my brows and getting them back to a natural bushy state. Although my brows are still naturally fairly thin, this gel helps to give them that extra boost they need to look on fleek!

The gel comes in 4 shades, Clear, Blond, Brown and Black. Me being me, decided brown wouldn’t be brown enough and picked up the black shade. To be honest… it still works for me as I like my brows to be dark (Just like my soul).

The gel holds the hairs in place and sets whichever product I use to fill them in with. I tend to flick between pomade’s, pencils and powders, but lately I’ve been reaching for pencils the most.

This brow gel gives my brows just enough ‘oomph’ without making them over the top feather brow kind of bushy. Its fast become one of my fave gels and just £14 you can’t really complain. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less!


Overall Thoughts?

So, overall I am pretty made up with my purchases. I have loved every single product I picked up and I can’t wait to put in another order to try out more! If you are in the market for some makeup that gives you the ‘You but better’ kind of vibe then definitely give the Glossier range a go! For once its a cosmetic range that is high quality without the extortionate price tag that comes with it!


Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of the Glossier range out, and let me know how you feel about it.


Until next time…



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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks great.

  2. Wow, I’ve been hearing so much about this brand recently and I have to say I’ve only heard positive reviews until now and there packaging so lovely! I loved reading your reviews and your photos are so pretty! ??

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie! ☺️

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