/ November 5, 2017

Okay… so this cheeky little indie brand is quite possibly THE BEST discovery I have made all year!

Wonderland Makeup got in touch with me and offered to send me out a few bits for me to sample and review. I had a look at what they were all about and thought they seemed pretty cool. I hadn’t heard of the brand before so I was expecting to feel pretty average about the products, but oh lordy was I wrong!

So Wonderland Makeup were kind enough to send me one of their Studio Finish Primer, Matte Blush and Shimmer Eye Shadow Singles. They did a great job of colour selection and picked colours that I am generally drawn towards, which makes me think they did their homework. Good job guys!


The Brand


So, when reading up about the company one of the things I really loved was that Wonderland Makeup “aims to bring high-end, cruelty-free makeup at an affordable price without compromising the quality of their products”. I mean… what more can you ask for really?

So not only are they cruelty free and high quality but they are actually affordable. Now there are definitely brands that are cheaper, but in my opinion the products are very well priced for the quality you are getting.

Studio Finish Primer – £15

“Create the perfect canvas for your make up application with
this lightweight smooth and silky oil-free primer. Wear under your makeup to increase longevity also helps reduce the
appearance of fine lines for that flawless studio finish look.” – wonderlandmakeup.co.uk

The Packaging

The primer comes in a sleek white/clear tube which holds 30 ml of product. It’s a pretty standard style but they colour choice just gives it that classy elegant look. Definitely makes it look more expensive than it is! I like the fact its a squeezey tube as it makes it easy to get the right amount of product out. I think for the type of primer, the tube is the perfect choice. If it was more of a liquid formula I’d probably prefer a pump.

The Formula & Finish

This is a silicone type primer and smooths out seamlessly over the skin. Its oil free and blurs your pores to the point where it doesn’t even look like you have any! My foundation applied flawlessly over top and looked really pretty! I’m not a huge fan of these types of primers in general due to my oily skin. When my makeup up has been on my face for a few hours I find it can start to get a bit slippery with these primers, and although I experienced that a little with this one, it was much better than others I’ve tried!

Overall Thoughts

So, overall I actually really liked the primer. Although it’s not the typical type of formula I’d reach for, it’s definitely one I’d use again and again. It has good staying power and gives you a really nice smooth base to apply makeup on!


Single Eyeshadow Pot – £7.50

Shade: Fools Gold 

“Highly pigmented, velvety smooth creaseless eyeshadow. It creates an even texture that immediately adheres to the eyelid,
Will keep you looking fabulous all day long.” – wonderlandmakeup.co.uk

The Packaging

I am in love with the packaging of the powdered products of this brand! I’m getting mad colourpop vibes, which can only mean good things! I love the choice of using white glossy plastic instead of the standard cheap looking black pots a lot of brands in this price range use. The actual container looks very well made, the shadow pan is secure and tidy and there has obviously been a lot of effort put into the production of these to make sure the little details are right! the pot has a clear window so you can see the shade, which I like because I don’t buy a lot of single shadows purely on the basis that its tricky to find the colours you are looking for, but with this packaging I can easily see whats inside!

The Formula & Finish

So the shadows are really creamy, and there is hardly any fallout! The pigment pays off really well both using your finger or a brush. I personally prefer to use a brush and then if I want the colour to be more intense I will either build up the colour or wet the brush a little. I didn’t find that I needed to do either with this though. I used a brush that was in between a flat and fluffy brush and just patted it over my lid before blending out. It worked perfectly and combined with another product (which I will talk about soon) I was able to create a really stunning but effortless look on the eyes!

Overall Thoughts

Not only is the colour to die for, but the pigment in this little baby is insane! I was amazed with the quality of this shadow and I will definitely be building up a little collection of these babies! Wonderland Makeup have converted me! I never thought I would enjoy a single shadow as much as I do this one!



Matte Blush – £10

Shade: Popping Pink

“Wonderlands ultra fine blush with a formula that gives a fabulous colour. Apply evenly to achieve that natural blushed look.
Highly Pigmented.
– wonderlandmakeup.co.uk

The Packaging

The blushes have the same style of packaging as the eye shadows so you already know I’m a fan. The only real difference is the size. There isn’t much else to add other than the actual pan of blush has a cute little ‘W’ embossed into the powder, which is a really nice little touch if you ask me!

The Formula & Finish

The formula of this blush is probably my favourite blush formula of all time! It has the perfect amount of pigment to show up on the skin but without being too heavy. I’m a little heavy-handed so I don’t use blush on a daily basis, but since receiving this little pot of magic I’ve been wearing it every day! I definitely recommend this if you’re a little afraid of blush as its hard to go wrong with this one!

Overall Thoughts


But really… I actually do. I’m not big on blush, so when the blush turns out to me my favourite of the three items I received you know it had to be good! I did also manage to find another cheeky use for this, as the colour chosen was great for using in the crease of the eye. When I was playing around with the eyeshadow I decided to blend a little of this blush colour into my crease and the end result was really quite pretty. I’ve popped a sneaky pic below of my handy work, and if I don’t say so myself I think it looks rather snazzy! In the picture below, I am literally ONLY using the shadow and blush, no other shadows or primers or anything were used on the eye. I know… Amazing!



The Conclusion…

Basically… I really F-ing love this brand and I’m definitely going to be checking out more of their stuff! I’ve got my eye on the loose pigments and lippie’s so if you want a follow-up, or even a video then let me know in the comments!

If you are looking for a new brand to try that’s both high quality and affordable then look no further! You have found them!

A big thank you to Wonderland Makeup for sending me these gorge products out to me! I have absolutely fallen in love with them and can’t wait to explore some more!



As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time…



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