/ November 26, 2017


I recently discovered an AMAZING company called Hot Hair, who if you follow my YouTube channel, you will know were featured in my Christmas Gift Guide video!

In my video, I spoke about the ‘Long Layered Pony’ clip in, and well… I still fricken LOVE it!


The Pony

“A fabulous ponytail that has full long Layers that are perfect for swishing. We love how this style is so easy to wear! Made from life-like innovative hi-heat fibre that can be gently styled.”HotHair.co.uk


I can’t get over how easy it is to put in, and how great it makes your hair look! It literally gives the effect of putting a fair amount of effort into your hair, when actually it took a matter of seconds!

This particular pony is sleek and elegant, yet it still has those little flicks at the end giving it a ‘natural styled’ look. Its the perfect length to give a little glam without being completely over the top!

The pony is secured with a claw grip and I haven’t had any issues with it coming loose, which I have found an issue with other versions I have tried before from other companies.

This pony gets an A+ from me!


The Fringe

“The cut is face framing flattering, and the whisps either side and to the back means that it blends effortlessly with your own hair! No pesky ‘seam’ that needs to be blended between your own hair and the piece. Meaning it looks undetectable! It also works brilliantly if you tie your hair in a ponytail or bun, leaving you with loads of styling options!”HotHair.co.uk


Since my gift guide went live, Hot Hair got in touch and wondered if I wanted to try some more of their pieces, and of course you know I did! I was kindly sent a clip in fringe to test out and review for you guys!

Just like the Pony tail, the fringe is super easy to put in and it looks amazing! It blends in with your own hair and feels so soft! I’ve always wanted to experiment with a fringe but I’ve been too scared to cut one in just in case I hated it! Now I can have a fringe one day, and not the next!

I think what I love the most about these is the fact that as a woman who works full time, as well as blogging and everything else, I don’t have a lot of free time, so when it comes to getting ready for an evening out it can be a bit of a rush. The pieces available from Hot Hair have enabled me to claw some of that time back without having to give up great looking hair!

These types of products are an absolute god send, especially for this time of year with all the Christmas parties and dinners coming up!




I can literally go from Desk to Dance Floor!


These pieces are super convenient and the quality is on point as well! One thing I always look for whatever I’m buying, is that the quality either matches or exceeds the expectation for the price paid, and these do just that!

Both of these pieces are super affordable when you compare them to other options available. The Fringe is £32 and the Pony is just £29, and with the blag tag sales right now they are even less! If you are interested then id grab them now while they are on sale!

They are both synthetic, but can both be heat styled so if you want to add a few curls in, or need to blend it a little more with your own hair then no problem!

I genuinely love the hair pieces I’ve been sent and I am so happy to be working with Hot Hair on this post! A big thank you to Hot Hair for sponsoring this post and sending me the products to try out!

Make sure you check out their site, as they have so much more than just pony tails and fringes! There is something for everyone!

I can wait to hear what you guys think of them! Let me know in the comments! ?


Until next time…



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