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L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar 2017


“L’Occitane’s much-loved Advent Calendar is back for 2017. Indulge a loved one or treat yourself to a luxurious pre-Christmas gift with the L’OCCITANE Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar presenting a new gift each day with everything from shower gels, shampoos, soaps & eau de toilette. Illustrated by the renowned French artist Kanako, this Beauty Advent Calendar features 24 of our most loved products, and is the ideal way to countdown to Christmas. Don’t miss out, this annual favourite sells out every year!” – L’Occitane


Everyone’s favourite part of waking up in the mornings throughout December is getting to open their advent calendar! Well, at least thats my favourite part!

This year eChemist.co.uk kindly send me the L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar and I couldn’t help but unbox it so I could share it with you guys!

The calendar is an absolute bargain when you compare it to ones from other brand, especially as its the full 24 day calendar!

So without further ado… LETS SEE WHATS INSIDE!



1st December



The first door is always my favourite, It marks the start of the best time of year!

So what was behind door number one?








Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel 35ml

“A foam for shower or bath with the delicate and fresh scent of Cherry Blossom.” – L’Occitane



I can’t wait to run a nice hot bath with this little bottle of scrumminess!





2nd December


Shea Dry Skin Hand Cream 10ml

“20% shea butter concentrated in a rich hand cream to nourish and soften dry skin.” – L’Occitane

Door number two is perfect for this time of year! My hands are forever getting dry in the winter and I pretty much have to bathe them in hand cream! This little bottle is the perfect size to chuck in my bag for those times my hands are in need of a little TLC!





3rd December


Delicious Soap For The Body 50g

“A piece of pure indulgence, this is an Almond winter must have.” – L’Occitane

I am a huge fan of anything with almond as an ingredient! I can’t wait to use this in the bath to give my skin some moisture as it is cleaned.





4th December


Verveine Body Lotion 30ml

“The fresh, citrus scent of verbena essential oils has the unique ability to energise and revitalise the body whilst also balancing and calming the mind – the ideal way to kick start the day.” – L’Occitane

I don’t know about you, but to be this soundalike its going to be perfect after a hard day at work!






5th December

Pivoine Flora Hand Cream 10ml


“Just like a caress of a peony petal, this hand cream enriched with shea butter helps to soften and nourish the skin while enveloping the hands with a green floral scent inspired by a blooming peony.” – L’Occitane


Another little gem to save my hands this winter!




6th December




5 Essential Oils Conditioner 35ml

“A conditioner that helps repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair.” – L’Occitane

My hair is always in need of some TLC this time of year, so a repairing conditioner is just what I need!




7th December





Ultra Rich Body Lotion 30ml

“A rich body lotion specially formulated to nourish dry skin and soothe sensations of tightness.”- L’Occitane


I am so happy this is in the box! I have heard good things about this lotion, so I can’t wait to try it out for myself!




8th December












Shea Light Comforting Cream 5ml


“This silky and non-greasy cream answers the essential needs of normal to combination skin.” – L’Occitane

Non greasy is exactly what I look for when choosing creams and moisturisers. With my combination/oily skin, I have to be careful with what I use as this greasy gal doesn’t need any help getting all oiled up!



9th December


5 Essential Oils Shampoo 35ml

“A silicone-free shampoo that helps repair, strengthen and protect dry and damaged hair.” – L’Occitane

A cute little bottle of shampoo to go with the conditioner we go on day 6! These sizes are perfect for when I’m traveling, so now that I have the complete set I think might save these babies for my next trip away!


10th December








Soap with Verbena Leaves 25g

“Gently cleanses the skin without drying, thanks to its blend of vegetal oils.” – L’Occitane

I always love a teeny tiny soap! Again so perfect for traveling, and a way of taking a little bit of luxury away with you!


11th December



Ultra Rich Shower Cream 30ml

“A particularly rich shower cream suitable for dry skin.” – L’Occitane





This shower gel sounds like it would be perfect for my bestie, who suffers from eczema and has really dry skin! I feel like she is going to love this little bottle of moister!

12th December



Amande Delicious Hands 10ml

“Nourishing and softening hand cream with the fresh and delicate scent of almond tree flowers.” – L’Occitane




Because everyone needs a little tube of hand cream. We have already had a few creams and lotions in this calendar, but I am never disappointed when I receive some more! My hands get crusty… don’t judge!




13th December


 Effervescent Revitalizing Sugar Cube 33g

“These Effervescent Revitalizing Sugar Cubes give back the energy and the vitality. While dissolved in the water, this sugar cubes provides to your bath essential oils of the mint, pine and of the rosemary that fight the fatigue stimulating the circulation.” – L’Occitane







This sounds amazing!

I have to be honest, when I first saw this I was thinking wtf… I had no idea what it was! It kind of reminds me of a dish washer tablet but after reading up on it, I am so excited to throw this into the tub and have a nice long soak!



14th December


Verveine Agrumes Shower Gel 30ml

“Fresh, clean body shampoo loved equally by men and women. Each squeeze of the non-breakable plastic bottle releases the crisp, citrus scent of L’OCCITANE verbena. Essential oils of verbena, orange, geranium and lemon tree smooth and nurture even the most sensitive skin, and permeate the room with a winning aroma.” – L’Occitane

Im starting to get the feeling L’Occitane are trying to tell me something about the way I smell…

But seriously, another yummy bath product to smother my whole entire body in! Yassss!


15th December


 Moisturizing Lip Balm 3ml

“The rich formula of this shea lip balm nourishes, repairs and softens lips.” – L’Occitane

I am a great lover of lip balm, so this is such a welcome little addition to my L’Occitane Advent Collection! If you know me, you will know I have an obsession with lip balms, although I’m actually really bad at remember to use it!





16th December



Arlesienne Perfumed Soap 50g

“A soap subtly perfumed with the floral and captivating bouquet of rose, violet and saffran.” – L’Occitane


Another cheeky little soap. This one looks like it is going to smell amazing! I actually might save this and share the love with my Mummy, as this seems like something she would absaloutely love!





17th December


Relaxing Shower Gel 35ml

“Made with essential oils, this shower gel gives you a true feeling of well-being. ” – L’Occitane


Relaxation is just what I need at this time of year!



I probably won’t use this in the shower, but instead as a soap in the bath. I don’t find showers all that relaxing to be honest, they are more of a ‘I need to wash so I don’t stink’ kind of thing for me. How about you?


18th December


Amande Milk Concentrate 20ml

“A 2-in-1 body milk which moisturises and firms the skin, with a fresh texture.” – L’Occitane





Moisture, moisture and more moisture!

You can never have enough of it in the winter, so this little travel friendly body milk will be perfect to keep as my emergency moisturiser!






19th December


Milk Extra- Gentle Soap 25g.

“The must-have traditional soap enriched with shea butter and perfumed with milk.” – L’Occitane




 Okay… now I’m really getting the idea someone is trying to tell me something.

I must say though, I’m interested to try a milk scented soap. Im not sure how thats going to smell but it definitely intrigues me!




20th December










Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion 35ml

“A light and nourishing body lotion for a sublimated and perfumed skin.” – L’Occitane

Whats better than cherry blossom scented lotion?


I actually cannot wait to slather this all over my arms and legs and everywhere in between!




21st December











Cooling Hand Cream Gel 10ml

“A moisturising gel cream with a refreshing texture.” – L’Occitane

Ahhhhh, reunited with my one and only! I can never have enough hand cream. I will add this little beauty to my growing handbag sized collection!

22nd December



Shower Oil Cleansing and Softening 35ml

“This shower oil helps to hydrate and nourish the body all day long.” – L’Occitane

I am all down for a shower oil. Im terrible at putting moisturiser on after a shower, so with this concept it kinda does it for me! This is the lazy girls way to beautiful skin without any effort! Lol!






23rd December


Foot Cream Dry Skin 10ml

“This cream moisturises and relieves irritated and tired feet.” – L’Occitane

Well so far with the contents of this calendar, I’ve got so much stuff to keep my hands nice and smooth, and now I have the foot cream to finish the job!


I hate when my feet get dry and the skin gets tough! Im a fan of foot peels and foot masks, so this cream will be perfect for in between treatments!



24th December

Last but certainly not least…



Arlesienne EDT 7.5ml

“A concentrate of femininity and joy in a bouquet of saffron, rose and violet.” – L’Occitane


I am so pleased we got a fragrance for the final door! When I first opened this i thought we had a duplicate of the soap from door 16, but to my surprise, its actually little fragrance sample!

Although small, Its enough to let me get a good sense if whether or not id like to purchase a larger size which is nice.



My Conclusion


So, this calendar was very much focused around bath time and pampering yourself, which is exactly what id expect from a brand like L’Occitane! I think for the cost of the calendar this was good value, and its a very nice sample set in my opinion.

There is enough of everything to get a real feel for the brand and let you decide whether you want to venture further into their products, without breaking the bank!

The calendar would make a lovely gift for someone special, or just a nice little treat for yourself at christmas time!

Even if you pick this up after 1st December, i definitely think its still worth it even if you just want it for sampling purposes!


A big thank you again to eChemist.co.uk for sending this out to me! I really enjoyed opening it with you guys!


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