/ December 6, 2017

Clive Christian

Addictive Arts

If you are anything like me, then you LOVE fragrances!

Home fragrance, Car fragrance, but most of all… Body fragrance! (normal people might call it perfume)

So a brand called Clive Christian got in touch and asked if I would like to sample a couple of the fragrances from one of their collections, Addictive Arts. Of course me being the perfume addict that I am would never turn down an opportunity to discover a new range of smells to spritz all over!


“The Clive Christian Addictive Arts Collection is a perfume experience like no other. Provocative, decadent and hedonistic, the collection is an enthralling expression of our tendency to excess, of libertine pleasures and a wild nature waiting to be awakened underneath the refined visage. It is – some might say… the ‘after dark’ of Clive Christian”clivechristian.com




“A bolt of sun-warmed paradise, an evocative woody, oriental scent to fix the mind to wanton pleasure. Rich with gourmand, fruity and narcotic notes. A citrus accord of bergamot, grapefruit and neroli. Coupled with a lush, fruity, herbal green accord of black cherry, clary sage and the Addictive Fusion. Use wisely a narcotic hit of reckless abandon”clivechristian.com



One of the two scents I was given to try out was Hedonistic. I would describe this as a fruity fragrance with a twist of something else. I can’t quite put my finger on what my nosher is picking up but it is definitely a familiar smell. I almost want to say its a tad woody but we all know I’m not exactly the best at describing scents!

The fragrance is absolutely divine, and definitely something I would pick out in store!








“A shameless blaze of opulent tuberose with a medicinal accent on a powdery, sweet base. A dragonfly hovering of mandarin, orange bigarade, pink pepper. Top notes wrapped in the soft petals of rose and orange flower and encased in jasmine and ylang ylang. Resting all softly on a musky background of amber and soft suede.” clivechristian.com


The second fragrance I was sent is called Ecstatic. This fragrance is a lot lighter and floral, although there is definitely something sweet in there somewhere as well!

I’m not usually a huge fan of floral scents, but this one is an exception to the rule! There is just something different about this scent that draws me to it!



Id probably say this is a great scent to wear in the evening, maybe on a special occasion. It’s definitely one that will make people stop to ask what you are wearing.



Overall Thoughts


So whats the verdict?

Not only are the fragrances in this collection (at least the ones I’ve sampled) stunningly wonderful on the ol’ nostrils, but the packaging looks amazing! Granted, I haven’t seen the bottles in person as I only have the samples, but from the pictures that I’ve taken from their website… Wow!

The fragrances retail at £525 each… and I know what your thinking – “oh my lord!” – right?

So yes, these are definitely a splurge kind of purchase. Something to treat yourself, or to be treated to? (That’s a hint to anyone with a special lady in their life)

Although these are a pricey purchase, I honestly have not smelt anything else like them! I’m even tempted to pick up a full size bottle myself. I just need to find an excuse to treat myself first…

I think out of the two, Hedonistic is my favourite. It has all the kinds of smells I enjoy in a fragrance, but somehow layered in a way that makes it so unique compared to the rest of my collection!

Basically, the answer to the question everyone is asking – Are they worth it? – is yes!

I wouldn’t recommend such a pricey item so lightly. It’s a lot of money to spend, but if you collect fragrances like me then this is definitely a brand to add to your collection.

A big thank you to Clive Christian for sending me out these lovely samples and sponsoring this post!


Until next time…



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  1. Wow! Lovely fragrances

  2. These fragrances sounded intriguing until you said the price. I just would not be able to justify spending this much on a fragrance.

    1. They are very pricey, but they are unlike anything else i have ever tried! Im still using my samples, im being extremely stingy with them haha! x

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