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“Urban Apothecary started life as a passion for fragrance and desire to layer traditional ingredients of flowers, fruits, resins and woods in unconventional, contemporary ways. Every scent shaped from this collaboration of art with science is inspired by a personal recollection brought to life through the clever blending of notes rich with ambiance. These distinctive aromas, a mixture of memories and moods, are curated into a collection of truly original scents for the home. Dress the urban environment with fragrances that inspire, nurture and transport.” – UrbanApothecary


If your like me then you are definitely someone who appreciates home fragrance. I take pride in having my home smell its best, especially since I own 3 little munchkins (my dogs) who, lets be honest… can make your home smell a little worse for wear!

I own numerous different candles and make it a point to have a reed diffuser in every room! I even own some rather expensive ‘post poo drops’ to make sure the bathroom smells fresh at all times! (yes that’s what they’re really called)

Recently I discovered Urban Apothecary whilst browsing the cult beauty website, and I fell head over heals for their home fragrance collection!

When I made my first Urban Apothecary purchase there was an offer on, so as well as getting a fancy new reed diffuser, I also got the chance to receive some of their tea lights as well!

I have to say, when my order arrived I was not disappointed!

I was kindly gifted one of the full-sized candles by Urban Apothecary recently as well, and since I’ve now tried a little of everything I wanted to share my thoughts with you lovely bunch!


The Reed Diffuser


“Pure and elegant, this luxury diffuser captures the light, airy white blooms of cherry blossom with a delicate, subtly sweet fragrance. Uplifting notes of grapefruit, pink melon and apple unite with heady jasmine and lingering white musk to create a perfectly rounded, feminine scent-sation.”CultBeauty



The Reed Diffuser is a sleek black bottle with a simple white label on the front. The simplicity of this packaging is what makes it so appealing to me. It would fit into any room, with any style of decor. They are perfect!

The other thing that I love about these reed diffuser’s compared to a lot of others is that the actual reed sticks are black! It’s a small thing, but it ties the whole theme of the product together. It’s very London Chic!

I chose the scent ‘Cherry Blossom‘, which was the best decision I ever did make!


Top: Grapefruit, Pink Melon, Apple

Heart: Cherry Blossom, Muguet, Jasmine

Base: White Musk

This diffuser is literally my favourite home fragrance product I have ever owed! This well and truly got me addicted to Urban Apothecary.

I have this sitting pride of place on the shelf in my beauty room, and it literally fills the whole room with the scent! It is delicious, yet classy! Its perfect, and like nothing else I’ve smelt before. I usually for sweet vanilla sort of scents for the home, but this Cherry Blossom smell has replaced everything I thought were my staple products and smells!



The Candles



“Pure and elegant, this candle captures the light, airy white blooms of cherry blossom with a delicate, subtly sweet fragrance. Uplifting notes of grapefruit, pink melon and apple unite with heady jasmine and lingering white musk to create a perfectly rounded, feminine scent-sation.” CultBeauty



Once again the packaging of these candles are just so on point! The sleek black bottle with the simple white label is some how just captivating!

The fragrance of the candle I was sent was also Cherry Blossom and boy am I happy about it! I have the candle burning at the time of writing this post, and the smell that radiates from it is just beautiful!

The wax burns down really evenly, which if you are a candle love you know if one of the most important things. Its seems to be a slow burner, which is great because the slower it burns, the longer it lasts!

There isn’t too much more I can really say about the fragrance of the candle that I haven’t already said about the reed diffuser, but one thing I will say is that after sampling a few of the tea lights as well, I definitely want to get a few more for around my home!



Overall Thoughts


So my overall thoughts on Urban Apothecary are that not only are they quite possibly the best smelling home fragrance products I’ve ever owned, but the actual branding and packaging is GOALS!

One other thing I did want to mention about the brand is that they actually offer a subscription service! I

When I discovered this it was music to my ears! They have several different options, from candle discovery to diffuser refills, its perfect to keep your home stocked up on beautiful smells all year round, without actually having to think about it. I think I’m going to sign up for the diffuser refill subscription, and I might just treat myself to a candle subscription too for Christmas…

This would make a great gift for someone, and as you can purchase the subscription online you can never be too late!

I definitely recommend checking them out, especially if you’re looking for a great gift for someone for Christmas!


Until next time…



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