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Well I think I may have discovered possibly my new


online store to buy cute stuff that I really don’t actually need but buy anyway!


It was an average kind of evening, just scrolling through my twitter feed and some pictures of these funny little pins catch my eye. Obviously I have to stop scrolling and give this a closer look…

I click onto the post to see that Lucy Wood (one of my favourite blogger/YouTuber’s) had reposted another blogger’s post about their own line of pins. After a little investigation I realised it wasn’t just pins, but she had a whole shop of things!



So the shop is sighh.co and lets just say the name speaks to me!

Polly has a whole range of things on her shop from Stationary and homeware all the way through to cute little phone cases! I think the best thing about the products she sells is that these are all illustrated and designed by her! She is based in Leeds and works out of a bedroom studio. Not only do I love supporting other bloggers, but I love to support the small business!

You can really see how much love and passion has and continues to go into her designs!


So, I know what you are all thinking…



I Trust The Universe Phone Case

“When times are hard, you’re stressed out and worrying about things you can’t control, it’s helpful to take a breather and trust that the universe knows what it’s doing. Because everything happens for a reason.” – Sighh.co

This case isn’t just beautiful to look at but its also pretty sturdy!

I am a very experienced phone dropperer and have already (unintentionally) tested the durability of this case… its great!

The case is actualy a really good one for protecting your phone and really great quality but the design is what we are here to talk about.

As we know, the illustrations are all originals from Polly and this one is probably my favourite of all of them!

Super cute!



Love Hearts Phone Case


“Er, PS I hate you. A pattern of alternative love hearts. Hand-drawn, scanned and coloured digitally.” – Sighh.co

This case is super fun!

The little messages on the hearts are pretty much exactly what goes through my head on a daily basis lol.

I love the sass on this case, and the font used it really cute too.

Exactly like the other case the quality is amazing and well worth every penny!


What Do You Want? Laptop Sticker

“If you’re the kind of person who maybe needs to fend off interruptions while hard at work, this gal is here to do the trick.” – Sighh.co


This sticker has taken pride of place on my iPad case! Now when my hubby walks into my beauty room while im busy editing I can just hold up iPad and let the sticker do the talking. Lol!

But in all seriousness, I am obsessed with decorating my gadgets with stickers. My MacBook is covered and so is my iPad! Hell id put stickers everywhere if i could!

The actual quality of the sticker is really nice as well. Its got like a soft touch matte kind of finish, and the thickness is just perfect.

For any sticker fanatics out there, this is one for your collection!


Plant Killer A6 Print

“As part of the Plant Pals collection, this little guy is for the hopeless among us who just can’t look after a plant to save their lives. Meet skully, the pot of doom.” – Sighh.co


This print was literally made for me… I am hopeless at keeping plants alive!

I even managed to kill a succulent before… A SUCCULENT! ??‍♀️

As well as being extremely accurate, the print is again a really nice quality and a cute little edition to my beauty room!

Its about the size of a post card, and tbh… you could even use it as a post card if you really wanted to?

Basically… another amazing product with another cute AF original design!


Pet Your Dog – Luxury Enamel Pin

“For all the dog obsessives out there, the people who stop mid conversation to stare at a passing floofie, those who want nothing more than to stroke and say “WHAT A GOOD BOY” to every doggie in sight. Let it be known! ” – Sighh.co


So once again, i felt like this pin spoke to me.

If you follow me on Instagram or have seen a few of my youtube videos, you will know I’m a dog lover and have 3 little fur babies of my own! One even had their own instagram account too! (@TheDaisyShow1)

If your partial to a pin, and love your fury friends (and i don’t mean the ones that haven’t discovered the miracles of a razor yet), then this one is for you!


Probably Late Soft Enamel Keyring

“This super cute keyring is made from soft enamel, like some of our pins, which makes it a great texture to play with. Other people like to fiddle with keyrings too, right?” – Sighh.co


I actually picked this up as a gift for someone else. Although, tbh in certain situations this would also be applicable to me too…

Once again the quality of the product is on point, and design is another quirky original!

I do quite like a keyring here and there, although these days i seem to buy too many and have quite the collection building up with not enough keys to attach them to.

This definitely makes a fun gift for any loved ones that are pretty much always running a few minutes behind.


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