/ May 11, 2018

Lets Talk Sleek…

So recently sleek makeup were kind enough to send some of their products to test out and review!

Thanks Sleek!

So ive been testing the makeup for a couple of weeks now and feel like ive given it a good go in order to provide you guys with my honest thoughts and feelings. There are a few bits to go through so im going to keep it snappy, but if you have any questions or want to know more just leave me a comment or ping me an email. ?


Vitality Foundation


The coverage of this foundation I would say is light to medium which is exactly what it claims on the bottle. So many companies now claim that they have a higher coverage than what they do so I’m pleased with the accurate description on the tube.

It has a satin finish and the best thing for me is that it looks like skin! I hate cakey foundation. If I want to look like I’ve been dipped in icing ill just go to a bakery…

You could totally get away without setting this foundation but I always set mine so I’ve been using powder with it anyway.

The product is scented but its very subtle so I don’t think you will mind it.

one thing that does put a bit of a downer on the product for me is that is does oxidise, so if you have very pale skin like me then keep that in mind when picking your shade.


Available at Boots for £8.99



Life Proof Foundation


This foundation has more of a medium to full coverage which again is just as its described on the bottle! Well done sleek!

It has a dewy finish and although it has a higher coverage its still looks good on the skin, although you can tell you’re wearing foundation. You definitely need to set this foundation otherwise any powder products that go on top might get a bit patchy.

One other thing to add is that as with the Vitality Foundation it does oxidise, so bare that in mind.


Available at Boots for £8.99



Oh So Special Eye Palette

This palette is amazing!

It swatches really nicely and works great on the eyes too! It blends really well and makes life quite easy to create a look to be proud of!

There is a really great variety of colours meaning you can create lots of different looks with this palette. You can go natural or bright, and do looks for both day and night.

The shadows are really pigmented and in my opinion are super great quality. The shimmers are slightly better than the mattes id say but all in all the palette as a whole is fabulous!

The palette is super affordable but there is no skimping on the quality as its also super long wearing!

Available at Boots for £8.99



Contouring and Blush Palette


This might be my favourite item that was sent to me…

In the palette you get three pans, contour, blush and highlight.

The contour is great for pale skin. Its very light and more on the cool toned end meaning it doesn’t make me look orange, which is a winner in my eyes!

The highlighter is quite subtle but still very pretty, especially for pale skin!

The blusher is just magical! Its an iridescent gold/pink colour which is just stunning! It could be used as both a topper or an eye shadow if you don’t fancy using it for blush.


Available at Boots for £9.99


Solstice Highlighter Palette


This is already one of my all time faves! I actualy already own the palette so ive popped the extra one aside to include in a future giveaway. (I do giveaways every now and then on my instagram, so if you’re not following me over there then what are you doing? ?)

The palette includes 1 cream highlight and 3 powders, all of which are absolutely stunning!

The powders consist of yellow, peach and pink shades, all of which are quite light so perfect for fair skin! All of the shades are super blinding, but if your light handed can also look quite subtle too if thats what you’re going for.

The cream highlighter is a pinky gold colour, which if I’m honest I don’t use all that often, but thats more because I’m not a huge fan of cream highlighters in general.

The highlights are really wearable, and although great for fair skin would also work well for medium skin tones too.


Available at Boots for £9.99


Liquid Lipsticks

These lipsticks are crazy good!

So before I talk about the shades I’ve been using, can I just say how impressed I am with these!

Ive worn these to a couple of events I’ve attended and they have lasted all night through drinks and canapés and even a cheeky late night MaccyD’s!

The lipsticks I got sent were mattes and metallics. Both formulas are very long wearing, although slightly drying after a while but still comfortable to wear.

They have a great colour selection, but these are the ones I’ve tried…


Electroplated nude – Metallic

This shade is a really pretty peachy gold kind of colour. Although its metallic is super easy to wear as a nude as its subtle enough to get away with and not look crazy!

Anodized Ruby – Metallic

This is another metallic shade and as the name suggests its a super pretty rich red shade.Again, although its metallic its still very wearable, although this is definitely more of a shade for an evening/party look.

Shabby Chic – Matte

This ones probably my fave out of the bunch. Its a super pretty pinky nude and perfect for every day wear!

Fired up – Matte

This is a gorgeous deep red shade! Perfect to pair with a smokey eye and a sleek black dress! You do need to do a couple of layers with this shade I found as otherwise it can get a little patchy in areas, but still a really nice lipstick!


Metallic’s Available at Boots for £4.99

Mattes Available at Boots for £4.99



I loved all of the products that were sent! Admittedly some more than others and there were some that had a few cons to them, but overall the makeup is super good quality for the price you pay!

I think out of everything, my top three items would have to be the highlight palette, blush palette and the lipsticks!

I want to say a big thank you to Sleek again for sending these out for me to review for you guys!


Until next time…


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  1. Love this post boo!! Sleep makeup is so lush! I love the lip products and the highlight ! Need to try the foundation love a dewy finish!! Xx

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