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I have noticed that Feminine Hygiene isn’t really a subject that is spoken about much, if at all in the beauty community. So many influencers, big and small, are always sharing their favourite beauty products, a lot which includes skin care but no one ever talks about skin care for your more delicate areas…

I think this is a subject that needs to be spoken about more. Women should feel comfortable discussing the products they use to keep everything feeling and smelling fresh down there and I think right now there aren’t enough people who feel that way.

Basically… I’m here to say lets have a chat, lets be loud and proud and have a discussion about what products are out there to freshen up our Hoo-haws, Lady bits, Nether regions or whatever you want to call it.

Lets talk about Vaginas!

So ive been sent a couple of different bits lately for this category and thought lets do a cheeky comparison and talk about some products that are available that you might want to try.

The two brands I’m going to be looking at are Fem Fresh which is more a household name and also Bare Derma, which is a brand I have only recently become aware of. I think because these types of products aren’t really talked about all that much it makes it hard to know what is available and what might be right for you!



Lets have a look first at what the two brands offer…


Fem FreshBare Derma



Fem Fresh

Fem Fresh have a few different types products available, a couple of which I have tried out for myself. Now I’m not going to go into major details of the testing process as I’m sure you don’t want the graphic details, but overall the experience was a good one lol.

I tried out the wipes and one of the washes. The short version would be that they do exactly what they say they will do, but im a blogger so of course im not going to just leave it there…

The wipes are great for use at home or on the go as they come in a couple of different sizes. I actually keep one of the smaller packs in my bag now, and although I don’t use them all the time they are definitely handy for those awkward moments when you realise there is no loo roll in the cubical you are in! They make you feel fresh and clean and to be honest, I do feel a bit cleaner down there after using them as opposed to standard bog roll!

The cleanser that I have from Fem Fresh is the ‘Soothing Wash‘ and again have been really enjoying using it. It smells lovely and I think (probably) because it is PH balanced it has actually made a difference to my overall ‘hoo-haw’ health.



Bare Derma


Bare Derma sent me their Super Vagina Kit and yes that is actually what its called lol. The kit includes the following products:

Intimate Purifying Cleanser
Intimate Bump-free Scrub
Intimate Perfecting calming Mask
Intimate Resurfacing Lightening cream

“All your vajacial products can be used separately or as part of a full treatment. All the products can be used as often as required but for best results we recommend  a two step daily routine with your cleanser and lightening cream and the four step vajacial as a more intense treatment for your intimate skin once or twice a week.” – barederma.com

So… the products from Bare Derma are a little different from Fem Fresh, and although I really like the Fem Fresh products its nice to have something a bit more than just a freshen up product. The lightening cream is great for if you have any dark spots in the area. Im gonna be brave now and admit that I have a few dark spots in the area from scaring after having ingrown hairs and this stuff it great for reducing this!

Speaking of ingrown hairs, the bump free scrub is great if you have this issue.

“This exfoliator is perfect for use on any areas prone to ingrowing hairs as the scrub along with the massaging in of the product will help exfoliate deeper into the skin around the hair follicles thereby minimising opportunities for hair to grow inwards” – barederma.com

Ive never really exfoliated the downstairs area before this products and to be honest, I don’t know why!! I get quite a lot of ingrown hairs when shaving so this product is probably my favourite from the kit!

As well as a PH balancing cleanser, very similar to the FemFresh one, you also get a calming mask

“A 100% natural Kaolin and Bentonite clay mask designed to help detoxify and remove dead skin cells. Ideal for use on blemishes and stretch marks to help even out, brighten and tone the skin.” – barederma.com

We all know im not the slimmest of people, so of course I have stretch marks on my body. One of the places I have them is at the tops of the inner thighs and the skin is very delicate. I was really pleased to see a product aimed towards this kind of thing in the kit!




I really like both of the brands, and all of the products. Fem Fresh is more of a ‘grab at the drugstore’ kind of brand which is great because its easily accessible. Its definitely more aimed to keeping fresh and feeling clean down there, where as Bare Derma is more aimed towards really caring for the skin in and around the area. Both of the brands are great, and both are really well priced so I wouldn’t recommend one over the other, it just depends on what you are looking for in a product I guess. If you are wanting something to just freshen up throughout the day then maybe give the Fem Fresh a go, but if you want to give your tinkle cave a pampering then Bare Derma might be more for you.


Until next time…


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