/ May 31, 2018

Where do I even start?

This collection from Laura Geller are the first products I’ve ever tried from the brand! Ive always looked at products from the brand before and thought they looked nice but I’ve never actually gone ahead and purchased any to try! After testing out this collection I am wondering why I didn’t try the brand sooner!


“Renowned makeup artist, Laura Geller, created a modern makeup brand that empowers, delights and brings out the best in women’s beauty, through delicious textures, amazing colours and the most innovative formulas. Laura Geller New York is renowned for its innovative Baked products; a cult-favourite multi-tasking powder collection that delivers vibrant colour, including the favourite Gilded Honey. The silky domes of powder begin as liquid pigments that are baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles and hand-finished in Italy. The colour is not only more pure but also weightless in feel. Laura Geller New York is also known for Spackle®; an innovative makeup primer that revives your skin to achieve a flawless finish and creates the perfect canvas for long-lasting makeup application.” – Debenhams

Lets Talk Lips!

Im going to start with the lipglosses. These are from the Nude Kisses range and I am so impressed with them! Im not a huge gloss person but I have been enjoying it more and more lately. These ones from Laura Geller are sooooo good! Not only are the colours perfect but the formula is really nice. They are not sticky at all and very pigmented on the lips! I have the shades (from left to right) Get Cheeky, Barely There, Smooch, Blushing and Beach Peach. I love all of the shades and they are all colour I will be reaching for on the regular!




Next let me introduce you to the Iconic Bakes Sculpting Lipsticks. These are super creamy and extremely pigmented! Two of these are a metallic formula and the other two are what id call a satin/cream formula. They have a slight sheen to them, so definitely not matte but not glossy either. I think the red is my fave out of these four colour, its super bright and looks amazing on the lips! From left to right, the colour I have here are Central Park Spice, Battery Pack Bronze, Broadway Glitz and Fifth Ave Ruby. Id definitely recommend pick at least one of these up when you are next in debenhams, they are super nice lipsticks to add to any collection!


These next bits are Colour Luster Lip Glosses, and the name says it all really! These are a little more sticky than the other glosses, but still super comfortable to wear. The colours are amazing, and I cant wait for the opportunity to rock the purple shade! These are very much the kind of gloss to wear on a night out or to a festival or something like that. They are super glitz and glam and bring all the good vibes! I have the colours (from left to right) Amethyst Glaze, Rose Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire and City Lights. I think City Lights is my fave from the bunch as it can be worn as a lip topper over most lipstick colours so its super wearable!




I liked this highlight a lot more than I thought I would. Typically I don’t really tend to like baked powder products because they are usually touch to pick up on the brush, but I didn’t have any problems with this one. One thing I will say about this though is that the shade I have, Ballerina, is not suited to light skin tones as a highlighter shade. This would look stunning on medium to deep skin tones, but on my pasty skin it just doesn’t work. I have enjoyed using this on the eyes instead though.




So last but not least we need to have a little chat about this cheeky little number. This is the Southampton Classic Palette and I think it is STUNNING! This is perfect for creating a simple natural eye look, or you can add a little pop of colour in to liven it up like I have in the look I created above. One thing I liked about this palette is that the bronzer and blusher shades included also work really nicely on the eyes. Im pretty sure I used every shade to create the above look. The blusher is pigmented enough to warm up the look without being too pigmented to actually use it as a blusher which is amazing in my eyes. This is perfect for travel for those that dont like to have complicated makeup routine!



Overall Thoughts?


I would definitely give these bits a go if you haven’t already tried them. I think Laura Geller is VERY underrated and to be honest just not talked about enough! I think thats probably why I’ve never bothered to try it before now. I think the lipsticks and the palette are my fave pieces from the selection above. Im really looking forward to rocking these products over summer!



Until next time…


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