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So… recently I discovered a new beauty brand which is founded by none other than a fellow blogger, Natascha Cox! I love beauty but I also really love supporting other bloggers so of course I needed to try the brand out and share my thoughts!



The products

The brand is still very new and so there are only a couple of different products out right now. Both are lip products, one being a classic lipstick and the other a more modern liquid lipstick. Ive been testing out one of the classic lipsticks and so far I am really enjoying it!


I have been testing the Saviours Lux Matte Lipstick in the shade Metro and the first thing I want to say is I LOVE the formula! Its super creamy and moisturising but it’s not overly shiny which for me is the perfect lipstick!

The colour pay off is really nice and its also really even. I find some bold colours in some other brands can be a little patchy sometimes.

The formula also seems to be pretty long wearing as far as lipsticks go, and fades to a nice tint on the lips. This is perfect for me as I cant stand it when lipsticks get all smeary or patchy as the day goes on. This one seems to stay pretty firmly where its meant to be.

The lipstick has been shaped into what id describe as a gem like shape. Its completely different to anything else I’ve ever seen from other brands and really helps this product stand out!




Not only is the lipstick formula pretty much perfection but the design of the packaging and the lipstick itself is absolute goals!

You can see here how beautiful the colour is, as well as the creamy texture!

I think in this instance, a picture says much more than what I could put in words. This lipstick is my new go to red shade, and we all know I love a red lip!

Im dying to get my hands on some more of the collection, as well as trying out some of the liquid lipsticks!








Im going to keep this post short and sweet, as lets be honest… there is only so much you can really say about a lipstick.

But my overall thoughts are that this is definitely a brand worth checking out, and I’m definitely going to continue following them to see what else is to come in future! |m so unbelievably excited and happy for Natascha, its every beauty bloggers dream to have their own brand and im super happy that she is making her dreams come true!

Make sure to check out Natascha’s blog as well as all of her socials! Ill leave links below for you

Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumbler | YouTube


Until next time…


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