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Is this the ULTIMATE beauty box?



“Look and feel your best with our brand new beauty box. For just £40, you get £198 worth of amazing products – all Handpicked by GH beauty director Eve Cameron” – Hearstmagazines.co.uk


I am a big fan of beauty boxes and I have tried my fair share over the last few years. After trying loads of different companies I think I might have found my ULTIMATE beauty box of choice!

If you have followed me for a while you will know im a big supporter of Glossy Box, but I honestly think I have found a box that tops it! ?

Hearst Magazines publish well-known magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Good Housekeeping! As well as publishing great content for people like me who love having some light reading on hand, they have started to dabble in the beauty product world and have taken a new approach to the beauty box!

The first thing about the boxes are that they are not on a subscription, so you just buy the ones you want. They are generally a little pricier than the standard boxes you’d get BUT you get a huge amount of products in them and all products are either full or travel size, there are no stingy samples here! All of the boxes are themed around their magazines, and the items included are all hand-picked by the beauty editors of the individual publications! I love the concept behind the boxes and I think this is a great way to ensure that there are always great items included in the boxes!

I have had one of their other boxes in the past, The Women’s Health edition and recently they asked if I wanted to review another one of their boxes. They gave me a choice between a couple of their boxes but I left it down to them to send me the one they’d recommend and they sent me the Good Housekeeping box, I wasn’t disappointed!

I thought id give a quick overview of the contents of the box, so that you can get a good idea of what’s included. I have tried most of the products, but there are so many I haven’t honestly got around to using them all just yet, but ill still share my thoughts of course…



The Products…



Lets start with the hair shall we? So… like I mentioned I haven’t had a chance to really test some of the products out and the hair products are some of those that fall into that category. Having said that, ive done some research and looked into the products to give you my initial thoughts.


Charles Worthington Radiance Restore Charcoal Shampoo

I have been looking for an affordable charcoal shampoo for AGESSSSS! I have a very dry scalp and my head can be quite fussy with what goes on it so I really wanted to try a shampoo that will help to detox my scalp while I wash it. I’m so excited to try this, the only reason I haven’t already is my hair can go a couple of weeks at a time between washes (my scalp is that dry) so I haven’t needed to wash my hair yet lol.

Available in Boots for £6.99 


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion

I don’t use a lot of products in my hair day-to-day, but when I blow dry my hair I always like to use something to give it a little oomph! Again, I haven’t needed to wash my hair yet so I haven’t had a chance to use this but the reviews on the Boots website look very promising! I’m looking forward to using this and seeing what it can do for my flat AF hair.

Available in Boots for £6.99 


Schwarzkopf Color Expert Colour Sealer Conditioner

I haven’t bothered colouring my hair for quite a while, one of the reasons being that the colour fades super quickly! At the ripe old age of 26 I am already getting white hairs pop up at the top of my head so I should really get this fixed lol. I have been really wanting to add some colour into my hair, when I say colour I mean like COLOUR! I’m thinking of adding just a little pop of pink to the tips of my hair or something along those lines anyway… This will be a great test for this conditioner so ill keep you updated.

Available in Boots for £2.66





…Shall we talk about some skin care now?


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This stuff is so weird, but in the best possible way! The way ive been using it is tipping out a little powder into the palm of my hand and running my other hand under the tap, then just mixing them together. Sometimes I need to add a little more water but that’s the best kind of method I have found that works for me. After ive mixed the powder into a creamy texture I literally just slap it on my face and rub it into the skin. I have to say its left my skin super smooth afterwards so it definitely works a treat. Another thing I love is that because it’s a powder it easy to travel with!

Available at Look Fantastic for £49


The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel

I’m not sure how I feel about this. The product cleans my skin just fine, don’t get me wrong… but it has a very strong fragrance and im not sure im a fan. If you don’t mind strong fragrance in your skin care then you will probably really like this, but for me personally I think I will be passing this along to a friend.

Available at Feel Unique for £49


Immunocologie Night Protection

The first thing I have to say about this is… £200???? WOW! For that price it better also clean my flat and do my taxes! The product is nice, but im not sure its £200 nice. It feels good on the skin, but something I can’t quite get past is the scent. It’s a very ‘green’ kind of smell and im not sure im down for it. I will keep this though, just so I can pretend like im bouje enough to use something like this on the regular lol!

Available at Cult Beauty for £200



Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

This stuff is exactly the kind of cleanser I love to use when removing a full face of makeup! This balm melts into the skin and breaks up all the makeup on your face ready to just be washed away! The product itself is pretty amazing, and it feels super luxurious which explains the price tag. Personally I couldn’t justify spending £82 on a cleansing balm so the fact it’s included in this box is AMAZING!

Available at Look Fantastic for £82 (Save 30% on Omorovicza. Use code BH30)






Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel

For the most part I really like this product. It does help with dry skin, which it claims, and it is also kind of refreshing on the body. I do find its a little sticky for a while though and takes a few minutes to sink in properly. I don’t mind this on the face but with body products I hate feeling sticky! Based on that it’s not something id repurchase, but if you don’t mind waiting for a few minutes before putting clothes on after using this then you’d probably really like it, especially if you have dry skin!

Available at Look Fantastic for £37


StriVectin TL Advanced™ Tightening Face & Neck Cream

I haven’t been using this for long enough to really see the results yet I don’t think, but so far I have really been enjoying it! It smells lovely and feels super nice on the skin! Its something I will definitely use up and if it was a little less on the pricey side also something id repurchase. Unfortunately though, once again I just can’t justify the price tag but its amazing that this is included for us to try!

Available at Look Fantastic for £83

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Wash

As far as shower gels go this is a good one! I don’t pay too much attention to shower gels in general but that’s mainly because im obsessed with lush shower products lol. My husband has been enjoying this especially though as although it still smells amazing it doesn’t smell like the typical girly products I buy for the shower so he can come out not smelling like a unicorn dipped in candy!

Available at Look Fantastic for £20



Caudalie Premier Cru The Serum

First thing I noticed about this is that it smells amazing! Like some the other skin care products, it’s too soon to really see the results of using it but what I do know is that it smells and feels amazing on my skin, and for now that’s just fine for me. This product is very pricey, BUT, there is a discount at the moment over on look fantastic if you want to pick one up. Personally… id recommend just buying the beauty box as although its only a 10ml bottle in the box a little goes a long way so it will still last ages and wont break the bank!

Available at Look Fantastic for £90 (SAVE 20% ON SELECTED SKINCARE Enter the code20SKIN)


Origins Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Cream

I really enjoyed this product and its great that its included the box. The size is pretty decent as you get plenty to last a few weeks at least so you can really get to see if you like the product before committing to a full size. Although I can’t comment on long-term use results, my skin definitely feels plumper when I use this so it gets a thumbs up from me!

Available at Look Fantastic for £52


Weleda Skin Food

This stuff… I’m not even sure I can explain! The short version is, I really like! I have a feeling that if you have any kind of skin irritation you would probably love this too! Not only does it feel super nourishing on the skin but it literally makes you glow! The best thing about it is the price! Its super affordable so definitely one to check out!

Available at Look Fantastic for £12.50


And finally lets looks at some makeup, nail and fragrance items! This is always my fave part of beauty boxes, getting to the bits you can really play around with!


Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen (Deep Plum)

I am already a huge fan of Pixi, and actually already own this product but in black. I can honestly say I love it, and if you are looking for a good creamy eyeliner for the waterline or to smudge out for a smokey eye, then this is for you! The colour of this one is super pretty too and definitely one that will be well-loved in my makeup collection!

Available at Look Fantastic for £12




Benefit They’re Real mascara

Once again, I have used this mascara in the past and this definitely rates in my top 5! I have a few of these little sample sizes, which to be honest come in handy for travel so they are always welcome! I don’t think I’ve ever needed to purchase a full size one of these as they quite often get included in beauty boxes so I have a stash. Having said that, if I did run out I would definitely repurchase! This is reduced on Look Fantastic right now but id still happily pay the full price for this mascara.

Available at Look Fantastic for £20.50 (Save 15% on Benefit – £17.43)


Leighton Denny Bon Voyage nail colour

This nail polish colour is super pretty and PERFECT for summer! The formula of the polish is really nice, its opaque in one coat and drys really nicely. I’m not a fan of the brush though as it’s a long and thin type of brush, I’m more of a short and fat kinda girl…

Available at leightondennyexpertnails.com for £12

Elie Saab Le Parfum

So last but not least we have the fragrance sample. This is a typical sample size but I do like getting these as they are great for popping in your makeup bag for on the go. It’s every girls worst nightmare when they leave the house realising they haven’t spritzed any perfume. I feel naked when this happens so I always make sure I have a sample spray in my bag for those occasions! The scent of this is pretty floral id say, its not my usual kind of smell but I do really like it. It’s probably not one id purchase myself, but it doesn’t offend my nose or anything. Fragrance is very much personal preference so if you like floral scents you might just like this!

Available at The Perfume Shop from £41



Overall Thoughts…


This box and all of their other boxes for that matter, is SOOOOOO worth the money! Yes, it is £40, but the value is far higher and its packed with tons of luxury brands that otherwise I would never get to try! The travel size products are still super generous in size and there are plenty of full size items too! I think Hearst magazines have really hit the nail on the head with this beauty box thing and are producing by far some of the best boxes available on the market!

If you haven’t tried one of their boxes then I would highly recommend trying them out! Treat yourself to a box of goodies and feel zero guilt, because in reality you’ve just saved yourself a ton of money! This box is predominantly skin care type of products, which for me is just fine because im a skin care fiend! If you are more into hair, or makeup boxes then they do have some other options and will also be releasing more boxes in the future.

Honestly though, if you haven’t dabbled too much in high-end/luxury beauty products this is a really great box to get as there are so many amazing brands included!

If you want to check the box out then you can click here and read a little more about it on the Hearst website itself.

What do you guys think of this box? Are you as impressed as I am with the contents? Let me know!


Until next time…


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