/ June 13, 2018

Because Four Eyes Are Better Than Two…

“On a quest to find affordable glasses at a time when a decent high street pair would set you back a few hundred pounds, Glasses Direct was borne out of one man’s desire to fix this problem. Founded in 2004, we have gone from strength to strength to become the UK’s first and leading online prescription glasses retailer.” – Glasses Direct


For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a closet glasses wearer. I don’t wear mine nearly as much as I should but generally I am meant to wear glasses when using a computer or doing anything that involves looking at a screen. As a blogger, a lot of my time is spent in front of a screen whether it be writing up a new blog post, editing some photos or scrolling through my instagram feed. This has taken its toll on my eyes but when you’re as anti social as I am and never want to leave you’re house, going out to get some new glasses is not at the top of your priorities. This is one of the reasons I LOVE Glasses Direct.

I have used Glasses Direct for the last 3 – 4 years, and have had a few pairs of glasses from them now. Every time I have placed my order I have been over the moon with both the ease, service and quality of the glasses them selves so I thought why not share my thoughts with you guys!


Virtual Try-On

“Finding the perfect frame can be difficult. That’s why at Glasses Direct we bring you the virtual try–on. Now you can try on everything in just a few clicks, from the comfort of your home!” – GlassesDirect.co.uk


Free Home Trial

Choose up to 4 frames (Boutique frames are excluded from Home Trial) and Glasses Direct will send them to you within 2 to 4 working days.
Try them at home for up to 7 days to see how they look, fit and feel.
When you’re done, return your trial box to them using the free postage enclosed. You can just pop the trial box into a postbox!


Bigger Savings




Better Choice



The Ordering Process

The ordering process is generally quite straight forward to be honest. Once you have had a look and maybe even taken advantage of their home trial service (linked above) and are ready to make your order its as easy as selecting the pair you want, telling them your prescription and making payment! There are no lengthy forms to complete, the website is super user friendly and simple to navigate through and you can check out within literally minutes!

So I imagine a lot of you are probably thinking “but what if I didn’t use the home trial and end up hating the glasses?” right? Well not to worry, as I’ve actually done this myself the first time ordered. I needed my glasses in a hurry so I didn’t take advantage of the home trial and just placed my order. I got a couple of different frames as I took advantage of their 2 for 1 offer (which is still going). When the glasses arrives I loved one pair but the other just looked weird on my face. The best thing about Glasses Direct is how super easy it is to return or exchange your order if you’re not happy with it! I returned mine to be exchanged for another set of the other frames I had which I liked. The new glasses came within a couple of weeks and that was that!

As well as the website being super easy to navigate, I have to give a shout out to their customer service as when contacting them to ask about my return everyone I spoke to was super helpful and polite. They are one of the BEST companies I have ever dealt with, and believe me I’ve dealt with my fair share of arse hole customer representatives!


My Choices

So as well as keeping my original frames I also got another pair to add to my glasses collection just in case I wanted to switch things up a little. Having said that, both my frames are pretty similar as I have found a style that suits my face, but they are slightly different in size, shape and colour.

Scout – East

The first pair I picked up are the original pair. The East style from the Scout collection. I still love these frames and always get compliments on them when I do actually wear them! The only down side for me with these are that they frames are what I would describe as a medium size and I have an extremely narrow head! This means even on the tightest setting they do tend to slide down my face, but if you have a normal sized head then I wouldn’t imagine you’d have this problem.


London Retro – Logan

The second pair I have chosen are the Logan style from the London Retro collection. These glasses are very similar to my original pair, however they are a little more rounded and the best bit is they are smaller in width meaning they actually fit my tiny head! As well as the shape and size being a little different I chose to have these ones in a the tortoise shell brown colour to change it up a little from my usual black/grey colour choice. As well as the glasses being a different colour they also have a different texture as these have matte finish which looks super stylish!



Overall Thoughts

If you are in the market for a new pair of glasses (or even a new pair of sunnies) then I would 100% recommend checking out Glasses Direct! Like I said, I have used them for years now and have NEVER had any problems! They stock high quality glasses, both boutique/designer and standard frames which are always on trend and look amazing whatever the price range you are looking at!

Im super tempted to put in an order for a cheeky pair of Ray-Bans they currently have on the site, but I just need to come up with a good enough justification for them first haha!


Until next time…


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