How I Keep My Teeth Sparkling Clean… and White! | Uber Sonic Club

How I Keep My Teeth Sparkling Clean… and White! | Uber Sonic Club

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Everyone wants to find the best way to keep their teeth clean and white and have that perfect smile, but a lot of people forget that you can use all these fancy products (myself included) but the best way to achieve a white smile is to just look after your teeth!

I have been testing a new toothbrush on the market which is different from any other I’ve used for more than one reason…

I want to introduce you to Uber Sonic Club!


Who are Uber Sonic Club?


“Uber Sonic Club started with a discussion about the possibilities of creating an electric toothbrush that would look better than anything on the market. If you look around, they all look identical!! That’s how the Uber Sonic toothbrush was born, the first aluminum electric toothbrush that comes with a refill service and free shipping. Even the Red Dot award was impressed enough to bestow on us an accolade. Why leave your home to buy replacement heads when you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep? And don’t forget – you get the Uber Sonic for free when becoming a member. If you ask us, it’s the best deal on the market today.” –


So… where shall I start?

Keeping your teeth clean is a basic personal hygiene requirement for well, everyone. Not only does keeping your nashers clean help to stop people from holding their breath when you breath a little too close to them, but it also helps to keep them white! So many people forget that the most basic of tasks can be the best way to achieve your ‘perfect’ smile.

The Uber Sonic Club brush isn’t like any other brush I’ve tried before. Instead of the brush head spinning to clean your teeth it just kind of vibrates. I tend to use brushing movements as if it was just a standard no frills toothbrush and then let the vibrations do their work as well. I can honestly say that my mouth has never felt cleaner! The first time I used it I could immediately notice a difference from my Oral B brush.

The Brush has an automatic timer and buzzes when its time to move a different section of your mouth. Once your two minutes is up it automatically turns off so you know you’re done! I really love this feature as it helps me make sure I am brushing all areas of my mouth and for the right amount of time.



What else is there?


As well as the brush itself you also get a whitening kit with some of the packages available. At the moment you actually get a free whitening kit with all orders! I haven’t used my kit yet as im currently testing out another product, BUT, my husband has used his and well, here are the results…


BEFORE                        &                        AFTER


So as you can see there isn’t a major difference for the first time. It doesn’t pick up too well on camera but in natural daylight you can see a small difference in colour. Bare in mind that this is only after one use and the product is designed to be used multiple time to get real results.

Since it was my guinea pig husband who kindly tested this for me I thought id give him a mini questionnaire with some questions I would usually ask about a product when deciding whether to buy it or not for you guys…



James’ Thoughts

1.Does it make your teeth sensitive?

I only used the product for the minimum recommended time (30 minutes) and after that time my teeth feel fine, not sensitive at all.

2. Describe the taste – Does it have a funny taste?

There was a mild taste to the product but it wasn’t bad.

3. How did you find the mouth guards? what process is there for this?

You got two mouthguard in the pack which you are meant to mould to your teeth. It tells you to dip it in hot water and then in cold and to press it into your teeth. I got the point of the hot water but found the cold water wasn’t helpful. In the end I moulded the guards to my teeth with hot water only. I don’t feel there is any need for the cold water.

4. What do you think of the results?

After 30 minutes for the first time of use, there was only a small change in colour. Now knowing my teeth are not sensitive to the product, I think repeated use at 1 hour a session may show a better result.

5. Would you use this again or recommend it to someone?

I would continue to use it at 1 hour a few more times but only if i continued to see improvement. If you are looking for a product to whiten your teeth I would recommend giving this one a try.






How much does it cost?


Starter Pack
1 x UberSonic Brush£19
1 x Whitening KitFree
1 x Refill Plan (2 x Refill Heads)Cancel at Any Time – £9 every 2 months after


Small Family Pack
2 x UberSonic Brush£32
2 x Whitening KitFree
2 x Refill Plan (4 x Refill Heads)Cancel at Any Time – £18 every 2 months after


Large Family Pack
3 x UberSonic Brush£48
3 x Whitening KitFree
3 x Refill Plan (6 x Refill Heads)Cancel at Any Time – £27 every 2 months after



Overall Thoughts

I think this is a really great affordable option for people who want to make sure they are using the right tools to look after those pearly whites and get the best out of their oral care routine! The tooth brush and refill packs are surprisingly well priced! The tooth brush itself looks like it should cost a lot more!

The best way to describe it for me is that if apple made toothbrushes, this is what it would be like!

The german engineered technology behind the brush, as well as the whitening kits available are so so good! I am loving using mine every day and will definitely be ordering their refill packs when I run out!


Until next time…


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  1. Sounds ace I deff need to check these out! Xx

  2. Viva la shona says:

    Ogmgmg I am obsessed with teeth whitening!!!

  3. I may have to check out uber sonic club, I need to whiten my teeth!

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