/ July 15, 2018

If you are like me and have somewhat knotty hair then when the Tangle Teezer was discovered was a note worthy day in your life…

Since then, there have been a few other brands who have come out with similar products and there is so much more choice on the market now!

Ive been a long time fan of the Tangle Teezer and have several different versions ranging from the travel size to the full on large paddle brush style! Lately ive been looking more into other brands as well though to see if I can find anything that tops my teezer!


The Tangle Teezer – £11



“Wet hair is fragile and prone to breaking. The Wet Detangler Tangle Teezer Hairbrush has been specially designed to be used on wet hair to help confidently detangle while reducing the chances of breakage.” – Look Fantastic




Tangle Teezer is my first love when it comes to ‘non standard’ brushes and I genuinely feel bad when cheating on them with a different brand…

They have lots of different brushes, but the one im referencing in this post is ‘The Wet Detangler‘ brush.

The brush has 325 unique teeth helping it to “gently glide” through your hair. I can honestly say that it brushes through my hair with no trouble at all and I have particularly knotty locks.

I really like the design of this brush compared to their others as it feels more like a ‘normal’ brush and it also a convenient size too. Although affective some of their other models are quite bulky. The best thing about this design is that its designed to be used in the shower, and the material is a non slip type of plastic meaning it wont accidentally slide out of your hand.

I generally tend to use mine when I get out of the shower, and also on dry hair too. Its generally a good all rounder.



The Wet Brush £11.99


“Effortlessly eliminate knots and tangles with the WetBrush Pro. Designed with strong, flexible Intelliflex™ bristles that glide through wet or dry hair and bounce back to their original form after each stroke, the brush helps prevent split ends and breakage for healthy-looking locks from root to tip.” – Look Fantastic



The Wet Brush is much more of a ‘traditional’ brush in terms of how it looks and feels, although it is marketed to specific be suitable for sensitive scalps. Its SofTips™ are meant to give a massage action to encourage circulation. I personally don’t really notice this too much but I don’t really press the brush up against my scalp too much if I’m honest.

The design is again meant to be non slip, and like the Tangle Teezer I haven’t tested this as I don’t like to use my brushes in the shower.

The brush is designed to be suitable for all hair types, including extensions and wigs. I do think this is a selling point if you have extensions as from previous experience it can be tricky finding a brush that doesn’t tug on the glue/rings.


Overall Thoughts…


Both brushes are great in their own rights, however for me I think the Tangle Teezer is still the winner in my eyes.

Thats not to say I don’t like the Wet Brush, because I do. I just prefer the classic Tangle Teezer bristles for my specific hair.

They are priced around the same with only £1 difference between them, although Look Fantastic has discounts on both brushes at the moment bringing the Tangle Teezer down to £8.80 and the Wet Brush down to £10 at the moment!

They are both great brushes and I would definitely recommend investing in one of them (or something similar) as I have noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair since I’ve been using these kinds of brushes instead of regular ones.


Until next time…


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