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Recently I was sent a couple of bits from GOSH cosmetics to have a play with and see what I thought about them. If you didn’t know by now, I am a beauty fanatic and I love trying new things and then of course sharing my thoughts with you lovely bunch!


Brow Kit

“CREATE BROWS THAT ARE FULLER, THICKER AND MORE DEFINED BROW KIT is the ultimate kit that contains all brow essentials: powder shades – easy to blend and match (light, medium and dark), a wax cream to fix and shape, created to hold a perfect shape all day.” – Superdrug


Okay, so I usually keep my blog a place where I only talk about things I love, however I was sent these products for the purpose of doing a blog post and Im not about to say I love something if I dont.

I have to say, I was quite disappointed with this brow palette. The pigmentation was almost non existent, whether I used the brush/applicator that came with the palette or a separate brush (that I love). I had high hopes for this brow palette as my brows are probably the thing I pay the most attention to when doing my makeup, even if it doesn’t look like it some days lol.

Im sorry to say that I cant recommend this product, however that doesn’t mean that the brand doesn’t have other products that are amazing!


Highlight Quad

“STROBE, GLOW & DEFINE. There is nothing we love more than a beauty product, which can pull double duty. Highlighter is one of those wonderful gems, which is there for us when we need to enhance the best features. Working to give glow and make the look more awake, highlighter is a wonderful way to infuse a little bit of life. To get the most out of the highlighter, start using it to the best of its abilities with the “How to use” techniques.” – Superdrug


This palette is a big improvement on the brow palette, however its not my favourite. The shades are a little hit or miss but considering its only £12.99 I can cut it a little slack.

The lightest and darkest shades are the two with the best pigmentation and the ones that work best when applying it with a brush. All of the colours swatch pretty decently but I found there wasn’t a lot of pay of for the two middle shades when applying them with a brush. If you like subtle highlights then this might be great for you as it would be hard to apply too much in my opinion.

Unfortunately for me, with my new found tan the lightest shade is a little too light for me to wear at the moment, and the darkest is still a little too dark. Im going to keep this palette and have another play with it if/when I get a bit lighter or darker and see if I can make it work.


Overall Thoughts…

Overall I really like the brand but these two products aren’t for me. I will definitely be picking up some more bits from the brand to try out!

I love that they are drug store products so super friendly to the bank account, but the quality does still need a little work!

If you haven’t tried anything from GOSH yet and want to have a play you can find them in Superdrug. They have such a wide variety of different products. I think I’m going to try some more of their brow bits next and see if I can find something that works for me.

Massive thanks to GOSH for sending these bits out for me to try, I always appreciate a cheeky pressie from the postman!



Until next time…


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