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Yes, this is another post about skin care… we should all know by now how skin care obsessed I am!

Ive been testing out a few different skin care tools across some different price ranges and figured why not share my thoughts?

I love using a massaging tool to clean my skin with, as i genuinely believe it does a better job of properly cleaning out your pores than just using your hands. Ive been testing 3 different ones and below you can see my verdict!



Elf Massaging Facial Cleanser

“Bring the spa home with this luxurious cleanser. Perfectly shaped to fit in your hand, the Massaging Facial Cleanser features a unique design with ultra-flexible silicone tips and massaging facial technology that guarantees a gentle and deep cleanse.” – elfcosmetics.com


This one is the cheapest of the three and retails for $20 in the US. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it in the UK so i’m assuming its not out just yet, but I imagine it will be soon!

The shape is quite different from the other two as it has almost a pointed top which really helps to get the hard to reach areas!

It is dual sided too so you can use the bristly side to clean and the other side to smooth on product. I personally have only used it to clean but its good to have the option to use it to apply product too!

The tool is water resistant, which is great for me because I love to use it when I’m having a bath or shower. I cant stand getting out of the shower feeling that my face is still dirty so this has been a god send!

This one is battery operated and to my surprise the battery was actually included, meaning it was literally ready to go straight out of the box!


Foreo Luna 2

“The revolutionary LUNA 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to aging skin. The LUNA 2 is now available in four varieties, so you can select the one that is tailored to your skin type. ” – foreo.com


So this one retails for £169 and you can find it at places like Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty and of course Foreo

This one comes in different colours and versions depending on your skin type, so you can really personalise it to what your skin needs!

The Foreo Luna 2 uses T-Sonic technology sending sonic pulsations from the device. One thing I love about this one is that it tells you when to move onto another area of your face, helping you to make sure you get all of it and clean it evenly.

The silicone brush is easy to clean and non-porous to reduce bacteria. This is essential if you have acne prone skin like me!

The battery lasts a really long time too, giving you up to 450 uses before you need to charge it up. (USB charger included)

This one is again waterproof meaning its perfect for use in the bath and shower, and because its nice and compact you can bring it along on your travels too!


BeGlow Tia

“TIA is a beauty device that answers your skin care needs. TIA’s gentle SkinSense technology combined with anti-aging applicator gives your skin a radiant look, all day long. Our unique dual-pulse technology takes care of face contouring, bringing out the best in your skin. Night and day skin care rituals: adjust pulsation rate to jump-start the morning awekening your skin, or end the day on a soothing note.” – beglow.com


The BeGlow TIA retails for £199 and you can find it at Look Fantastic (currently 20% off with code 20KSKIN) and Beauty Expert.

This device comes in three different colours… pink, white and black.

Unlike the Foreo and Elf brushes this one has a replaceable silicone brush head. It means that you can easily change the brush as and when you feel like it needs a refresh which I personal prefer to one that you just need cleaning.

This one uses SkinSense technology meaning it lets pulsations build on contact with the skin and it increases the intensity naturally rather that just having standard intensity and speed. It also has a dual pulse twin motor system which generates low and high frequency pulsations which increase the strength and definition of facial muscles.

One thing that really sets this one aside from the others is that it has the added feature of the Titanium applicator which helps to Improve blood circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption. Perfect for preventing premature ageing!



Overall Thoughts…

If I had to pick one of them, id probably go with the BeGlow Tia. Mainly because it has the added feature of the anti aging applicator as well as the cleaner head. Having said that, all of the tools are great, and it really depends on what you are looking for in a facial cleanser tool to decide on which one’s right for you.

The Elf one is fantastic on price, although I’m not sure when it is going to be available in the UK as so far i can only find it in the US.

The foreo was my first love, and although i still really love it I must admit I notice only a few differences between it and the other two. One of the key differences and selling points for it though is that they make them for different skin types and you can also get mini versions if you dont want to spend as much money.

I love them all and will continue to use them all in rotation to be honest. We all know how much of a skin care fanatic I am so there is room for all three in my heart lol!


Until next time…


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