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When I heard Paris Hilton and Boohoo had done a collaboration I knew I needed to check this out!

I can honestly say that the collection is exactly what you’d expect from Paris and is completely and utterly authentic to her brand. For those of you who aren’t big on tiny dogs and ‘pretty in pink’ kinda vibes then this one might not be for you, but for everyone else.. here are a few of my fave pieces!


 Printed Velour Trouser


These look super comfy, but still on trend at the same time. Im not sure how I feel about the tiny dogs on the print but the overall design and look of these is definitely something id wear!


Great for days where you want to be comfy but still want to look some what put together.

I love the choice of fabric for these as well, as I imagine they would be super soft! ??







Diamond Baby Slogan Crop Hoody


When I saw this piece for the first time I wasn’t keen but the more I see it the more I love it! Once again its one of those comfy but on trend pieces to throw on without needing to put much thought into it. I can picture wearing this with a pair of jeans and some crisp white trainers for a weekend casual kind of look.

Im big on pink clothing right now, I think my inner barbie is finally starting to fight its way out of me!








Maxi Style Skort In Palm Print


This is not something I would usually consider wearing, but I absolutely love it!

I definitely think this is something for the right occasion though as I cant picture myself strolling around town in it. I love the idea of some breezy shorts with a long kind of cape like layer around them to give you some extra coverage, especially in the warmer weather!

I can imagine wearing something like this to a summer BBQ or Pool Party sort of event.



As well as the overall style of the shorts, I am in love with the print! I love the contrast of colours, and the general summer vibes its giving me!





Palm Print Mesh Maxi Skirt



Once again, this is a typical summer vibes kind of piece. Id definitely wear something like this to the beach as a kind of cover up type of thing, although I can also imagine this pairing well with a body suit.

Paired with the right top/body and some killer heels this could be a great piece to wear for an evening summer party type of event!







Button Detail Wide Leg Trousers



Now these are 110% my kind of style! I am IN LOVE with these trousers, in both colours might I add! They are exactly the kind of thing I look for when looking for an outfit to wear to an event as I love the high waist, wide leg pants look!

The tops that match are also super nice, not something id personally wear but on the right person this coord would look amazing!



Tropical Print Mesh Wide Leg Trousers



This might be my favourite thing from the whole collection! I absolutely adore these trousers!

They are the same kind of style as the previous ones above, however these have a much more smart/casual vibe about them and I could see myself wearing these out and about on a day to day basis. They are perfect for summer and the colours and print used go with the flowy feel of the open leg trousers perfectly!

If you only get one thing from this collection, id recommend these!







Multi Sequin Bralet & Short Co-ord


Last but certainly not least we have this sparkly two piece set!

Once again, this isn’t something I would wear myself but on the right person this would be the perfect outfit for a wild girls night on the town! To be honest, I could see this little number coming out for Christmas and new year parties too!

If its a bit much for you wearing the two pieces together I believe they are available separately as well, so you can definitely pair them with some more toned down items to just add a little pizzazz to an outfit.






Overall Thoughts…


I love the collection as a whole. There are some pieces that aren’t really for me but every single item has something unique about it which I love.

I do have to say though, I was super disappointed to see that the sizing stops at a 14, so girls like me who are a little on the larger end of sizing wont be able to get their hands on it. I really hope Boohoo decides to expand the clothing sizes to cater for everyone as there are definitely a few pieces I would love to get my hands on!

A lot of my friends have already shown a lot of interest in this collection so I’m thinking I might just treat a couple of them to some bits from the collection. They are too cute not to buy, even if I cant wear them myself lol!


Until next time…


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*All images taken from Boohoo.com

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