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So if someone said to you they were going to lock you in a room with a bunch of random clues and puzzles to find and figure out in order to escape what would you say?

Well I said hell yes!

I have wanted to experience an escape room for years now but had never gotten around to actually looking into which ones were available and getting something booked in, but then Lock’d got in touch and invited me and some friends to experience one of their escape rooms. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and man am I pleased I did!



The Venue/Location

So the venue is located in London, but its actually really easy to get to by car and there is tons of FREE parking in the surrounding area! There quite a few pubs and bits in the area too so you can easily make it into a lunch/dinner date sort of event. When we visited we ended up grabbing an early dinner at the gregorian pub just a 5-10 minute walk away.

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So lets get into the experience…

Now, I don’t want to drop any spoilers because if you decide to go and experience the room for yourselves (which you totally should btw!) then it takes the fun out of it. We did the room called Grandpa’s Last Will.

“In London’s most exciting beginner friendly escape game, wealthy entrepreneur, scientist and world traveller Neil Morgan has died. And luckily, he’s left his multi-million pound mansion, business empire and life savings to you. The problem is, you’ve only got 60 minutes to find his will before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing. It’s a perfect opportunity to get rich quick on a family outing!” – Lock’d



The story line was great and the room itself was better! I wasn’t able to take many pictures as I didn’t want to leak anything, but there was basically a bunch of areas in the room such as a desk, some shelves, even a collection of umbrella’s which had hidden clues and keys in to unlock safes and drawers in order to find more clues. The idea is that eventually the clues will lead you to the will, but only if you’re smart enough!






“It was good fun! Feel that it is a good team bonding activity, which would be great for couples, work colleagues or families. Lots of clues and exciting twists. Would go again…”




The thing i loved most about this room is that there is a huge curve ball thrown at one point, which was literally my favourite part. I cant explain it properly without giving it away but if you go and play this room you will know exactly what I’m talking about when it happens! Once we had cracked this part of the challenge it all went pretty smooth sailing and we almost broke the record of quickest time. They give you an hour to work through the clue and find the will, but we managed to do it in just 28 minutes! Its quite funny really because the group who went in before us didn’t finish!

Just call me Sherlock… ?




“I found the challenge such great fun even though it was no match for us. Would totally love to go and try out another challenge since it is so conveniently located in London”


Theres also some new rooms on the horizon too! 

Cold War Bunker

Mystical Book

The Big Roll

Lost Play



Overall Thoughts?

I cant wait to go back and play some more rooms!

I would highly highly recommend checking out Lock’d if you have a birthday, or an anniversary or just fancy some fun! Its the perfect group activity but they did mention they had smaller groups of just 2 people doing some of the rooms so its great for everyone!

The staff there were super lovely too making the experience all that much more enjoyable!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mara for inviting me and my friends along and we will definitely be back for more!!


Until next time…


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