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Everyone has a different opinion on what their idea of the perfect lips are



Personally, I like mine to be plump and defined.

Its no secret that I’ve been having filler in my lips for the last few years and although I’ve been upfront about it I’ve never really sat down and spoken to you guys about it properly, so I figured nows a better time than any!



There are so many different lip shapes, and this post isn’t me saying that my preference is the kind of lips everyone should have, but it is what I feel suits my face the best and fits in with my features. Ive never wanted to have huge lips that look un natural, I’ve always tried to keep them looking pretty normal and I think I’ve managed that quite well. I’ve definitely had some experiences with filler and different clinics but today I’m going to be focusing on SKN who have clinics all over the country!

I will tell you from the get go, instead of waiting until the end of the post, that my most recent fillers were done complimentary for the purposes of a review. However, if you keep reading you will know that that doesn’t mean im going to say SKN were perfect and everyone should go there. Dont get me wrong, this isn’t a bad review but just because something is complimentary doesn’t mean it will sway my opinions or persuade me to bend the truth, and SKN are fully aware of this.


So as mentioned, I’ve been having fillers for the past 3 years roughly. My natural lips are the kind where the top lip is virtually non existent but the bottom lip still has some fullness to it. I have hated this since wayyyyyyy before lip fillers became a thing, but if I’m honest only decided to do something about it when it was more socially acceptable to get fillers. Before the Kylie scandal lip fillers weren’t really a thing for the average person, at least not in my world.

The first place where I got my fillers done wasn’t great. They were medically trained but that doesn’t mean they were good at doing filler…

Im not going to mention the name of the place, as its a small clinic fairly local to me, so I doubt most if any of you would ever end up there anyway. Im not here to drag other companies, just to share my own experience.

Anyway, I went there a few times before I realised that they weren’t great and if i continued to go there I would end up with a big problem. I switched to another clinic a little further away and a little pricier and was really happy with the results they gave me.

I was recently contacted by SKN though, who wanted to give me a treatment for the purposes of review. They didn’t offer fillers to me, originally I was going to go in for some kind of facial treatment but I mentioned I was due a top up for my fillers and so we decided that would be a great treatment to review, given that I have some experience with fillers and would generally be able to give a pretty comprehensive review.

SKN have clinics all over the country and have a pretty good reputation so I felt at ease trusting them with doing my fillers. The whole experience of getting booked in and the medical history checks prior to treatment was really good. The same goes for when I arrived at the clinic for my treatment. They made sure to do a thorough check of my medical history and history with fillers to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems from a medical point of view. Although a standard medical check happens at pretty much every clinic, one of the things I noticed in their questions was that they were aimed at making sure you were getting the treatment for the right reason, for example you are doing it for you and not because you feel like you have to do it to ‘fit in’. This isn’t something I have come across before so it stood out to me in a really positive way.


So lets talk results…


Im not going to lie to you, initially I wasn’t please at all but stay with me here. So immediately after the fillers, I was a happy bunny. Of course as expected they swelled up A LOT! and then after a couple of days the majority of the swelling had gone down. This is where I started to have concerns. I had noticed that i seemed to have that duck pout going on still and the definition in my lips was pretty messed up.


A few days after the fillers were injected 


Usually at this stage the swelling is about 95% gone and you can see what the lips will look like going forward so I was actually pretty terrified. I contacted the people who arranged for me to see the clinic and was really impressed with the service. They took on board my concerns and reassured me that if I needed to have the filler dissolved it wouldn’t be a problem. I waited for my 2 week check up as the swelling should be pretty much 100% gone by then.

So, once we got to the 2 week point I ended up being pretty pleased with the results. I didn’t end up going back to have them dissolved as my lips have settled down quite a bit. I feel like I have most of the definition back in my cupids bow now and they are much less duck like. You’ll have to excuse the condition of my lips in the below photos, I am back on roaccutane so my lips have dried out again!


2 weeks after fillers


You can see that the top lip/cupids bow area has its natural inward curl back instead of looking puffy and the definition to my cupids bow is much better than the other photos.The only thing im not entirely happy with is that the Dr injected some filler to the corners of my mouth to lift my smile, but it only seems to have taken on one side. This will fade over time so im not overly concerned but it would be nice to have it a little more even.



Im pleased with the results, and would recommend SKN to anyone looking to get fillers for the first time. They are very good with the medical side of things and seem to have ethics with who they will and wont treat. Ive been to places before where its clear they just want to take your money and dont really care about your well being, so it was a welcome change.

SKN offers loads of other treatments too, even dermatologist care! They are definitely worth checking out if you are looking into having something done, but of course please dont use this post alone as your research. Make sure you do your own research and read up on lots of places before making your decision.

If you want to see the procedure being done, I have uploaded a short on my YouTube channel so feel free to check that out too!

If anyone has any questions about fillers feel free to email me, or DM me over on my instagram. Im always happy to chat!


Until next time…


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  1. This is a great article about lip fillers. Its great you researched a reputable clinic to provide your treatment

  2. I spose if it gives you confidence that’s ok, its just when you look in the mirror and think ‘Pete Burns’ you know you have an issue.

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