/ September 14, 2018

There are so many new releases in the beauty industry now it can sometimes be really difficult to decide whats actually worth your time and more importantly, your money!

Ive done some searching and have put together a cheeky list of 10 new launches that are worth your investments. This post might be a long one, so lets get straight into it!

1. I Heart Revolution

Available to buy NOW!

I Heart Revolution recently released not 1 but 4 new palettes! 


Lemon Drizzle

Cotton Candy


I Heart Revolution are part of Revolution Beauty and in general their products are pretty bomb! These palettes are no exception!

Retailing for only £8.99 each, you cant really go wrong!

The actual shadows are super good quality, especially for the price. The formula is pretty darn perfect in my opinion. The shadows (both mattes and shimmers) are extremely pigmented and super creamy! The only ones that verge on the edge of powdery are the marbled ones in the Galactic palette. Saying that, they still perform really well on the lids so no quibbles from me!

I think my favourites of the palettes are Marshmallow and Cotton Candy, but thats based on the colour stories. They are all amazing palettes, but those ones speak to me the most.

2. NUGG Beauty

Available now!

So these masks aren’t as new as some other bits I will talk about in this post, but they were launched earlier this year in the spring so I still wanted to include them.

Both masks are peel off, which I love because it means there is minimum mess! One of the masks is tea tree based and the other charcoal.

The packets contain the masks in powder form, so you just need to add a little water to activate them. Once you have your mixture the masks are good to go! The best bit about then being in powder form is that you could use just a little bit at a time as a spot treatment and save the rest for later.

I am huge on skin care, and these masks are a perfect addition to a pamper evening! 

3. Batiste

Available in Boots and Superdrug now!

So Batist have just launched a new twist on dry shampoo. Instead of your standard talc powder kind of formula, they have now come out with a new range that is targeted towards different hair concerns. Ive been using the Hydrate one as my roots and scalp get really dry (especially when using dry shampoo) so this seemed the most logical one for me to test out.

They have 4 different versions to suit all hair types…




Damage Control

Retailing for only £4.25 these babies are definitely a staple in every girls hair care regime.

Not only does this stuff refresh your hair like their usual dry shampoo but these will also inject a little of what your hair is lacking, for me that hydration. Batiste is already my favourite dry shampoo brand and now they just got even better! 

4. Hollister Fragrances

Available NOW

So Hollister recently released their new ‘Festival Vibes’ fragrance.

Now summer might be coming to an end but it doesn’t mean you cant relive it through smell! That sounds weirder than I intended…

Essentially, this is like summer in a bottle, so for those of you who rant fans of the colder months this one might be for you. It has a fruity sweet smell to it, so nothing like a festival really. Those tend to be more of an old sweaty kind of smell.

The packaging is also really cute. Apart from the pink tones, the glass bottle is partially coated in a rubberised texture (kind of like Nars packaging) which is a nice touch. The bottle also has a twist up cap so theres no lid to worry about loosing.

5. It Cosmetics

Available NOW!

It Cosmetics launched their Superhero collection this year and I have to say I’m impressed! The collection is made up of a few different bits including…

Superhero Palette

Superhero Eyeliner

Superhero Mascara

Superhero 4 in 1 Brush

I have been testing out the products and absolutely LOVE them! The mascara has become my new favourite, and the palette is perfect for your everyday makeup look! The liner from the collection is super black and the brush is so easy to create that sharp flick that we all strive to achieve!

I have to say thought, the thing that really caught my attention in this collection was the brush. I have never come across a 4 in 1 brush before, and was sceptical as to how good it would actually be. I was pleasantly surprised and have been using it a TON! The brush is set up that you use it in the order that your click it into place. To start, you’ll use the all over shadow brush, then click up once to use is as your crease brush. Once you’ve blended your life away you can click it once more and it becomes a rather nifty little smudge brush. The brush is dual ended so when your happy with your lid you can flip it over and use the liner brush on the other end! This is innovation in its true form!

Its all available to buy now on ItCosmetics.co.uk but I’ve linked the products above for you if you want to check it out. 

6. OFRA Cosmetics

Available Now

OFRA are well know for their blinding highlights and recently they over went a huge revamp of their packaging too!

This month OFRA launched their latest collaboration with none other than Nikki Tutorials! (she’s a pretty big deal in the beauty industry incase you don’t know who I’m talking about)

They have released 2 new highlighter shades, Space Baby and Cloud 9. Both shades are a white based highlight with iridescent colours shining through them.

Space Baby has a blue iridescent tone and Cloud 9 has more of a pink tone to it. They are both absolutely stunning and I cant wait to rock these at a few Christmas parties this year! The highlighters have their usual creamy formula and of course as always a little goes a very long way.

Because of the white base colour, these are only really suitable for us pale girls, but dont worry if you have more of a medium – deep skin tone, OFRA has loads of stunning highlights available so you should go check them out!


Available now!

KIKO are another hugely underrated brand, and deserve wayyyyyy more attention than they actually get! They recently launched their new ‘Jelly Jungle‘ summer collection and it is rather snazzy if I do say so myself. As well as this they have just launched their autumn/winter collection, ‘Dark Treasures‘ and I have to say it is gorgeous!

Ive been testing out a few bits from the collections and I am now a hardcore KIKO fan!

The lipsticks and gloss are super pigmented, they smell amazing and the formula is both smooth, non sticky and super long lasting! Especially the liquid lipsticks!

The liner is super super black, and the eye shadow isn’t just beautiful to look at but the formula is different from anything else in my collection. The shadow is a putty formula, which I like because it means i dont need to worry about it shattering if i travel with it!

Lastly, I have tried a couple of the blushes, both of which are fantastic. The trio blush is super pretty and I love that you can customise the colour you want depending on where you dip into it. The other blush is a super cute mauve toned colour, which is perfect for fall!

8. Benefit

Available now!

So benefit are known for nothing if not their brow products, and they’ve done it again by launching their new 4 in 1 brow pens! As well as keeping out brow games strong, they have also recently released their newest ‘Hello Happy’ foundation.

So.. lets start with the foundation. It. Is. Amazing!

This has honestly become my every day and most favourite foundation I own! It had a medium coverage, which is my favourite kind and the finish is the perfect in-between of dewy and matte. It gives your skin the most healthiest look and I have also found that I can get away without needing to set the whole face too. I have just been setting the areas where I’ve used concealer and the foundation has still been looking great at the end of a long day!

Moving onto brows… This product, in terms of packaging anyway, is like nothing else I own. To be honest, the formula is quite unique as well for the fact that its a pencil product.  You need to use a very light hand when applying this as its super creamy and VERY pigmented! I tend to draw my outline, fill in a little and then go over with a brush to blend it all together nicely. I almost use it as a pomade, but you can be a little more precise that with a pomade. 

I really love the define and highlight bits of the pencil too, they are perfect to tidy up and bits that aren’t quite instagram ready. The only thing I would say is that the highlight and define shades are extremely similar and it might have been nicer to have a more summery kind of highlight included considering the define shade is matte anyway.

Overall, these two new released from Benefit are a big hit with me!

9. BKR

Bottles available now, balm US only.

So you might be wondering what a water bottle has to do with beauty? Well for starters, drinking water is super good for you to keep your skin looking and feeling great!

Aside from the obvious, the brand have just brought out a new lip balm cap accessory. Now this isn’t available just yet in the UK (don’t worry its coming) but it is available to buy in the US for all of my American readers out there.

I haven’t had the chance to try the balm out for myself, but from what I hear its meant to be pretty bomb! Once this beauty is available for me to get my hands on i’ll definitely be giving it a go!

Focusing more on the bottles, these have got to be my favourite kind of hydration accessory. Not a sentence I ever thought id say, or write…

The BKR bottles come in different sizes depending on what you fancy, but my favourite aspect of them isn’t the stylish designs, but the fact they are made from glade instead of plastic. Much more durable and eco friendly!

10. Patchology

Available now!

So… I couldn’t not include this little gem from Patchology. This Summer they launched their new ‘On the Fly‘ kit, perfect for your summer travels. While a lot of you might have already had your summer holiday, this little kit is still perfect for a cheeky little weekend getaway.

Available NOW!

The kit include 4 masks, illumination, hydration, lip and eye! Everything you need to make sure you arrive at your destination in tip top condition. 

This cute little package retails for only £18, which considering you are getting 4 masks seems like a pretty good deal! 

My favourite part of the kit is probably the hydration mask. My skin is super dry, but it especially gives me trouble when travelling on planes so this mask is perfect for travel. The eye masks are also great and I always like to take some with me when traveling, so the fact they are included in the kit is perfect!

So thats everything!

Well, at least all the newest releases that I recommend checking out. Im sure by the time i’ve finished writing this post there will have been a few more new releases, but don’t let it daunt you! At the end of the day, its impossible to keep up with the beauty industry these days, so I find its best to just do a little research and find bits that are actually suited not just to your skin type or colouring but also your individual taste and preference. You don’t always need to be the first to try something new, thats what us bloggers are for! We do the hard work so you don’t have to… ?

Until next time…


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