/ August 31, 2018

“Our mission is to combine the very best in creativity, artistry and customer service – ensuring each and every client leaves our salon with a must-have cut, colour and experience. We work at the cutting edge of hair and beauty, bringing together the best products, an expert team and an unrelenting focus on our clients’ happiness. Charlotte personally ensures we bring you the newest and most innovative technology available, the latest trends and looks combined with the most exclusive and luxurious product range – hand-picked for premium results.”


So, recently I paid a visit to Charlotte Cave in Clapham and had my hair transformed from tired and dull back to life again!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have been watching while the magic happened, but if not don’t worry,  I’m here to tell you all about it!

About the Salon

The Salon is owned by none other than Charlotte herself, in fact there are two salons! One in Clapham which is where I went, and the other in Balham. Charlotte started her journey at 17 and has been building her portfolio and expertise ever since. She has travelled the world, working with some of the top names in the fashion and music industry.

Charlotte reached the top around 6 years ago which is when she open her first salon in Clapham. The Clapham salon has very much a boutique feel to it, and although small in size it oozes with both luxury and quality.  

Charlotte has since opened her second salon in Balham High Road, which is where she has services such as her exclusive ‘Cinema Experience’. It was a shame I didn’t get to visit this location, but its definitely on my to do list the next time my hair needs some livening up again!

 As well as hair, Charlotte’s salons also offer beauty treatments like nails and brows etc. as well as makeup makeovers and master classes! On top of this, you can also do some retail therapy and shop the luxury products they use.

Lets Talk Hair

So I had a good idea of what I wanted going in, however being realistic I wasn’t expecting it to come out exact. My hair can be tricky and its been coloured a lot in the past so I knew it might be awkward to lift. 

As you can see from my before and after photos I went in with dark dull hair and came out with healthy looking brightened locks!

I had intended on more of a grey balayage, however my hair wasn’t really taking to the toner and dyes unfortunately. None the less, I still love how my hair turned out and the base work is there to build on the colour more in the future.

One thing I was impressed with was that the stylist who looked after me made sure to set my expectations and was checking along the way to make sure I was happy with the colour, so much so that I was about an hour overdue getting out the salon. Taking the extra time really made me confident that I was at the right place.

I have been to salons in the past where they have rushed me out the door and quite literally butchered my hair, or just done something completely different to what id asked for, so it was refreshing to go somewhere that didn’t mind taking the time to make sure I was happy when walking out the door.

You can see in the above photos that the colours are actually a lot more ashy than how it looks in the original after picture. This is purely a lighting thing, but these give a better representation of how it actually turned out.

I really love my new hair and cannot thank Charlotte Cave salons enough!

If if you are in or around London and are looking for somewhere to revamp your look, or even if you just want a freshen up, id recommending popping into Charlotte Cave. I will definitely be going back at some point to check out the Balham location and maybe treat myself to their cinema experience!

Until next time…


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