Christmas Gift Guide – Beauty Edition 2018

Christmas Gift Guide – Beauty Edition 2018

Im going to keep the intro short and sweet for this one…

This is a ‘what it says on the tin’ kind of post. A guide to the best beauty gifts to either add to your own wish list or pick up for a friend or loved one. Of course this is just my opinion, but I like to think I make good choices. Well, at least most of the time!

Ive separated my top picks into 3 categories, so dependant on your budget there should be something here for everyone.

I don’t want ramble so lets get straight into it!

Budget Friendly

Brush Works HD Brushes

I recently did a blog post on these brushes, so if you haven’t already seen it and want a more detailed review feel free to pop over there to have a read.

Essentially, these are really amazing affordable brushes and would make the perfect gift for anyone starting out in makeup, or even for someone who is just as obsessed as I am!

The brushes are beautiful to look at, so there will be no chance of disappointment when opening this gift!

The pricing ranges from £5.99 to £12.99 and are available to buy from Feel Unique

BENEFIT Confection Cuties

Benefit always do an amazing job with their gift sets for Christmas and this year is no exception. 

As well as the smaller sets like this one they have a whole range of different prices so its definitely worth checking out the rest of the collections!

The set features above has a few of their fan favourites, the Gimme Brow (one of my personal faves), the Roller Lash and the Pore -fessional.

This is definitely a christmas stocking type of gift, but any benefit fan would be very pleased to receive it, I know I would!

Available at Cult Beauty for £14.50

Leighton Denny

Why not give someone a little bit of luxury without spending a fortune? Maybe pick up a couple of shades from Leighton Dennys nail polish collection, or even go for one of their sets? 

The nail polish itself is really great in as far as being chip resistant and long wearing, so this is a gift that would keep on giving. 

They also have some lovely shades out for the autumn/winter months too so its a great time to pick up something new and sparkly for your friends or family!

A whole range available at Look Fantastic from £9

Sleek Makeup

Sleek make some of the best makeup available in the drug stores in the UK and their gift sets are no exception!

This year sleek have put together a ton of different sets from all different price ranges, one which ill go into a little more detail in the next section of this guide. But the majority of their sets retail for under £20 and are absolutely beautiful!

Above is just some of the different sets available, but there is loads to choose from with lips, brushes and that all important glow to be considered.

If you’re a makeup fan, or know someone who is and need to get something on a budget, then the Sleek sets are definitely the way to go.

Available in Boots starting from £6

StylPro Cleanser Cracker

StylPro make my favourite ever brush cleaner and this year they have popped a smaller version of their bottles of magic into a festive cracker!

A simple yet essential gift for anyone who has more than one makeup brush in their life, and lets face it, thats most of us.

This is such a perfect gift to pop in someones stocking. Or, you could take it one step further and even clean their brushes for them too! Thats a gift I’d welcome any day!

Available at Boots for £8.99

Somewhere in the middle

Sleek Ultimate Collection

Included in this huge bundle is…

Highlighting Palette Solstice

i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Vintage Romance

Full Fat Lash Mascara

Dip It Eyeliner Black

Lip VIP Lipstick Show Off

Eau La La Lip Liner Dragonfruit

Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream Anodized Ruby

Matte Me Lip Cream That’s So Fetch

Ive tried quite a few Sleek products in the past, and their highlighters especially are amazing! This is definitely a stunning gift for anyone to receive!

I might even add it to my own wish list…

The presentation and packaging give this set a real luxurious feel, but its still friendly to the bank account.

Available at Boots for £50

Pure Potions

Pure Potions are one of my favourite skin care brands, and this year they have a luxury oils set which would be the perfect gift for anyone with a dryer skin type! To be honest, these are great for everyone, but having dry skin myself I know they would definitely be appreciated by like minded people!

The oils feel super luxurious on the skin and give you a glow to wake up with!

These are the perfect gift for any skin care lover, and the fact thats its 100% just makes it even better, because no one wants weird chemicals on their face!

Available at Pure Potions for £35

StylPro Brush Cleaner

StylPro are my absolute favourites when it comes to brush cleansing! 

This year they have brought out some gift sets which include not only the brush cleaner tool itself, but also a couple of brushes which are exclusive to the set!

They’ve brought out 5 new colours, the one shown is the pearlescent pink. It also comes in Glitter Gold, Hot Metallic Pink, Rainbow and Blush.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who owns more than 1 makeup brush, as cleaning them is an absolute pain in the bum! Ive used one of these for several years now and I could never go back to manual cleansing!

Available at Boots, Feel Unique and StylPro for £49.99


I wasn’t sure whether to include these bits in my beauty guide or pop them in my general gift guide (its soon to come if your reading this as I’m posting it), but I decided that it would probably fit in more here.

Rituals make some my favourite beauty products for the skin and body, and the new Rituals of YALDA collection is to die for!

The bath bombs especially smell AMAZING! they are so scrumptious I just want to bath in it all day long. And… whats even better is they look incredible too!

Not only that, but Rituals also have some gift sets available from their other collections too. One of which is the Ritual of DAO which is equally as incredible and comes with a shower foam, body scrub, body cream and shower oil.

Your skin will thank you for treating yourself or someone else to some bits from Rituals this year!

Available from Look Fantastic from £13.50

Looking to splurge

Foreo Luna FoFo

This is quite possible my favourite skin care device launch this year, maybe with the exception of the UFO also by Foreo.

Anyone who loves skin care, or even just beauty gadgets will absolutely love to have one of these for Christmas! 

The smart device links up to an app on your phone and using the skin sensors on the back (which they have cleverly turned into a cute little character)it measures yours skins hydration level and age, and gives your skin a score. It then develops a personal skin cleansing routine for you to stick to.

Foreo are probably my favourite skin care device brand out there and definitely worth the splurge!

Available at Look Fantastic, Cult Beauty or Current Body for £79

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Universe

This is similar to another suggestion below, as its basically a box full of goodies. Well, 12 goodies to be precise.

The difference is this is solely made upon Charlotte Tilburys products and comes in at a higher price tag too.

This is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Charlotte Tilbury as it includes some cult favourites such as…

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Colour Chameleon

Matte Revolution Lipstick

Although the price tag is quite high, if you really want to splurge on someone this year then this is a great way to do it. 

Available at Cult Beauty for £150

12 Days of Christmas Box

Hearst Magazines make some of my favourite beauty boxes and this year the Good House Keeping magazine has released a 12 days of Christmas box.

This is the perfect gift for beauty lovers as the box is packed full of goodies, most of which are full size! If you want to treat your wifey or even your bestie this year but have no idea what to get them then this box would be perfect!

Ive popped this in the splurge category as although amazing value the box comes in at £75, so this is definitely a treat them (or yourself!) kind of gift. The overall value of the box is over £300 so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!

I for one will definitely be picking this one up for myself this year!

Available at Hearst Magazine for £75

Hopefully this guide helped you along your way to sorting out what to get for your friends and family.

If you’re looking for something non beauty related, fear not! Ill have another gift guide up next week which is much more generalised. 

I got you covered!

As always, it was nice having you!

Until next time…



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