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As the beauty industry grows, so does its presence at Christmas time. Every year I see more and more beauty advent calendars and I have to say, it makes me very excited! 

We all know I’m a beauty fanatic, so I always love seeing all the advent calendars being released. But as more and more are released each year, I find myself asking which ones are actually worth it?

To answer that question, I’ve put together a list of my top picks to help you guys decide which ones (if any) you want to treat yourself or a loved one to this year.

Look Fantastic

“Featuring 25 magical beauty treats, this premium collection contains a show-stopping line-up of the best products from the beauty industry. From skincare treats to tanning, haircare to cosmetics, branded tools and exclusive products, this Christmas you shall take centre stage with lookfantastic.”


Look Fantastic make some of the best beauty advent calendars available. I had my first one from them last year and I wasn’t disappointed, so of course I needed to get my hands on this years one as well!

You get over £300 worth of products in box from some of the best brands available on the website! I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’m making it a general rule not to list the complete contents for any of the calendars, but some of the brands included are:





I am super excited to start opening this in December (even if I already know whats in it) and getting a little treat each morning!

One other thing that I really love about this Calendar is the packaging. This years box is giving me The Greatest Showman vibes and I am obsessed! As well as that though, the actual structure of the box is amazing, so you can easily DIY this into something else after you’re done with it. I made last years box into a jewellery box!

Available now at Look Fantastic for £79

The Body Shop

“This Christmas, we’ve taken our beauty advent calendars even further – far into an Enchanted Forest, filled with a clan of extraordinary creatures… Let Olivia the Owl guide you through 24 surprises to revive and re-energise your body and mind. Every day she’ll reveal one of a myriad of treats and must-haves, from bath and body favourites to superstar skincare surprises.”


The Body Shop make some of my favourite skin and body products, so of course I wanted to get my hands on one of their calendars this year to try for myself. Ive got the 24 Days of Enchanted calendar, which gives you over £85 worth of products!

Ive never had a Body Shop calendar, but I’ve heard such good things and have mooned over other influencers insta stories and youtube vlogmas videos over the years when opening them.

Some of my favourite products that are included in this calendar are:

Strawberry Shower Gel

Almond Hand Cream

Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Green Tea Bath Bomb

The Body Shop also have two other calendars available which have 25 days to open, a higher value but are also a little high on price. (still amazing value though)

If you’re a fan of The Body Shop products then id definitely recommend picking up one of these calendars!

Available now at The Body Shop for £45


“Meet the brand new ELLE Beauty Advent Calendar. Wrapped up in an exclusive print from designer of the moment and ELLE friend Richard Quinn, and housing no less than 24 luxury beauty products worth £340, the ELLE Beauty Advent Calendar is the only Christmas present you need this year.”


So this is a first from Elle and man am I glad they decided to bring out an Advent Calendar this year!

This calendar is filled with over £340 worth of products!

The brands included in this calendar are some super amazing ones and some of my favourites! The calendar includes brands such as Hourglass, Smash Box, Benefit and theres even an iconic Nars Orgasm Blush in one of the boxes!

This is probably the calendar I have been most excited for this year and I cant wait to open up the boxes!

If you want to find our a fill list of the products included then you can check out the calendar on Heart Magazines website, but some of the brands I’m most excited for are:





This calendar really is pulling out the big guns and id expect no less from my favourite beauty magazine! They really do know their stuff when it comes to this!

Available now at Hearst Magazines for £125


“Treat yourself this Christmas with a daily dose of beauty. With an ultimate collection of 25 luxurious skincare and gorgeous beauty treats, waiting to be revealed behind each door. With an amazing worth value of £177, based on the price per ml/g of standard sized products when purchased separately.”


This calendar is one of the lower cost ones I’m including in this guide, but you still get full 25 days of treats to pamper yourself with. This calendar doesnt only include makeup but some skin care bits as well.

Ive only tried a few bits from No7 myself, but what I’ve tried I’ve really enjoyed. This is a great way to test out some bits from the brand and see whether or not you want to invest in some full size products!

Some of the products included in the Calendar are…

No7 Total Renewal Micro-Dermabraision Exfoliator

No7 Skin Illuminator

No7 Airbrush Away Primer

No7 Gel Finish Nail

With products ranging from makeup, to skin care and even a little pizzazz for your nails, this calendar is great for someone looking to same a few bits form the brand and get an overall beauty experience!

Available now at Boots for £42

Soap & Glory

“It’s sure to be a December to remember with our IT’S IN THE CALENDAR!™ gift set. Make a date with 24 beauty-full soaprises and glam delights – it’s beauty galore in-store behind every door! Find mini versions of your pampering faves like CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel, SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Body Buffer and THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Butter, plus a selection of mini make-up marvels like SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ Lip Glosses and CRAZY SEXY KOHL™ Liners!”


Soap and Glory is one of those brands that everyone loves! So when you see they have an advent calendar, of course you want it!

Once again there is a good mixture of makeup and skin care in this calendar, so theres something for everyone. Anyone who has tried some of the skin care from Soap and Glory will be very excited for this calendar this year!

Some of the items included in the calendar are…

Hand Food™ Hand Cream

Pillow Plump™ Lip Gloss

The Scrub Of Your Life™ Body Buffer

Crazy Sexy Kohl™ Twist-Up Eyeliner

The hand food is probably what I’m most excited for as it smells amazing and makes your hands feel super hydrated and soft without that greasy feeling.

If you’re a Soap and Glory fan then you will LOVE this calendar!

Available now at Boots for £40

Revolution Beauty

“New for this year, Revolution’s geometric Christmas tree-shaped Advent Calendar is filled with makeup surprises for face, eyes and lips to get you excited for the festive season. Behind each door you’ll find Revolution favourites including highlighters, lip glosses, lipsticks plus a brand new colourway of our bestselling Re-loaded Eyeshadow Palette.”


I had one of the Revolution Calendars last year and really enjoyed opening it up each day. The calendar has 25 doors to open and it filled with a great selection of their makeup products!

This year they have two calendars, one with a selection and one dedicated to lip products!

Im finding it hard to decide which one to pickup this year. I think the lip one might win it for me, as ive tried so much from makeup revolution in terms of highlighters and face products and well, a girl can never have too many lipsticks!

Revolution Beauty make some really great and affordable products, so if you haven’t already tried anything from them this is a great way to start, especially as these calendars are some of the lowest cost!

Both available at Revolution Beauty for £30/£40


“Each door reveals a beauty treat. Try not to open them all in one go”


I had one of the ASOS calendars last year and it was probably my favourite one out of the 3 I had. The products included were really great quality and the value was crazy good! The calendar is a pretty average price at £55, or if you’re a student you can get an extra 10% off too!

Some of the products included in this calendar are…

Benefit Hoola

Iconic London Illuminator

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay

J.ONE Jelly Pack

GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Mega illuminating Moisturiser

Im definitely going to be ordering one of these again this year, the contents looks amazing and there are a few bits I’ve been wanting to try but reluctant to commit to the full size. 

If you want to try some high end products but don’t want to spend upwards of £100 for the luxury then the ASOS calendar is perfect for you. With bits from lower and high price ranges there is something for everyone and at a price most of us can afford!

Available now at ASOS for £55

Latest in Beauty

“This year’s enchanting Beauty Advent Calendar reveals 24 captivating surprises behind each golden door to help you sparkle throughout the festive season. Worth over £255 and yours for just £60 expect a mix of luxe beauty favourites and unmissable calendar newcomers, plus a range of exclusive brand offers as an extra special delight. This year’s magical lineup will be your happy ever after and is not one to be missed.”


The Latest in Beauty calendar reminds me a lot of the ASOS one in terms of the range of products included and the price tag of the calendar itself.

This calendar includes a really good range of hair, skin and nail products to help glam you up for the party season. This is definitely one of the best value calendars as you get around £255 worth of goodies for only £60.

Some of the brands included are…

Morrocal Oil

Wet Brush



Molton Brown

As you can see there are a lot of fantastic brands included, some of which are a few of my faves! The moroccan oil for example is definitely someone worth trying out so its great its included in the calendar!

The only draw back for me on this calendar is that its only 24 days and I really love to open up a door on Christmas morning.

Available now at Latest in Beauty for £60

Nails Inc

“Behind each door there is a rainbow waiting to happen. Work your way from head to toe to look your festive best this season.”


Nails Inc. have brought together some of their best bits from their brands this year to create this magnificent 12 days of Christmas advent calendar!

With bits from their skin, beauty and nail ranges there is literally enough products here to give yourself a proper pampering this Christmas. 

Although only 12 days, the contents of the calendar is worth over £100, so you are getting really great value for money with this one. 

I find that skin and nail brands tend to be forgotten a lot of when it comes to beauty, so I wanted to make sure I included this beauty from my favourite nail brand! 

Some of the items included in this sparkly moment are:

‘Mermaids Be Shore To Shine’ Nourishing Face Mask

‘She Could So She Did’ Nail Polish

Express Nail Polish Remover (my favourite)

So you can see you are in for a treat with this one. Give your nails (and your face) something to look forward to each day with this one!

Available now from Nails Inc for £49

So there we have it!

These are my picks for the calendars that are worth it, in my opinion anyway…

I have trawled through many calendars and made sure I only bring you the vest best, so rest assured you will not be disappointed with any of these. Well I hope not anyway!

Beauty Advent Calendars are such a great way to discover new brands and products, without spending huge amounts of money! This is probably my favourite part about them. Its like a bigger better beauty box, and we all know how much I love a beauty box!

Some the calendars in this post were gifted, the other paid for with my own pennies or simply mooned over from afar. I actually reached out to the brands I wanted to work with, not all of them wanted to work with me unfortunately (burn!) but only the very best made the cut. Promise! 😉

I hope this post has been helpful to you and has given you all the christmassy feels!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…


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