The only place to get your Kitchenware – Chefs Collection

The only place to get your Kitchenware – Chefs Collection

This post is a little different than my usual beauty posts, but I really wanted to start doing some more lifestyle related posts so lets give this a go! Recently I had the privilege of being sent a few bits from Chefs Collection for the purposes of a review, and well… here it is!

Now, just because these have been sent to me, that doesn’t mean its automatically good review and if you’ve been here a while you will already know this. Having said that, the products received were beautiful and great quality!

“Founded in 2016 in Norwich, UK. When we first started out, our passion for cooking as a professional in either Catering Environment or Home Kitchen drove us to contact master brands in their fields and give the best prices accessible to anyone into cooking.”

Chefs CollectionChefs Collection is an online store that essentially sells a variety of cookware and kitchenware, that isn’t only nice to look at but also great to use. They began in 2016, so they are a pretty new company and are now working with brands such as Appolia, Opinel, Revol and Beka just to name a few.

What have I tried?

So I was sent a few different bits to try out. A nail brush (might seem random but actually very useful!), a spreading knife and some champagne flutes.

The nail brush has come in super handy for washing my hands prior to cooking. It helps me make sure they under my nails are super clean, so no chance of contaminating my food! The spreading knife is something I will put to one side for things like family meals, for example if we pop some bread and butter on the table for people to nibble on before the main meal. It looks lovely, simple but perfect.

The champagne flutes are my favourite pieces from what I was sent as they have cute little bumble bees emended on the glass. Not only that but the shape it unusual so these are a nice statement piece for when you have company over.

Usually this would be the part where I give something I wasn’t keen on, but to be honest there really isn’t anything id change about any of these items. If anything, ive been looking on the site to make a wish list of what I’m going to purchase next. I have been eyeing up some rather beautiful copper saucepans…

The company has a variation of price ranges so there is something for everyone. If you are on more of a budget then you can still find some nifty little bits for your kitchen and likewise if you want to splurge then this is also the place to go!

Overall Thoughts

Im pretty impressed with the company overall. They have a lot to offer and my inner housewife is really rather excited to go kitchenware shopping!

I love buying bits for my home and my kitchen is no exception, but I’ve always struggled to find what I’m looking for before. If you’re a closet housewife or just a regular wizz in the kitchen then you will definitely have hours of fun browsing the site so make sure to go check it out.

A big thank you to Chefs Collection for sending these bits out to me and allowing me to sample a little of what they have to offer!

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