/ September 17, 2018

You might remember that not too long ago I introduced you wonderful lot to So Shape, which I managed to loose 5 pounds in just 10 days. Well, they reached out to me again and wondered if I would like to try some more of their smart meals and smart food. Me being me obviously said yes as I’m always looking for new yummy things that I can eat without the guilt of consuming my weight in calories!

Previously I tried the shakes, and really enjoyed them. This time around I tried the savoury meals and it was very different! The range of flavours is really good and they are constantly adding new flavours. 

I will say, I preferred the shakes if i’m completely honest. Not all of the savoury flavours were to my liking, but thats not to say someone else wont like them. Im definitely not a fan of the soups as I found it was tricky to get the right thickness. They do provide you with a booklet about the meals and how to prepare them etc. but even with that I had little trouble with the soups. 

The pasta meals were my faves, especially the pesto one. I recommend going for the pastas over anything else if you’re a little fussy with your food. 

This time around I wasn’t trying super hard to loose weight, for me it was more about maintaining and just finding something easy and low calorie for my lunches at work. 

For the time that I actually stuck to the meals and didn’t eat crap for my dinner, I did actually loose a few pounds, but i wont lie… I have since gained them back. Saying that, its not because of the So Shape food, its just because I’ve been eating terribly recently and need to get my life together!

I must say, I do find the So Shape meals super convenient for taking with you on the go as you just need to add water and you’re good to go! They are perfect for people who might work in an office, or for those who just generally dont have time to make food to take with them for lunches. 

I wouldn’t recommend them as along term thing, but for those of you who are trying to loose weight, or are trying to maintain for a while, these are a good option to try.

Smart Food

Now… lets talk about the Smart Food, because this is where it gets really good!

So as well as the meals, So Shape also sent me out some of their chocolate chip granola and oh my god is it good!

I would choose to eat this over any granola you can find in the supermarket! Even the fancy stuff!

What i love about it most is the fact its actually good for you AND is low fat! I dont know how they do it, there has to be some kind of food wizardry going on here, but it tastes good and it IS good!

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the other smart foods yet, but I am definitely going to be putting in an order for some real soon! They are actually about to launch the individual sale of their Smart Food, so you will be able to buy it in packs of 2 instead of having to do an add on to a challenge or buy in a box of 7 Smart Food products.

Well thats it for my little update on So Shape, I’m keeping this one short and sweet. (Just like the granola)

If you are looking to loose a little bit of weight, struggling for low calorie lunch ideas or just want to grab some healthy snacks that dont send your taste buds to sleep then id recommend giving So Shape a go. 

They are priced really well, with their challenges starting at only £35! You’d probably spend that, if not more on unhealthy food for your lunches in 1-2 weeks anyway so theres really nothing to loose by giving it a go. 

If you do end up trying the challenge then make sure to let me know how you get on. I could use a little motivation right now to get myself back on track after being so bad! 

And remember you can use my code EMILYGCUSTOM and save £9.50 on the 14 and 28 day challenge!

Anyways, as always its been a pleasure!

Until next time…


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