Lush Christmas Collection! | Christmas 2018

Lush Christmas Collection! | Christmas 2018

Lush is probably my all time favourite place to stock up on all things bath and body!

They have the most magical bath bombs, buttery body moisterisers and initiative shower products!

So its safe to assume that when their Christmas range comes into stores each year, I’m going to want pretty much everything!

In this post I thought id take you through a few of the bits that are available this year at Christmas time and give my recommendations on what to grab before the range is all gone!

Lush were kind enough to send me over a selection of bits from their Christmas range so I could test it all out and share with you guys.

Before we get into the products themselves, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging that it all arrives in?

The boxes aren’t only eco friendly, but blooming beautiful! 

And of course, everything is all packaged up with plenty of cushioning to make sure it all arrives safely. Thanks Lush!

So lets get into the products…

I have a small selection of bits from the Christmas range including some bath bombs, body sprays anode course my all time favourite shower gels!

Snow fairy is probably Lush’s most iconic fragrance and every year they fill a ton if different products full of the magical smell!

I go absolutely crazy for it and each year I actually stock up on the shower gel to make sure I have enough to carry me through until it comes back into stock.

The body spray has the perfect amount of snow fairy magic, but to be honest I like to use this as more of a room spray than body spray. It comes in very handy in the bathroom after my husband has done a number 2…

The shower gel doesn’t just smell amazing but also feels amazing! My skin always feels super soft and the added bonus of smelling like a pink bundle of fairness is just the cherry on top!

The body spray retails for £20 (200ml) and the shower gel starts at £4.95 (100g)

Next up, lets talk bath products…

Below, from left to right we have the Golden Pear, Candy Cane and the Worlds Smallest Disco Ball!

The Golden Pair is actually a soap, although it looks very much like a bath melt or something along those lines so don’t get it confused. The smell from this is such a warm fruity fragrance and the oils in the ingredients leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised. Definitely one to add to your Christmas list this year!

The Candy Cane is one of their reusable bubble bars, which I love! I am still yet to find a products that created bath bubbles better than a lush bubble bar. Now you might think this has a minty scent to it, but its actually quite fruity as the ingredients actually includes lemon oil. Strange for a candy cane, but it works!

Next up is The Worlds Smallest Disco Ball. The thing I love most about this isn’t the deep dark colour it turns your bath water, but the special ingredient of popping candy. Thats right, popping candy! It just gives your bath a little something extra. This is definitely one of my favourite bath bombs from the collection!

Golden Pear is £7.50 (150g), Candy Cane is £3.95 and The Worlds Smallest Disco Ball is £5.25

This next one is another bubble bar, The Yog Nog Yule Log.

Ive not tried this one before but I am super excited to use this in a bath as it feels sooooooooo buttery! Which makes sense because one of the main ingredients is shea butter. 

Not only does this feel amazing but as with all Lush products it smells amazing! Unlike the other bits above, this one is much more of a warm spicy fragrance as opposed to fruity. I can definitely see myself using this on Christmas eve to relax before all the fun begins!

The Yog Nog Yule Log retails for £5.95 each

Last but not least, lets have a quick chat about the gifts sets available!

They have a huge range of gift sets for all budgets, so dont worry there is something for everyone. 

The set I’ve got below is the Dreaming of Christmas set which includes a shower gel in the fragrance sleepy, a Sugar Plum Fairy body scrub and a Snow Fairy body conditioner.

Ive touched on the shower gels above, but all of the formulas are super luxurious and the fragrances are just to die for!

The Body conditioner of course makes your skin super soft, and this one just happens to be in my favourite fragrance.

The thing that I think is the most inventive in this set is the body scrub. When i first opened the set i thought it was a bath bomb or a bubble bar but its actually one of their zero packaging products. I haven’t actually tried this one out for myself yet but I have heard really good things from other Lush fans so I’m excited to give it a go!

Whats also great about the gift sets is hat they all come pre wrapped so if you’re not the best with wrapping then this is a great gift to pick up for someone.

The Dreaming of Christmas set retails for £17.95

Overall Thoughts…

So thats all of the bits I received to try out, but that definitely isn’t where it ends!

Head over to the Lush site to check out their full range and stock up on some Christmassy fun.

I will definitely be picking up a few more bits from the range including some more bath bombs and bubble bars to add to my stash.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Until Next Time…



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