/ October 27, 2018

As you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up (November 8 to be exact) and I’m turning the grand old age of 27!

Ive got to the age now where as much as I love having a day thats just for me and being able to spend it how I want to spend it (usually with my family), I dread the whole getting older part of the deal.

I know I’m still young, but I very much hate the ageing process and I have no intentions of growing old gracefully. Instead ill be first in line for botox the second I get my first wrinkle!

But anyway, as the big day is fast approaching I thought id do a little round up of bits I’ve had my eye on that id love to get for my birthday. In reality I probably wont end up getting any of these bits, but a girl can dream!

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

I have had my eye on this palette since the second Trend Mood posted about this on Instagram! 

The pearlescent shades in particular look absolutely incredible and I know first hand how amazing Huda’s formula is! I have made my husband fully aware of this palette and its launch date (November 1st) in hopes that he might hop onto the cult beauty site and order it for me.

The palette retails for £56 which is pricey, but well worth it based on the swatches ive seen so far!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette

This is another palette I’ve had my eye on since it was announced!

For a girl who doesn’t wear eye shadow on a daily basis, I seem to be drawn to palettes more than anything else! Its rather strange but I just cant help myself.

The colours in this palette look stunning, and I love that they are all cool toned. The Beauty market is over saturated with warm toned palettes so its nice to see something thats still pretty neutral but different from the rest.

The palette retails for £46, so a little cheaper than the Huda Beauty one and the formula for ABH palettes is just as amazing! You can grab this one on Cult Beauty too.

UGG Slippers

This is such an old person thing to wish for on your birthday, but ever since I brought my mum a pair of UGG slippers for Christmas last year I have wanted a pair for myself! 

I love the Ansley style and i think the animal print design is just perfect!

These are the slippers of Queens and well, my feet could use some comfort to be quite honest. 

Priced at £100 these would be the boujiest slippers I’ve ever owned (if I get them) but based on what my Mum tells me about hers, they’d be well worth the splurge!

Polaroid Originals 96 Cam

This camera has been on my wish list for the last year or so. I remember wanting it last year and I am still mooning after it now!

This isn’t something I would buy for myself though (hence why I still don’t own it) as its quite pricey at £190 and I don’t know how much use id realistically get out of it.

If I’m completely honest, I want it bepcsauser it gives me serious 90’s vibes and I just love how it looks! It would look amazing on display in my flat!

This is one of those things that I can definitely live without, but would be thrilled to receive it as a gift.

Calvin Klein Red Suede Boots

Ive had my eye on these boots for the last month or so. Im not typical a girl who would wear something like these but there is just something about them that draws me to them!

I don’t know if its the bold red or the suede material but I just love them! 

These have been a firm favourite on my ASOS wish list since I first saw them, but priced at £120 they will most likely stay on the list as I cant justify spending that much money on a pair of boots ill probably only wear a handful of times.

YSL Gem Embellished Bag

Now this is the ultimate dream gift that I know for a fact I will never get…

I have wanted a YSL bag for years, but I recently saw this one whilst browsing the Selfridges site and fell in love!

This has the classic shape and style of their plain bags but with some added pizzazz! 

I absolutely adore the colours jewels embellished onto it and think that it is so unique! I could definitely see myself getting this out at every opportunity to wear to events.

Unfortunately for me, priced at £1,495 this is a bag that is firmly out of reach and budget! But a girl can keep dreaming cant she?

Round Up…

Of course the perks of getting a year older is getting gifts, but in reality the thing that matters most to be is being able to spend valuable time with the people that I love. Whether that be family or fiends, I like to usr my birthday as an excuse to spend time with the people I care about.

As much as I love my material possessions i’ve come to realise lately that things are just things. As nice as it is to have them, I don’t need them.

Having said that, if you’re feeling generous that YSL bag is really pretty nice… 😉

Just kidding…

Anyways, thanks for popping by and reading my birthday ramblings! 

Until next time…


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