Brushes I Cant Live Without! | A roundup of my favourite brushes

Brushes I Cant Live Without! | A roundup of my favourite brushes

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So its a well known fact I’m obsessed with makeup and skin care, but you might not know how deep my obsession for brushes goes.

I own a lot of brushes…

and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!

I have about 5 or 6 pots full to the brim with brushes and I continue to buy more. Im a sucker for trying to find the perfect blending brush, or just if something new and pretty becomes available to be honest. Im basically a human magpie.

A few of you have been asking me recently what my favourite brushes are, so I thought id put together a little guide on some of my faves for you to read at your own leisure. You might recognise a few of these from previous blog posts or features on my instagram. If ive done a more in-depth review of any of these brushes ill make sure to link them for you.

Foundation & Concealer

For my base there are a few different tools I like to use to get the perfect canvas to work on. Im one of those people who prefer to have their foundation and concealer down at the very least, before going in with eye makeup.

As well as my trusty beauty blender, depending on what products i’m using and the finish im going for I tend to reach for these brushes the most.

Artis Oval 7

This is probably the boujiest brush I own! Its definitely not an essential, but I got this for a video some time ago and since I own it I of course make use of it. Although there are other oval brushes out there that do the same job, I do generally find that this one is the perfect size and shape to do my whole face and my concealer. It gives a beautiful blended finish with any foundation, but I especially like to use it with stick foundations!

Iconic London Angled Brush

The only down side to this brush is that you have to buy it in the set and you cant get it individually. I really hope Iconic London decide to do individual sales in the future. Having said that, the set as a whole is worth picking up, but Iconic London also quite often have offers on their site so its worth looking out for to get a cheeky discount. The reason I love this brush though is again, its the perfect shape and size to do both foundation and concealer. I love a brush that can multi task! The bristles are the perfect density to blend out the product seamlessly, however I will say I prefer to use this with foundations that are more on the liquidy side.

Brushworks HD Foundation Brush

This brush is perfect for applying your under eye concealer! the shape of the bristles make it so easy to get right up into the small corner of your eye and the density is just right to be able to pat the product in. You can also use this brush for powder under the eye, but I prefer to use something slightly different for that which ill go into later on.

Bdellium Tools 934

This is my holy grail brush for when I want to do a cut crease as it is the perfect size to get a precise and sharp line without over doing it. I only really use it for this purpose so I dont know if its actually any good as a general concealer brush (sorry!) but if you like do fun things with your eye shadow then this is a must!

Under Eye Powder

I always use a separate brush for setting under my eyes to the rest of my face, and even for brushing away any fallout from shadows. 

These brushes are my top picks for this exact thing, and although you definitely don’t need all of them you should definitely own at least one!

Morphe Y11

This one is great for under eye powder, but its also great for swiping away any fall out when doing your eyes. The brush is fluffy enough to be gentle but still dense enough to apply your powder flawlessly! Its also really affordable which is great! 

Kit Stars S2

This is another of my favourites for setting my under eyes. This one is a little more dense than the Morphe one, so if I’m not setting my whole face, but just the places where ive concealed ill usually just use this in those areas too. It picks up the perfect amount of product and distributes it so evenly over the skin!

Brushworks HD Tapered Face Brush

This brush is a little bigger than the others, but because of the tapered shape to it it sits perfectly under the eyes. This is another great one for using on other areas of the face too due to its size, so its my go to for when I’m getting ready in a hurry!

Spectrum A04

This is a newer brush to my collection but became an instant favourite. This is another great one for sweeping away fall out as well setting under the eyes. This brush is super fluffy and feels so gentle on your skin, so its perfect for a delicate area such as the under eye! This one can also double up as a highlight brush if you’re traveling and don’t want to take too much with you due to its fluffiness!

Face Powder

As well as using my beauty sponges for powder, I do love a fluffy brush too! Whether its for bronzer, blush or just plain ol’ setting powder, the fluffier the better in my opinion.

Depending on the look im going for and the product im using though, there are a few different brushes I reach for when completing my base.

Iconic London Powder Brush

This brush from Iconic London is my go to brush for face powder. It has the perfect density and size to comfortably use for your whole face. Although I predominantly use this one for setting powder, its also great for bronzing up the skin too!

Kit Stars S1

I love using this brush for blusher and bronzer, but mostly bronzer. I don’t use a whole load of blush so I don’t have a specific favourite for that.  This one is great for going round  the perimeters of your face and giving a soft and blended bronzy glow to the skin!

Brushworks HD Powder Blush Brush

This is another one that I will use for both blush and bronzer. I also use it occasionally for setting powder too so its a great all rounder if you’re travelling. I mostly use it for bronzer tho as its super fluffy so great for a soft look. (I dont like my bronzer to be too heavy)

Morphe E2

This is a brush that I will use exclusively for bronzer. I literally use it for nothing else. The brush is gigantic, so its great for when you want an overall bronzed look, not so much for precision. This was my holy grail for so long and I still love it heaps, but there are a few other brushes I use as well now as shown above.


Im not massively into contouring, mainly because I’m not that good at it. However, from time to time I do love to give my nose a little extra definition.

I have a pretty good nose shape already so I don’t honestly do much, but these are my go to brushes for when I want to look super snatched!

Moprhe M0

This is the ultimate blending brush for your nose contour! I actually have two uses for this brush… I first use it to blend out my contour to make sure its not too harsh and looks super natural, and then I will sometimes use this to add some highlight to my nose too. Its great for both jobs, but I mostly use it to blend.

Morphe E47

And this is the nose contouring brush of all nose contouring brushes! Its perfect for going down the bridge of your nose and getting a super snatched line in place. You can go in super harsh with this or a little more softly depending on the kind of look you’re going for. This ism go to brush for when I want to add some definition to my snoz!


Highlighting is one of my favourite steps to my makeup routine! 

The highlight you use can completely change your whole look, so depending on if I want an intense blinding highlight or more of a natural look will depend on what brush I choose to do the deed with!

Blank Canvas F15

This brush was sent to me in PR a little while back, and im so glad it was because its not one I would typically pick up. The brush is pretty big for highlight and but touching it you would think it would work very well as its quite dense, but its actualy amazing! This is the only brush I will use if I want my highlight to be absolutely f-ing popping! I suggest you pick one up ASAP!

Iconic London Fan Brush

This is my go to for when I want a more natural look. It picks up a good amount of product but distributes it in a way where its nice and soft. Of course you can build up your highlight with it and end up with a blinding result, but I like this for a more natural moment.

Fenty 120

This is such a weird brush, but I love it! I tend to use this one when I want something in between blinding and natural. I tend to use this for my stronger highlights because it distributes the product in such a unique way which leaves your highlight perfect every time! I cant explain how but it just works perfectly!

Hair Line

So, this isn’t an every day step for me, but…

When I actually decide to do something with my hair, whether its tying it up or putting it in braids I like to add some brow powder to my hair line and wherever else my hair is looking a little sparse. 

Im basically filling in my hair to make it look thicker, which might sound weird but it works wonders! Especially if you have thin hair like me.

Brushworks HD Multitasking Brush

This brush is literally the only one I use for this task. Its pretty dense so its good for patting on powder, which means my hair doesn’t get disrupted. But, its still super soft so it feels super nice to use. This picks up lots of product so it means I don’t have to keep dipping into my powder, which is handy because it can be tricky reaching the back of your head properly, and once you have a motion going you don’t want to keep stopping to pick up more product!

Brows & Eyes

I decided to bunch these bits together, as I think of my brows as a kind of accessory for my eyes. Theres also only a couple of brushes I really use for them. 

In terms of eyes, again I like to use different styles of brushes for different things. I have a multitude of eye brushes but I quite often find myself going back to these ones over and over again! In fact, I have duplicates in my collection of many of these brushes below.

Benefit Brow Brush

This is my holy grail brow brush! I own multiples of them because I never want to not have one! This is super dense so its perfect for use with so many types of products! I mostly use it with pomade but its good for use with powder too.

Kit Stars S41

This is another great brow brush. This is a little thicker and a little less dense than the benefit brush, so I prefer to use it with powder, or to blend out pencil if it looks a little hard. This is great for using with the benefit 4 in 1 brow pencil, as the product is very soft so sometimes needs a little blending. 

Spectrum A16

This next brush from Spectrum is the perfect brush to do a cut crease with. Its also great for packing on pigment, but I prefer to use it for cut creases as its just the right size and shape to create a super sharp and perfect line! Its very dense as well so it makes it super easy to glider over the lid!

Kit Stars N32

This is a great one for packing on colour, but its also great for blending in the crease. Now i dont mean a typical crease kind of blending, I mean if you want a pretty defined crease line, but not too harsh.Because of its shape its great for getting right into the socket but as its a little fluffy its still good to blend with too!

Morphe M213

This brush is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and getting in the inner corners. Its also great for detail work on the lid but I mostly use it for the brow bone. It’s super tiny which means you can be super precise and because its pretty dense it packs a punch when you use it for highlight!

Kit Stars N33

The N33 from Kit Stars is a very special brush. I use it for quite a few different things… It’s great for brow bone and inner corner highlighting, or detail work like with the M213 from Morphe. I also use this for a nose highlight when I want to be super precise, and for my cupids bow too. As well as highlighting, because it also has a little fluffiness to it, its great for  adding some colour to the lower lash line when you want to get the colour super close and precise!

Morphe M330

I love this brush because of its shape. Its a fluffy tapered brush which means its great for adding and blending colour into the crease. this is usually the brush I reach for first when starting an eye look and I quite often use it multiple times throughout the process of creating a look.

Kit Stars N31

This one os great for blending out colour on the edges! Its kind of dense but still fluffy so if your shadow needs some extra blending then this is the guy to help you out! I have a few of these brushes and always like to have a clean one on hand to help with my blending game.

Ruby Blending Brush

This is the perfect fluffy blending brush! Its a  must for when you want a natural look as it blends product out so seamlessly and makes it super soft looking! I use this in almost every eye look I do, but especially for the ones where there is a ton of blending involved.

Morphe R36

The R36 from Morphe is a brush that I use purely for blending out colour once its already on the eye. I will usually use this towards the end of a look to make sure everything is blended seamlessly and just give it an overall finishing touch. Because this is a slightly bigger brush you can also use this for face highlight, so its a must for travelling!

Kit Stars S30

This is possibly my favouriting crease brush of all time! Its size is perfecter getting right into the crease, but because its so super fluffy it blends shadows out beautifully. Because its on the smaller side this brush is also great for blending out shadows on the lower lash line and getting a super smokey look!

Luxie 231

I use this brush mostly for smoking out shadow or liner on the lower lash line. Occasionally I might also use it to touch up some colours on the lid but its mostly a lower lash kind of brush. Its super soft so its not scratchy as all on the more delicate skin which is one of the reasons why I love it so much!


There are of course some other tools that aren’t mentioned about which I love using as part of my routine, but they don’t really fall into the brush category which is why I’ve left them out. Incase you’re interested though I am also a big fan of a beauty sponge (let me know if you’d like a post dedicated to sponged) and I also love using my Clarisonic for my foundation!

Brushes are a huge part of putting together a great makeup look, especially for the eyes! I have definitely found over the years that price doesn’t always equal quality, and you will notice a lot of my favourites are actually pretty affordable brands.

Of course you don’t need a million brushes to put together a decent day to day look, but great tools always help. This is only a small portion of my collection but the ones I tend to grab for the most.

My advice for anyone looking to expand their collection…

Grab a few holy grail brushes and keep a shadow switcher with you. I quite often use the same brush multiple times with different colours this way rather than keep swapping and changing.

As always, thanks for being a part of my online family and I hope this post helped!

Until next time…



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