This is why you need to try Dr PawPaw!

This is why you need to try Dr PawPaw!

Dr Paw Paw is one of those brands that I underestimated for soooooo long! Id used their lip balms before but thats about it, I never decided to dive into the other products available… until now anyway!

Recently I had the pleasure of going to Stylist Live with Dr Paw Paw and being able to try out the products in person for myself. I was lucky enough to be given samples of the whole range to try out and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you guys!

This post is not sponsored, but the items im reviewing were gifted to me. However, there is no expectation or condition of me reviewing them so rest assured, my opinion is 100% authentic and my own!

Lets start with the balms…

Since these were the first, and up until recently, the only product id tried from the brand I feel its only fitting that we delve into these first of all. 

Ive been using the original balm for a while now, as my lips get pretty dry so they are in constant need of moisture. As I’ve been going through so much of it i’ve literally been using whatever I can get my hands on.

The original balm is great for dry lips, but its also amazing for other dry patches of skin too. Especially your cuticles!

The balm also comes in 3 other colours/scents, red, peach and shea butter. The red and peach are tinted so they are great to use as a cream blush or just as a tinted balm. The shea butter is one ive been loving more for my hands, and of course I continue too love the original for my lips!

The balms are made with natural ingredients such as PawPaw, the fruit of the Carica Papaya plant as well as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, amongst other things. As well as feeling great they also smell great too, especially the shea butter one!

Next up we have the ‘Scrub and Nourish’ which I believe is a fairly new addition to the family.

Because my lips get dry they also get kind of crusty (I know, gross!) so a good lip scrub is a must have for me! This one is great, not just because the scrubs amazing, but because it comes with a balm too in the same packaging which means its perfect for traveling!

The pot is stackable and combines a natural lip scrub and a replenishing lip balm which is inspired by innovative Korean beauty technology. The treatment utilises nourishing Olive Oil and Aloe Vera which helps to soothe and soften lips and then conditions and protects for comfort. The best part is that its fragranced with Mango, Orange and Coconut!

So until recently I had no idea that Dr Paw Paw also did hair products! Not only are they hair products,  but they also double up as body products! Well most of them anyway. 

Starting with the Hair wash (shampoo), as I mentioned you can use this on your hair and body, so again its super great for traveling with. As well as that its good for guys and gals alike, so no more arguing with your other half about which shower gel to pick up, the pretty pink or the boyish blue one…

The wash is not only cleansing but moisturising and nourishes the whole body. Its really gentle so you can use it on your little ones too and of course included the classic PawPaw (papaya) ingredient! After using this you are left with silky soft hair and skin to match!

The conditioner is very similar, apart from as the name suggests… its a conditioner and not a wash. I don’t generally use this on my body too much but if you have super dry skin then you might like to do just that. With the same core ingredients as the wash, this not only leaves you feeling amazing but you also smell like a tropical fruit basket too!

And last but certainly not least, we have the 7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler!

This product is quite possibly magic… it literally does the job of 7 different products but does it so sooo well!

Dr Paw Paw It does it all 7 in 1 can be applied to damp hair for:
Heat protection
To reduce split ends
Hair detangler
Reduces Frizz and smoothes hair
Blow dry styling aid
Leave in Hair treatment 
Add shine to hair

I love using leave in conditioner, but this has 100% upped my game as now im getting so much more without any extra steps in my routine. And of course, it also smells amazing like the rest of the hair products!


I have become a huge fan of the Dr Paw Paw range and will be making sure I’m stocked up on the lot! Especially the hair care products! 

The products are really well priced as well, so you get what in my opinion is luxury quality for really affordable prices!

Ive popped some links before for you incase you want to check out the products for yourself. If you pick them up this weekend (as im posting this) then you’ll also benefit from the cyber weekend sale prices too!

Dr. PAWPAW Original Balm 

Dr. PAWPAW Ultimate Red Balm 

Dr. PAWPAW Peach Pink Balm 

Dr. PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm 

Dr. PAWPAW Scrub & Nourish Exclusive

Dr. PAWPAW Everybody Hair and Body Wash

Dr. PAWPAW Everybody Hair and Body Conditioner

Dr. PAWPAW® It Does It All 7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler

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