Elegant Touch – Pink Paradise Party at Feya London

Elegant Touch – Pink Paradise Party at Feya London

Recently I had the pleasure of having breakfast at the oh so Instagramable Feya London with Elegant Touch. I wanted to share my thoughts on not just the products I was kindly gifted, but also the amazing venue!

As soon as you walk into Feya you are greeted with a beautiful blossom tree which climbs the length of the ceiling! It really is like an indoor paradise!

As well as the beautiful floral decor they have plush pink seating and classic white marble tables, so you can dine with a touch of elegance. Which was pretty perfect considering I was there with Elegant Touch!

As well as the visualy pleasing decor, the food and drink on offer was perfectly matched! 

I went for a cheeky matcha latte, and Nadiene who I was there with had a classic latte. The flavours were stunning and I was left definitely wanting more! This is probably going to be my new coffee spot whenever I’m in or around the Oxford Street area!

The breakfast goodies on offer were both tasty and beautiful, and dare I say it even a little bit healthy! 

And as well as some breakie options there was also a multitude of delicious pastries and cakes on offer! I was good though and managed to resist the temptation, but man does that cake look good!

So while we waiting for our breakfast orders to arrive, Nadiene got her nails done and I mooned over the many pink nail designs on offer. Unfortunately id just had acrylics put on my own nails so I couldn’t join in with the manis.

There are 3 designs which are from the actual pink paradise collection and then they also had some other pink nails on offer as well. My faves are probably the power pout, which is what Nadiene ended up choosing! 

As well as show casing the pink paradise nails, the event was also to show off the new tools available from Elegant Touch.

From the tools range they gave us some nail files (which are bomb btw!), a cuticle pusher/cleaner tool and a nail trimmer.

The nail trimmer is probably the one that most people will love because it allows you to personally the length of your Elegant Touch nails for yourself. So if the length in the box is a little long, fear not because you can trim and file them down to a size that suits you.

I have to say, ive really been enjoying the cuticle tool as well though. It does such a good job at tidying up the nail bed and keeping your tips looking and feeling fresh!

I am in love with the whole range from Elegant Touch, and have been using their nails for years. They are great for popping on before an event, or if you need something snazzy for just the odd night. Of course they can last for quite a while if you take care of them but I like to switch mine up so I usually only wear them for a few days at a time.

I had such a lovely time at Feya as well and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the Oxford Street area. Its super close to Selfridges so you can fit some cheeky shopping in while you’re in the area too!

As always, thanks for popping in!

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