/ January 7, 2019

2018 has been an amazing year for me, but also really kinda crappy.

I have been through a lot of bad times, gained a lot of weight that in the previous couple of years worked so hard to loose; but when I look back, so much good has come from 2018 as well.

So here’s a quick sum up of 18 things I am so thankful to have experienced, discovered or expanded in 2018.

Another year with my bestie

Influencer Events

Better Skin

Making my own lip gloss with MDM Flow

Holy Grail Products

Making new friendships

Good Food

Always having my lashes on point! (Thanks to Perfections Salon)

Learning its okay to not be okay

Overcoming Anxiety

My Fur Babies

Spending Time with Family

Working with brands I LOVE

Meeting New People

Discovering my favourite doodler

Giving back to you guys!

Working on my makeup skills

Finding the BEST nail bar!

So overall… when I really think about it, 2018 has been a pretty amazing year.

I have learnt so much, and met so many new wonderful people and left some toxic ones behind.

I started a new job, which I love! (if you didn’t know, I don’t blog full time)

Heres hoping 2019 can be just as good, or maybe even better?

Until next time…


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