Heyland & Whittle | My Home Never Smelt Better!

Heyland & Whittle | My Home Never Smelt Better!

So recently I was kindly gifted a little selection of goodies from Heyland & Whittle…

After trying and testing out the products for a few weeks I decided it was time to share these beauties with you guys.

Having never tried the brand before now, I was super impressed with the design, quality and unique fragrances they have to offer. I have definitely been converted to a die hard fan!

Sandalwood Oud Candle

Earthy, woody, warm Sandalwood is deep, robust and rich. Sweet, smoky Oud is intense and sensual, captivating and compelling. Heyland & Whittle have blended Sandalwood, Oud and just a hint of Rose, with character and adventure to evoke the spirit of the Orient.

I am a candle fanatic and my all time favourite home fragrance is sandalwood, so when this candle turned up on my doorstep I was thrilled!

The smell has the classic sandalwood smell, but it has a little something else to it which makes it unique from other candles with this scent. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but I love it!

Not only does this smell incredible, but the glass packaging is absolutely beautiful! It has a frosted glass container with an imprinted designed and of course, the Heyland & Whittle logo on it. This candle looks super classy and elegant and is perfect as a gift or just to class up your home a little.

Available at Heyland & Whittle for £30

Queen of the Nile Soap bar

Seriously rich and creamy, this fragrant white soap is made with goat’s milk and cocoa butter with essential oils – patchouli, vetivert, ylang ylang and sweet orange. Luxurious and moisturising, this soap suits dry skin types.

Until recently I have never been a soap bar kind of girl and always opted for the liquid or foaming kind instead. However, in the last couple of months I have been appreciating the good old fashioned bar of soap and so receiving this was great timing!

As well as once again smelling AMAZING, these soaps are made with various essential oils, herbs and spices which make the super nourishing on the skin.

This bar looks super fancy thought, so of course this is in my guest bathroom for when we have visitors…

Available at Heyland & Whittle for £6

Fresh Linen Scented Room Sachet

Cool and crisp, like a gentle breeze on a Spring day. A refreshing blend of Cotton Flower and Mimosa – Spring clean!

Although this is described a room sachet, I have hung this in my wardrobe and it has done a fantastic job of keeping my clothes smelling fresh!

I think these are a great idea to keep in clothing draws or cupboards etc. but also great for rooms like pantries, small walk in cupboards or smaller bathrooms.

Another great way to use this is in the car, or if you travel a lot you can pop one in your suitcase to keep your clothes fresh while all packed up.

Available at Heyland & Whittle for £3.99

Clementine Prosecco Reed Diffuser

Tantalising, zesty and undoubtedly addictive, Heyland & Whittle with fun, humour and pride have developed this outstanding and unbelievably creative fragrance. Fabulously light, sweet and delicate, let’s celebrate with some bubbles!

Last but most certainly not least, probably my favourite thing I received in this little package…

Not only do these diffusers look stunning, classy and basically everything I’m not; but this particular fragrance smells sooooooooooo good!

I have had so many compliments on how my house smells, and its always this fragrance people are talking about. This is something I would never have picked out myself, as I tend to stick with more vanilla/woody scents, but oh boy am I glad I got to try this!

It quite literally smells like orange fanta, but in the best way possible!

This is something I will definitely be purchasing refills of when it runs out as I don’t think I can live without it now. Also… its great if you’re a dog/cat owner, as the fragrance is strong enough to overpower any animal smells that might linger.

Available at Heyland & Whittle for £35

Overall thoughts…

I am in love with this brand. They have so much more that I want to try and I’ve already found a few favourites for my home.

I cant stress enough how impressed I am with these products, I’m very picky with fragrances and tend to stick to what I know, but this brand makes me want to explore more!

Have you tried anything from Heyland & Whittle yet? If not, then you should!

Until next time…



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