Stationary Lovers Come This Way | Design Works Ink UK

Stationary Lovers Come This Way | Design Works Ink UK

Well hello there and welcome to my first post about, well… stationary.

This post is for all the little stationary nerds in the world, so if that’s not your thing then I have tons of other post for you to read here instead.

So, recently I saw one of my favourite people, Dom from DomAndInk, post about a company called DesignWorks Ink.

He is an illustrator, and a damn good one (you should check him out) so he is just as excited about stationary as me. Probably more so tbh…

Long story short, Dom hooked me up and DesignWorks Ink very kindly sent me this stunning note pad below! They have tons of beautiful products so I wanted to share them with you wonderful lot incase any of you are as obsessed with pretty note pads and stuff as me.

The products are available from their own website, but are also sold at various retailers in the UK such as Paper Chase, Ocado and Amazon.

So this little beauty is the master piece I was lucky enough to get sent. I have to be honest, I haven’t written in it yet. Its too pretty to use, so I’ve just got it sitting on my coffee table looking snazzy right now.

The quality of the pad is so good though. The front cover has a soft rubberish kind of feel to it, kind of like Nars packaging…

The pen that comes with it is super nice as well. It looks really classy and is actually quite heavy.

The design on the front cover is my favourite thing about this pad though. The gold embossing stands out so vividly against the deep navy and looks so stunning. This is the perfect gift for any list maker or stationary obsessed person in your life.


Another one of the products I love from design works is their uncovered pads. Funnily enough I have unknowingly purchased one of these from ASOS before, the ‘Listy List’ pad on the left to be specific.

I have to say, I loved it so much I ordered a second one after getting through it.

Once again, the quality of the paper is so good, and the embossing detailing is everything!


Planners are also available from the brand, something I definitely need to get my hands on for 2019. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself or a friend to a new planner as well.

New year, new me and all that crap… 

They have tons of different designs from posh and classy to sassy and quirky. Definitely worth checking out if your in the market for a new planner.


The classic note book is probably what this brand do best id say. For anyone working in an office, or fellow bloggers like myself; notebooks are a must have!

Again, with tons and tons of different designs there is something for everyone. But I’ve popped a few of my faves above.

Other Bits & Bobs

Lastly, they have some other random bits and pieces available ranging from trinket holders to flasks.

This bits and bobs are super cute, and no doubt amazing quality just like the stationary items. They do also have some pens and pencils available, so if you’re looking for writing or sketching materials only then they’ve got you covered.

I definitely need to get my hands on one of the gold flasks…

Overall Thoughts…

I love this brand.

I have been a fan for longer than I even knew. Before looking into the brand to write this post, I didn’t even realise that pad from ASOS was one of theirs. I can honestly say these are worth buying and things I would and have repurchased.

Dont forget to check out my pal Dom, he is a fantastic doodler and even has his own book coming out in May. His instagram is full of cute doodles and heart warming messages, and you might even get some more peaks at some design works goods!

Until next time…



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