1 Easy Step to Get Bushy Brows! | Eye Candy Brow XLR8

1 Easy Step to Get Bushy Brows! | Eye Candy Brow XLR8

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Everyone has that one thing where they cant leave the house unless its looking good. For some that might be foundation, others concealer and for some it’s mascara…

For me its my brows!

I love experimenting with products to give me the big bushy brows that dreams are made of. I use a multitude of products to fill them in, keep them in place and add tints etc.

But then Eye Candy got in touch and offered to send me out some of their brow treatment.

“Brow XLR8’s exclusive formula contains SymHairâ Force 1631, which is clinically proven to condition and encourage hair re-growth & to increase hair density, making it perfect for fuller brows. Formulated with an original extract from a South Pacific Micro-Algae, acknowledged for its high nutritional value and active potential.”


I admit, I was sceptical at first. I have tried lash and brow treatments in the past and didn’t really see results. At least none that were note worthy anyway.

But I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I am already starting to see a difference!

If you’re like me, you need to see it to believe it. So dont worry, I’ve got some before and after pictures ready to show!


Daily use helps to give the appearance of thicker & denser brows

Encourages hair re-growth

Increases hair density

So as you can see from the pictures, the claims really do stand up!

I have noticed that my brows look and feel thicker. I have really fine hair so although I don’t lack brow hair, it definitely looks like it without product. But since using this I have been more confident to go out fresh faced and nothing on my brows!

Bear in mind when comparing the before and after, this is only after a couple of weeks use. I can personally tell a difference in appearance and the physical texture of my brows, which doesn’t come across as well on camera as it does in person.

Overall thoughts…

All I can say is, Cara Delevingne… eat your heart out!

The products is just £19.99, so when compared to a lot of other brands on the market its really affordable!

Not only that but this serum is cruelty free and PETS approved, which is amazing!

If you are looking for anew brow treatment to try out id definitely recommend giving this one a go. They also have lash serum too, which I haven’t tried myself but I’ve heard good things!

Until next time…



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