/ April 7, 2019

“Sultry and sensual with a soothing and nourishing effect to combat daily skin exhaustion, deeply moisturising botanical oils repair, regenerate and protect. Our rich, frothy cleansers and luxurious skincare products restore skin’s natural balance and maintain optimum moisture.”


For those of you who didn’t know, Ayumi Naturals has brought our a new Sandalwood range which is made for those of us with skin dryer than the Sahara desert!

Designed to combat daily skin exhaustion and deeply nourish, this new range of products contain botanical oils that help to repair, regenerate and protect the skin. The range has been formulated with rich ingredients to restore the skin’s natural balance whilst keeping it hydrated.

The Sandalwood Range includes a face cream, face scrub and a face mask, AND a body lotion, body wash and a body scrub.

Ive been testing out some of the products for myself and although my skin is getting more oily again now I’ve been off roaccutane for a while, i do still get quite dry on some areas of my body. This range has been a life saver!

I think the body and face scrub are my favourites from the range. I love to make sure I’m exfoliated to help prevent breakouts and also just to help give my skin a healthy glow. Some scrubs can be a little too rough on my skin and then there’s other scrubs that do absolutely nothing, but I find these ones have the perfect balance between exfoliation and nourishment!

The Body wash smells absolutely amazing, as do all of the products to be honest. But, I love any fragrance with a bit of sandalwood in it especially when it lasts on the skin and this leaves my body smelling amazing for ages!

The face mask is great for a Sunday pamper evening when you want to detox your skin but also leave it nourished and hydrated. I find a lot of detox masks tend to leave me feeling a bit dry and tight, but this one leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. This is definitely one of my new favourites!

The Ayumi Sandalwood range is available in Morrisons NOW and all products are priced at only £5.00 each!

Overall thoughts…

The range is super nourishing and also super affordable so its definitely worth picking up some of the products and giving them a try, especially if you have dry skin!

Im not usually one for skin care that you pick up at the supermarket, but the quality of these is amazing and you’d honestly think they were more high end.

As always, thanks for popping by and don’t forget to stop by your local Morrisons to try the range for yourself!

Until next time…


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