/ June 10, 2019

Let me introduce you to the Spotlite HD mirror from J.O.I…

You might look at this and think, ohhhh its just a travel mirror. But its sooooooooooo much more than that!

This mirror is packed with smart features helping you slay your makeup, and even includes what you need to take a bomb AF selfie.

“Meet the must-have accessory for makeup perfectionists – a mirror that’s simply light years ahead of anything you’ve experienced before.”


The Spotlite HD includes two LED light panels which give off a ‘true daylight’ tone that lights up your face making it easy to see what you are doing and make sure everything is blended to perfection!

You can chose to have the lights on or off of course, just use the power touch button on the side to choose.

Perfect for travel, this little mirror folds up into a compact size ready to pop in your suitcase and take on your travels. So if you end up in a hotel room with not so great lighting, no need to worry!

“Spotlite HD is the swiss army knife of makeup mirrors…it’s the only makeup mirror you will ever need.”


You get a full size mirror with an integrated storage tray. You can’t fit too much in the tray but you can certainly squeeze in the basics like some concealer and mascara etc. Personally I would still very much need to pack a separate makeup bag.

You also get a detachable magnetic 10x magnifying mirror included. So you can really get up close and personal! I like that this is detachable, I tend to store mine in the little tray and just pop it on when I need to see a bit more close up to tweeze my brows or something.

You also get a phone holder included, so whether you just want to take a selfie or go live on insta you can do it hands free and be lit to perfection!

The holder hooks on, so you could probably attach it to other things as well and get some multi use out of it. Just an idea…

“Mount it, hold it and even travel with it!”


The thing I was most surprised and pleased about is that it comes with an attachment so you can mount it to the wall and detach it whenever you need to!

This is super handy, and perfect if you want/need a standard vanity mirror which lights up.

It comes with attachment strips (similar to command strips) so you can easily stick it onto the wall with no mess or drilling involved. And what’s great it you can easily remove the fixture from the wall whenever you want too.

Overall thoughts…

This is a really cool bit of kit, and great for people who travel a lot, or even MUA’s who do a lot of traveling to clients.

But you don’t need to be traveling loads to get a ton of use out of this thanks to the wall mount.

For me personally I will use this more for travel as I already have a light up vanity. But if i didn’t, I would 100% be mounting this to the wall!

While this isn’t cheap and retails for £130, you can pay with Klarna instalments on their website, so you can split the cost over 3 interest free payments making it much more affordable and definitely worth checking out!

I also have a discount code which will save you 25% at checkout (not affiliated), so if you want to get one for yourself use code MRSGREGORY to save some pennies!

As always, thanks for popping by.

Until next time…


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