/ June 16, 2019

There are about a million different pills out there for hair skin and nails, a lot of which I’ve tried and some I absolutely love. But, I wanted to introduce another way of getting that extra nutrients to give your inner goddess that extra sass to set herself free!

“With the power of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Resveratrol and 5 other active ingredients, you can now treat your skin from the inside with a one-a-day liquid supplement from LQ.”


Ive posted about the Liquid Health drinks on my instagram before, and I’m now on my second lot because I loved them so much!

I was scared that these drinks might taste bad at first, but surprisingly… they don’t.

The drinks are packed with loads of amazing ingredients and designed as a ‘one-a-day’ sort of thing. Just like you would your vitamins. Some of the best active ingredients in the formula are Marin Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Resveratrol!

“Collagen is the most abundant, naturally occuring protein in the human body. LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails contains more collagen than any other beauty supplement per daily serving.”


The Liquid Health supplements claim to have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are apparently more easily digestible than the usual pill form of supplement.

This means it’s easier to absorb so you get more benefit from each dose, (compared with other supplement brands).

Personally I have noticed a big difference in the texture of my hair especially. It has literally never felt so soft! Its also starting to feel fuller too, this is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to get another box of these. I will say my nails are feeling pretty strong since using these as well.

Of course if you want to try these out for yourself I’ve put together a list of the best deals for you so you can get the most out of your money!

Currently (as of posting this) the 10 bottle packs are on offer at Boots on 3 for 2 meaning you get 30 bottles for just under £60. Plus you earn those cheeky boots points!

Holland and Barrett have got them on buy one get one half price right now, so that’s 20 bottles for about £45.

Orrrr if you want to try these a little more long term you can get their subscription direct from the LQ Liquid Health website and get 30 bottles for £53.99 a month delivered to your door! You can also get a one off supply of 30 bottles for £59.98 if you don’t fancy committing to the subscription.

Overall thoughts…

These are great little drinks that really do give you plenty of nutrients and nourishment from the inside out!

I love that they are available in different size packs, different subscription offers and available in mainstream retail stores like boots making them easy to get your hands on.

I am a big fan of supplements in general and I’ve tested a fair few out in my time. I generally only tend to talk about the ones that have given me proven results and don’t really comment on the rest, so the fact I’m even mentioning them on my blog speaks volumes.

I 100% stand by this product and if you want to try new supplement then these are definitely worth a try!

Until next time…


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