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I don’t usually post negative reviews as such (spoiler alert… its not pretty!) on my blog. I generally like to keep it a place for positive vibes and full of things I love.

However, with all the drama that’s been going on with these damn lipsticks and since I actually purchased some myself and experienced the same issues as everyone else I felt that I needed to write a post on the whole fiasco.

Id say get comfy and grab some snacks, but I don’t think you’ll have much of an appetite after reading this…



So on the day of the launch, pretty much as soon as the site went live I hopped on and ordered one of the Trio’s. If I’m honest I got this in a panic thinking they would sell out at any minute (which they did) and I wouldn’t get any. In an ideal world I would have had more time to really look at the colours and decide which ones I really wanted.

The order process was pretty easy and straight forward, I know a lot of people had some issues on the website but my personal experience was completely fine.

The shipping however seemed to take forever!

It was almost 2 weeks until they arrived after purchasing, and considering I paid $20 shipping for this order I was kinda hoping it would be a bit quicker.

That aside, the overall purchase experience was fine. Nothing really to complain about to be honest.

The issues and the explanation…

The main issues people have been experiencing is black holes in the lipsticks, hairs on/in them, white fuzzies, marks, smudges, melting, breaking, grittiness, balls/beads inside to name a few.

So it’s safe to say there have definitely been some problems…

After 6 days Jaclyn and Jaclyn Cosmetics finally spoke up about the issues, after initial denying anything was even wrong, and posted the below statement on their website. In a not so easy to find place might I add. Not too long after the statement went up on the website Jaclyn also posted a (short) video to her channel explaining the issues.

In her defence, she didn’t do her usual thing and play the victim, but I also don’t believe she is being completely honest and you’ll see why as you read further.

Watch Jaclyns video


Sofia was one of the better lipsticks I received from the trio. It had a messy base, some kind of mark on the top and a couple of tiny holes in, but other than that it was fine from a visual point of view.

The lipstick smells fine, just like vanilla as described so I don’t believe this is expired like some people are saying. I’ll go more into that later though.

I haven’t used any of these lipsticks on my lips as to be honest, I just don’t feel safe doing so at this moment in time. Instead I have swatched these on my hand to see what the texture is like and reveal any inner issues.

You can see with this one there is a lot of lines after swatching and a couple of little lumpy bits. Not only that but this lipstick seems to be a bit melted as it broke and moved in the tube when I swatched it (and I didn’t press hard at all). You can see the mark its made on the lipstick in the last photo.

One of the excuses Jaclyn gave for melting lipsticks is the extreme warm weather. Well… I live in the UK. Extreme warm weather doesn’t exist here, at least not at the moment and most definitely not at the temperatures she mentioned in her video. While warm weather could be the cause of the more severe melting issues, its definitely not to blame for mine.


This one had one of the infamous white fuzzies on, as well as the tiny holes and a couple of lumps at the top (before swatching). Not horrific but also not what I expect when I drop $23 (a third of overall cost including shipping) for a lipstick!

Once again, after swatching I’ve experiences the lines, the bumps and the general grittiness. This one is also a little melty, but didn’t actually break. An improvement I guess?

The base on this one was a little cleaner too, but still not the ‘perfect’ lipsticks Jaclyn promised us.


That Girl is literally… THAT GIRL!

You know, the ratchet, dirty, afraid to touch them incase you catch something girl.

This one is by far the worst! Not only does this have the usual holes and white fuzzies, it also has a BLACK hair coming from the base of the lipstick and a big(ish) black dot on the side. As well as that it has some kind of smudge mark on the back, maybe a finger print?

Now, Jaclyn says all the ‘hairs’ is just lint from white gloves and towels. So then why is this hair black?

She also says the black marks are just air bubbles and whilst that is probably true for the majority, this black mark isn’t even a hole. I don’t know what it is…

Lastly, that smudge… wth? if the factory are using these white fuzzy gloves then how did their finger mark get on the lipstick? Somethings not right here.

Again, after swatching you get the same gritty, disgusting texture at the other two. No surprise there.

Now, the only reason I don’t believe these are expired as some people are claiming is because Jaclyn mentioned she went into mass production the same month she launched. Now, a couple of chemists have said that the grittiness etc is probably the raw ingredients not being mixed properly. They have also said that the holes are most likely air bubbles which can occur if you mix too fast and air gets trapped in the formula which then escapes after its in the lipstick mold. So when you put all of the information together, I think what happened is Jaclyn rushed to get these out and just went too quickly. Meaning defects with the ingredients as well as a lack of quality control. Just my theory…

Overall thoughts…

Long story short, I do NOT recommend!

These lipsticks need to be recalled and tested in a lab to find out what the contaminants are. The fact Jaclyn is saying these are safe to use, when NO tests have been done to confirm this isn’t right.

I have reached out for a refund but I am yet to receive a response. Luckily for me, I paid through PayPal; so I’ve put a claim in with them as well.

I wouldn’t buy these if I were you, at least wait until the current issues have been resolved and proven to be resolved, not just Jaclyn saying they have.

These lipsticks aren’t cheap, especially if you’re in the UK and have to pay the extortionate $20 shipping fee!

Save your money for now and go get a different lipstick. Trust me, you don’t want these!

If you have experienced any of the problems mentioned in this post please make sure you email help@jaclyncosmetics.com with photos so you can get your money back!

Until next time…


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