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Hair is one of those things for me that I want to make an effort, and I want my hair to look good, but I’m not about that ‘spending 5+ hours on your hair just for it to fall apart after an hour’ life.

Instead of spending time learning how to do all these fancy hair styles, I tend to focus on the cut and colour of my hair. I go through phases (like recently) where I stick with my boring dark natural colour, and then I get inspired and want to add colour to it.

The key thing for me is to look after my hair and make sure that when inspiration strikes its healthy enough to take a bit of a battering.

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My hair and what I look for in my products…

Because I put my hair through a lot in terms of heat and colouring etc. I look for products that will nourish my hair and keep it looking shiny and healthy (even when its not!).

I prefer using products with more natural ingredients, but I’m not opposed to ones with more of a chemical formula as long as the end result is a good one.

My hair is flat and thin. It doesn’t hold a curl but it also doesn’t dry completely straight. Its an awkward texture and I have a lot of split ends, because I haven’t had it cut in a very long time. I really need to call my hair dresser…

The Hair Wash…

Lets start with my top recommendations to clean and refresh your mullet…

Two brands I want to talk about are Briogeo and Maria Nila. They are both on the higher end price point, but the health of my hair is something I don’t mind spending extra on.

I have used a few different products from Briogeo now, but the two stand outs for me is the scalp revival shampoo and the soft despair repair mask.

The shampoo has a grittiness to it and is great for exfoliating your scalp, which in turn encourages healthy hair growth.

The mask is essentialy the crown jewels of hair masks, I use it once every couple of weeks in place of conditioner. I try to only wash my hair once a week if I can make it stretch that long as washing it too often can be really damaging, so depending on how regularly you wash your hair you might want to use it more frequently.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Available at Feel Unique for £36

Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Mask Available at Feel Unique for £30

Maria Nila Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Available at Sally’s Beauty from £6 (100ml)

The ‘I’m too busy to wash my hair’ wash…

Dry shampoo is every girls best friend…

I literally do not know anyone who doesn’t use this stuff! Now, there is a lot of debate about dry shampoo’s and if they damage your hair. To be honest, if you use them too much then yes, they will strip your scalp and hair of its natural healthy oils and becoming irritating, so limiting your use of these is important.

After training my hair to go longer between washes, I can usually make it last a week or just under in between washes, and dry shampoo is a big reason how.

I will usually go 3 or 4 days before it needs a little something to freshen it up, and if im not leaving the house for a day or two then ill just let it be free to shine in all its greasy glory lol. But on days where I do need to leave the house, ill spritz a little of either my Batiste or Maria Nila (depending on how boujee I’m feeling) into the roots of my hair.

The trick to not needing to use to much is to wear your hair up in a pony tail or a messy bun, then you only need to spray the outer portion of your hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Available at Boots from £2.24

Maria Nila Invisible Dry Shampoo Available at Sally’s Beauty for £18.95

The Hair Tools…

It might seem obvious, but the tools we use on our hair are just as important as the products we use in it.

In terms of using heat on my hair, I use the least amount possible. I like to let my hair air dry when I can, but for those days when I need it to dry quickly I’ll use my Dyson.

Now, the Dyson is expensive… but it’s an investment. It causes less heat damage to your hair and dries it a hell of a lot quicker. It also looks super cool. 😉

For straightening my hair, I go over it lightly with my GHD’s. I personally think GHD’s are the best brand for straighteners, not only because they last for literally years, but because they are actually good enough that you don’t have to keep going over the same bit of hair a million times, therefore causing less damage.

There are other brands that are good as well, but GHD’s are my personal faves.

Dyson Hair Dryer Available at Boots for £299.99

GHD Styler Available at Look Fantastic for £118.15

Brush Works Hair Wraps Available at Look Fantastic for £9.99

Choosing the right hair brush is also really important. I tend to bounce between these three. I use each one at a different stage though.

The Wet Brush I use on wet and dry hair, but only when its clean and not when I have product in it.

The Denman I use on dry hair, but usually only when I am using dry shampoo as the bristles brush it through so seamlessly!

And the Tangle Teezer is one i only use on wet hair, generally anyway. You can definitely use it on dry hair too, it just works better and is better designed for wet hair.

Looking after your brushes is also important, so I also use a brush rake type of a thing to clean out the hair from my brushes after use. I got mine from Sephora but you can get then for less than £1 on amazon.

Denman Tangle Tamer Available at Feel Unique for £12.50

Wet Brush Available at Look Fantastic from £10.39

Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Available at Boots for £10

Hair Brush Rake Available at Amazon from £0.73

The Everything Else…

So lets talk about the other random bits and pieces I use on my hair to keep it in tip top condition…

To start with, after every hair wash I always use a leave in conditioner. I tend to flick between the Dr PawPaw one and the Davines one. They are both great and at similar price points, although the Dr PawPaw one is a little cheaper.

Dr PawPaw Leave in Conditioner Available at Look Fantastic for £9.99

Davines Leave in Conditioner Available at Cult Beauty from £14.90

I also always apply an oil to the ends of my hair every night. This helps with my split ends and also gives my hair a really nice shine. Just be sure not to put it to close to the roots of your hair or it could make it get greasy quickly.

I tend to go between the Andrew Collinge, System Professional and Maria Nila oils. They are all amazing and I honestly could pick just one, which is why I don’t…

Maria Nila Hair Oil Available at Sally’s Beauty for £20

System Professional Hair Oil Available at Look Fantastic from £34.90

Andrew Collinge Hair Oil Available at Andrew Collinge for £20

And lastly, the little gummy that nourishes from within. There is scepticism as to whether these hair vitamins actually work. Now im not going to sit here and pretend this makes my hair grow 10 million inches in a week, but it definitely does help hair growth and it helps the health of the hair too. It makes it feel a little thicker and these bad boys actually helped me grow back my eye brows… I did a whole YouTube video on it back in the day. So, as someone who has used these consistently (on and off but for several months at a time each time) I can honestly say that they work.

Sugar Bear Hair Gummies Available at Sally’s Beauty from £29.99

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some hairspiration from this post!

Until next time…


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but some of the items have been gifted and some of the links are affiliated.

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  1. That’s it, defo getting the gummy bear vitamins. I just need something to nourish my hair. Great review babe. Love the hair massage thingy majig too 😂

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