/ July 9, 2019

Its that time again where Look Fantastic have released their latest beauty box and I think this one might be my favourite yet!

As always the box is filled with amazing products all available on the site to purchase, as well as the latest copy of ELLE magazine which also happens to be my favourite glossy mag!

This months box has some amazing brands included like Elemis and Eyeko, so its definitely worth picking up if you love discovering new products! This box is what id describe as the perfect pamper box!

So what’s inside?

Well, we have a range of skin care included as well as one makeup product. Usually prefer to have a more equal balance of makeup and skin, but the skin products in this box are worth the compromise!

Lets start with the eyes…

For the makeup product we have a liner from Eyeko, which i’ve tried and tested before and can vouch for its quality! It is super pigmented and black, but the felt tip allows you to be super precise, even with the ‘Fat’ version! It doesn’t bleed or run and it lasts a really long time too.

Next up we have an eye mask, which in all honesty I haven’t tried just yet but it looks amazing. This lookalike it would be perfect to pop on before makeup application to brighten up any dark circles and prep your skin for a glammed up look!

We also have this face cloth glove, which I love! I love using these kinds of flannel type things and I love that this one fits onto your hand. This is a great little tool for washing of a mask or rubbing in some exfoliator with!

So let’s go left to right shall we?

The Aromatherapy Associates body gel is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin tone and texture. Its intended for daily use, so this little bottle won’t last too long (depending on the area of skin you are applying to) but the full size is available on the website for £37, which isn’t too bad as far as high end skin care goes.

We also have the NAOBAY micellar water which is what id describes as a mid range price kind of brand. Not quite drug store but not totally unaffordable. The micellar water is really nice and leaves you with a glow on your skin. I usually use bioderma but as im running out of that I’ve been branching out to other brands so this came at the perfect time!

Lastly we have the Elemis hydra-balance day cream, which is a super pricey product so its amazing that its included in the box. These types of creams I feel you need to use for a while before you can really form an opinion, so I don’t have a fully formed one just yet as I’ve only used it for a few days. But I will say that I’ve been enjoying it so far, so ill let you know if anything changes.

Overall Thoughts…

This months box is one of the better boxes Look Fantastic have launched and is definitely worth grabbing before they sell out.

Im always impressed with the quality of products included in these boxes and I love that they give you the chance to try out things that you wouldn’t have tried if not included in the box.

This months box is worth over £71 and retails for only £15 (or less if you subscribe), so its an absolute bargain!

Until next time…


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