/ July 12, 2019

Us girls all have that one portion of each month where we get moody, irrational and just can’t stop eating! We get cramps, we break out, our body’s are sensitive and then there’s the gross part…

Its a tough deal, but there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it. It’s just part of life unfortunately. While we cant stop it (at least not permanently), we can indulge in some comforts to help us get through it.

Pink Parcel offers a subscription box specifically designed to not just supply us with the essential feminine products, but also to give us a little comfort food and pampering products too!

You can choose from a tampon only, pads only or mixed box, so there’s something for everyone. You select your flow and away you go! (an unintentional but appreciated rhyme there…) There is no contract, so if it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time. And from only £11 a month you are getting a great deal! You can even select which date you want it to arrive so you can sync it up with your flow.

So lets talk about whats in the box…

As I mentioned, you can choose what kind of products are included. I have the mixed box which comes with, you guessed it… a mixture of pads and tampons.

There is a variety of different sizes in the pads for before and during your time, and also for day time and night time too. I love that they have literals thought of everything!

Not only do you get the feminine products, but you get a little draw string bag, which I have repurposed to hold a few spares of each product to take with me on the go!

Now, let’s get to the good part!

The thing I honestly love most about this box isn’t that I am never going to run into a situation where I’m suddenly out of products, but they think of the other things you might need to help you get through it all.

In the July box we got a cute little pack of toffee apple popcorn, which was delicious by the way… as well as a teapigs sleepy tea to help you sleep through those cramps!

You also get a little selection of masks, which I have used and loved! Especially the pore strips! And of course a little pack of PH balanced wipes to help clear up any accidental mess on the go.

Overall Thoughts…

This box is something I would honestly recommend to EVERY single female out there, or at least to all of you who haven’t yet gone through the menopause…

You will never be without the products you need, and it honestly just gives you a little box of joy to make that time of the month a little bit more positive. I have loved getting my box through and seeing what goodies are inside, and the quality of the feminine products they send you as well is amazing! No expense has been spared when putting together these boxes!

If you fancy trying it out for yourself you can sign up here, and if you also sign up to their newsletter you can grab a 15% off code too!

Until next time…


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