/ July 29, 2019

If you’ve been here a while you probably know by now that I’m a complete junkie when it comes to skin care, possible more so than makeup?

It mostly stems from my acne, which did clear up after going through a course or roaccutane. Unfortunately for me, its slowly but surely coming back more and more each day. Because of this, I have been on the hunt yet again for products that are going to nourish my skin and keep it as clean and clear as possible.

Let me introduce you to ADARCI London…

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a package from them with some of their skin care. As soon as I opened it I knew it must be pretty luxe because the packaging screams luxury to me!

The bottles and jars are a nice heavy, I think glass, material and they just ooze indulgence!

Not only do the products look amazing, but they smell and perform amazing too!

Ive been testing out the cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser and I fricken love them! Now these aren’t cheap, but I have always been one to invest in good skin care. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to be looked after and cared for.

The Cleanser and Exfoliator are definitely my favourites from the collection. I like the moisturiser, but if I’m 100% honest, I have others I like just as much so I couldn’t justify the price tag. But the cleanser and exfoliator are definitely products id purchase myself!

The cleanser is really moisturising, its kind of like somewhere between a gel and a butter kind of cleanser. Sounds weird, but its great! The exfoliator is unlike any other exfoliator I’ve tried. It goes on like a gel and you just leave it for 60 seconds before rinsing it off. You can feel it working on your skin (not in a bad way) which I love, and I love how it leaves my skin looking and feeling afterwards!

All products available on the ADARCI London website

Ive been testing out the best face cloths to use with the products too and these three are my top picks!

Depending on the kind of face cloth you like, whether you prefer something more similar to a standard flannel, or if you want to try something a little different; these bits from Magnitone, Face Halo and GLOV are my faves!

I tend to use the Face Halo and GLOV more for around the eye area and the Magnitone cloth for all over. They are great buys so worth picking up to try out!

Magnitone Face Cloth Available at Look Fantastic for £20 (2 pack)

Face Halo Available at Beauty Bay for £18 (pack of 3)

GLOV Makeup Remover Available at Look Fantastic for £11.90

Overall thoughts…

I really like the Adarci skin care range and will definitely be looking to try more of it in the future. It smells incredible, super relaxing lavender scents and a sort of liquorice smell in the exfoliator which I loveeee!

Paired up with one of my 3 face cloth recommendations you really can’t go wrong, and ive noticed such a difference in my skin since using these.

If you pick up just one of the products though, id go for the exfoliator. Its become a firm favourite of mine!

Until next time…


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