/ September 9, 2019

Teeth is one of those things that is an important part of a beauty routine, but not a lot of people really talk about unless they’re promoting some sort of whitening product.

Now, I don’t have the perfect smile but my teeth are pretty good for natural teeth. Like most people I’ve whitened them before, but apart from that they are allllll me!

The thing that a lot of people dont really talk about is the products they use, aside from a tooth brush and some whitening gel anyway.

I was fortunate enough to be able to test out the WaterPik, which is essential a tooth flosser. Instead of using that fiddly stringy floss though it basically just quirts water between your teeth.

Full confession, the first time I used this I made a complete mess and soaked myself, the bathroom mirror and basically everything remotely close to me.

Its a little tricky to get the hang of (at least for me anyway) so i’d recommend doing this in the bath tub or the shower (with the water turned off) for the first time to get your bearings. That way you can make a mess without worrying about it.

So after getting used to how to use this and finding a way to make minimal mess I actually really love it!

It really does give you that dentist clean feel and my teeth look soooo much better for it!

I have an awkward mouth, so its really hard for me to be able to actually get in between my teeth properly and if I’m not careful I can get plaque build up pretty quickly. Not because I don’t clean my teeth, but because my mouth is deceivingly small and crowded making it hard for a toothbrush to get into all the little nooks and crannies.

Thats what I love about the WaterPik, it can reach everywhere!

Overall thoughts…

If you are keen on keeping up your dental hygiene in between dentist visits I highly recommend this little gadget!

Its cordless, so you don’t need to worry about the whole electrocuting yourself thing…

It’s also relatively affordable considering what it is. You can pick it up at Boots or Superdrug for only £54.99.

It’s simple but effective, and a great tool for keeping that smile on point.

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