/ July 31, 2019

Fragrance is one of those things that everybody (unless for some unfortunate reason you have no sense of smell) can enjoy!

The world is filled with different smells, some good and some, well not so good…

I am a big lover of perfume, whether it be for my home or for my skin. I always have some kind of fragrance going in my flat at all times, and refuse to leave the house without a spritz of perfume; even if I’m literally just taking out the trash.

I have a rather big collection of fragrances, but one of my favourite brands for perfume has to be CLEAN Reserve. They make the most beautiful scents, but their ingredients is exactly what it says on the bottle, clean.

“An evocative garden-to-fragrance collection that pairs the familiar and transforms it into something unexpected.”


As you may have already heard, CLEAN Reserve have just launched their newest collection, Avant Garden.

As luck would have it, they actually reached out to me to see if id be interested in trying one of the new releases. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I said yes… DUH!

I went with the white amber & warm cotton scent, which I have to say was a great choice!

They have a ton of new fragrances, 8 to be exact. Im sure they all smell incredible, but I can only vouch for the one I’ve actually tried. At least out of the Avant Garden range anyway…

I have tried a couple of their other fragrances, Rain being one of my favourites and I am yet to be disappointed.

Of course you probably noticed that these bottles of smelly goodness do come with a rather high price tag at £129 a bottle. But… for that money you do get 100ml, so its not as bad as you think.

Also, the fragrances really last all day, and you don’t need to spritz a ton on so you don’t need to use that much making it last you longer.

Overall thoughts…

Basically, I’m obsessed with the new range!

I have a rule that I cant buy any more perfumes until I have finished some more of the ones I have. But as soon as I get to a point where I can justify purchasing a new smell, you know I’m going to be picking up another one of these bad boys!

Even though these are quite pricey, if you love perfumes as much as I do I really don’t think you will be disappointed. There are some things that are worth splashing out on a little and for me perfume is one of those things.

Nothing beats being told by a complete stranger how good you smell! (unless that stranger is a complete creep anyway…)

On that note, thanks for popping by.

Until next time…


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