/ August 21, 2019

Fenty Beauty has to be one of my all time favourite brands, especially for complexion products.

They are the OG inclusive brand, who literally changed the industry in terms of shade ranges!

I absolutely love their original foundation and primer, so when I found out they were releasing some more formulas I was SO excited!

My skin has been on a journey since being on roaccutane and I have had pretty much every skin type there is, from dry as the desert to oily as well… oil?

I was lucky enough to get some samples to try out just before they launched, so I’ve been testing them out in order to give you a full review.

Of course, along with the newest foundation and primers, Fenty also sent me one of their sponges. The Fenty sponges are one of my favourites and most comparable to the original beauty blender in terms of texture and softness. They are a little bit cheaper if I remember correctly too so worth picking up if you are a beauty blender fan!

First up, lets talk about the primers…

There are 3 new primers, unfortunately I was only able to test out one of them but I will definitely be looking to pick up the other two when I can.

The new primers are Hydrating, Re-touching and Mattifying.

I was sent the Hydrating primer to try out, which I have been loving. Although, right now my skin is a bit more on the oily side so I really want to test out the Mattifying one!

The hydrating primer though is just that…

Intended for use on dry skin, its a lightweight primer which melts into the skin almost instantly! I have been loving using this particularly on my dryer areas around my nose and on my cheeks, where I find makeup can cake up and look a bit crusty sometimes.

You only need a couple of pumps at most and this will make your skin looked blurred to perfection!

The foundation is probably what I was most excited about, as the original one is more mattifying, so I was so pleased to try one with a bit more dew to it!

The foundation is what id describe as medium but buildable coverage, my favourite kind. Its really light weight and has a very natural finish. You can barely tell you have makeup on the skin.

Of course the foundation comes in the same 50 shades as the original, so it should be pretty easy to find one to match you. I have been using my OG shade in 120 which is perfect for when I’m at my palest, and I also got the shade 150 for when I have a little bit of colour to my skin.

I haven’t noticed much, if any, oxidisation. The shades tend to stay pretty true to colour. The amount of dewiness is perfect for me, as although my skin is more on the oily side at the moment I find I can still get away with using this as long as I set it where I get oily.

Its pretty long wearing and still looks great after a 12 hour shift, so that’s a win in my books!

Overall thoughts…

These new releases are definitely worth picking up if you’re in the market for some new base products, and especially if you are a Fenty fan!

The foundation in particular is my new go to, and I am definitely going to be stopping into my local boots when I get a minute to pick up the mattifying primer too.

Remember, Fenty is available in Boots and Harvey Nichols if you’re in the UK and I believe in Sephora if you are in the US.

The foundation retails for only £27 and the primers for £24.

Until next time…


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