/ August 28, 2019

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Colourpop loves Strawberries, and I do too!

ColourPop are the ultimate affordable, high quality makeup brand and have been one of my favourites for years now! I remember first discovering them through Kathleen lights, way before they even shipped to the UK.

At the time I didn’t realise they were an online only brand so when I visited America on my honeymoon I spent hours searching all the drugstores for the products. Of course now they are available in places like Sephora, and I believe Ulta as well.

I was recently graced with an email from ColourPop saying they wanted to add me to their PR list, which I was soooooo grateful for as they are constantly releasing new things that I want to try but couldn’t keep up!

Ive posted about other collections I’ve received from them in PR, this this one blew me away so I thought it deserved its own dedicated review.

First of all… THE PACKAGING!

Everything is a perfectly gorgeous shade of pink, which I am living for!

I should also say that a few bits, like the lip glosses, smell just like strawberry milkshake and every time I put some on it literally makes me crave one.

There are tons of bits in this collection, so im going to go through all of it, but for those interested in picking up the whole collection; you can grab the whole set for only $87. Yeah, I know… BARGAIN!

Okay, so lets start with the eyes…

I am obsessed with the Jelly Much shadows. The formula is insane!

My favourite of the two is Strawberry Jam (right), but Strawberry Jelly (left) is just as beautiful.

The formula is tricky to describe. Its basically what it says on the tin… a jelly, but its not all sticky and weird feeling. A tiny bit of this goes a long way, so when applying it be careful not to grab too much. I like using my fingers to apply this onto the lid and then I’ve been using a small fluffy-fish brush to blend it out a little.

Next up we have the Strawberry Shake palette, which again is absolutely blooming stunning!

ColourPop shadows are some of my favourites, and you really can’t go wrong when the whole palette is only $12!!

My favourite shades in the palette are Berry Fine and Delish, as they are super unique shimmers which look soooooo pretty on the lid! I also really enjoy using the mattes as well, as they all blend together super easily without any patchiness.

This is probably one of my favourite palettes I own, which says a lot because I own a ton!

ColourPop also included some ‘cheeky’ face products…
(pun most definitely intended)

So these are the first face stick products I’ve tried from ColourPop and I fricken love them! I tend to apply these with a brush rather than directly onto my face as I find I have more control over how much is applied that way.

The blush stick is BEAUTIFUL, and applies and blends like a dream!

And that highlight though…

It gives the most beautiful glow to the skin. Its perfect for my pasty skin and looks great either with a full glam look or on natural skin.

And we also have a couple of powder blushes to add to the collection. Both of them being shades of pink of course, Shortcake and Seed U Later. (Love the names!)

I don’t generally use a lot of super pink blushes due to my pale complexion, but these are really nice. As long as I go in with a light hand and build it up gradually it looks really pretty on the skin. They also look great when mixed with a more peachy toned blush topper too.

“Make big deposits, my gloss is popping”

These glosses smell like a strawberry heaven!

They come in two shades, Easy Bake (the more peachy pink) and Berry Good (the red).

I can’t get over how good they smell, honestly it makes me want to eat it. But obviously… don’t do that.

The glosses look great both on their own but I love to pair them with a lip liner to give them that extra oomph!

And last but certainly not least, the strawberry goodies from Fourth Ray, ColourPop’s sister skin care company.

If im 100% honest, I don’t tend to use the oil so much, but that’s just a preference. I don’t tend to use many oils when it comes to my skin. The Face milk though… I absolutely adore it!

Not only does it smell just as scrumptious as the lip glosses but it makes me skin feel superrrrrrr nice, and im certain my skin looks more radiant after using it.

A little goes a long way with this product so this bottle is going to last me a while.

And I almost forgot the lippie scrub! Not sure how because this is one of my favourite things in the whole collection!!

This has taken pride of place on my vanity and kicked my Jeffree Star lip scrub to the curb. Of course it smells delicious but it does SUCH a good job at actually exfoliating your lips!

Mine have never looked so good.

Overall thoughts…

This is probably my favourite ColourPop collection yet, and I definitely recommend picking at least some of it up!

I do have a code with ColourPop if you want to save some money (no its not an affiliate code, its literally just for you guys to save some dollar) so feel free to use it if you want to.

Use code 5MRSGREGORY to save $5 on your order.

If you are into skin care more than makeup, definitely grab one of the face milks as that stuff is pure genius! And it looks super cure on your vanity too… just saying.

Until next time…


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  1. I love the little strawberry designs on everything, it’s so cute! Also that highlighter stick looks so beautiful. This collection seems great, but then again every ColourPop launch normally is!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Its such a cute collection! I just got another exciting package from them so might have another post up on colour pop soon! 😉

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