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Artistry are fast becoming one of my all time favourite brands! Considering I have only known about them for a year, I’d say that’s pretty good going.

If you’ve been here a while, you might have seen previous posts I’ve done for Artistry Studio. They come out with a new collection based on a different city around the world every 6 months.

They get a local artist to help them design the packaging and put the colour schemes together (which I love!). They are all about the collaboration of talent!

The latest collection to join Artistry Studio’s limited edition range is the Bangkok collection!

As you can see, the packaging is super cute (obviously!) and there are plenty of products to choose from including lipsticks, eye creams and even a body glow!

As always, I’m going to take you through the products bit by bit and share some of my favourite bits about them as well as giving you an honest opinion on whether or not they are worth picking up. (spoiler… they are!)

Let’s start with the lips!

There are 5 shades to choose from, all pretty much in the warm toned family. If you’re not a warm toned fan you might not like these shades; but I think the colours are pretty well rounded to be honest, so there should be something for everyone.

These lip pencils have a matte finish, apart from one which is more of a soft metallic matte. Although they have a matte finish, they don’t dry out your lips. They last for a really long time and while they do transfer a little, they are pretty much on there until you want them off!

The lippies are retailing for only £19.10, which in my opinion is pretty good going when you compare it to other high end brands.

Moving on to eyes…

With three stunning shades, these cream eye shadows are one of my favourite items in this collection. Not only are they super pigmented but they don’t crease!!!

I know… it’s unheard of for a cream shadow!

My favourite of the three shades has to be Gold Crush. Its super pretty and works great for both day and night looks.

The thing I love about these is that you can apply them on your lid with your finger, without any other products needed, and it looks great. Its perfect for a one and done kind of a look, or if you want to add some sparkle to a more glammed up eye look.

These little pots of magic are retailing for £21.50, which might seem on the pricey end, but these are 100% worth it!

All that glitters is gold?

I don’t use a whole lot of body glow products, but when I do this is the kind of thing I look for. You can make it intense, or subtle depending on how much you use.

Its great for the body but you can also double it up as a cream highlight for the face. Just don’t go too crazy as you only need a tiny bit.

It dries down and doesn’t feel sticky which is always something I look for in a body product, no matter what it is. It doesn’t transfer too much, although there is glitter in this so prepare to leave just a little sparkle wherever you go.

Because you need so little of this, the bottle will last you ages. But, If you are a glowing goddess you might want to grab a couple of these as like always, this collection is limited edition!

So how much is this glow going to set us back I hear you ask…

This one retails for £37.75, which is definitely on the higher end of the pricing scale. However, as a little goes a long way, one bottle will last you ages!

Lets talk about colour!

Being 100% honest, I haven’t had the chance to play around with these too much, but I have tested them just enough to form an opinion for you.

They are definitely for someone who loves a pop of colour, whether that be on the water line or smoked out on the lid. They are super pigmented, so not for the faint of heart.

The consistency of these is super creamy and they are very easy to blend out. At the same time, even when used in the waterline, they stay put for hours!

My personal fave is the emerald green, but both of these shades are absolutely beautiful and if coloured liner is your thing, you will want these in your collection.

These babies retail for just £19.10 which is a pretty good deal in my opinion. Like I mentioned, a little goes a long way and because they stay put you aren’t forever reapplying them; meaning you use less and it lasts longer. They are what I’d describe as an investment piece.

All about that base…

So, you might know I’ve ditched the lash extensions recently and have gone au’natural.

Ive been using the Marc Jacobs primer to help my lashes get some extra length and volume, but since trying this one out I can honestly say I prefer it.

Don’t get me wrong, Marcy boy makes a great lash primer and I still love it, but this one makes my lashes a little less clumpy but still adds volume. You can’t really go wrong!

This primer works great when paired with the mascara from the NYC Artistry collection. Unfortunately that one’s no longer available, but I’m sure whatever your fave mascara is, it will look even better over this.

Retailing at only £16.70 this is an absolute bargain, especially when you compare it to the Marc Jacobs primer which is £22!

And who doesn’t love a palette…

Now this is my favourite product from this collection. While I’ve enjoyed the palettes in the NYC and Paris launches, they didn’t wow me like this one has!

The bottom blush shade reminds me soooooo much of the Nars orgasm blush, which on its own retails for £25. But this whole palette is just £47.75 and you get 5 other pans of product!

The highlight at the top is another favourite in the palette, it works great on literally any skin tone whether you are a pale princess like me or an ebony queen, you can definitely rock this shade!

The smaller pans can be used for the eyes or on the cheeks, and the bottom brown shade can even be used as brow powder. For me its the perfect shade!

This palette is honestly great for traveling with and its 100% coming with me in my travel bag when I’m off to Vegas in November!

A cheeky extra!

So, not only are Artistry launching their latest Bangkok makeup collection but they are adding to their skin care range with the new signature select masks!

You may have read my blog post about the serum they launched earlier in the year, if not I highly recommend giving it a read…

They are keeping with the personalisation theme with this launch and there is a mask for everyone, or should I say for every part of your face?

Everyone’s skin is different, and if you are anything like me then the skin on your face can vary from one patch to another. I have some particularly dry areas and some more oily parts. There are dull patches and textured areas, so mine is definitely not a ‘one mask fits all’ kind of face.

Each mask formula features an exclusive NUTRILITE-sourced phytonutrients, such as Pomegranate, Black Currant, Citrus, White Chia Seed or Green Tea Extract,and is perfected by ARTISTRY skincare experts with colors, textures and fragrances that make your senses go wow!

Available from 21 October at Amway

My personal favourites are the purifying, brightening and polishing masks. These are the ones that work best for what my skin needs, but I love that I also have the option to throw a little hydration or firming in there as well!

These jars of pure gold (obviously not actual gold…) cost between £40 – £41.55 each, which is pretty good going considering the size of the jars (100g) and the results you get.

A decent mask from any other mid – high end brand can set you back anywhere between £50 – £200 for one jar!

 The thing I love most about these masks is that you don’t need to leave them on for ages and ages before you can wash it off. If you’re anything like me you get bored half way through waiting for them to dry, but these ones only need 7 minutes before you can remove them in order to work their magic. It’s amazing!

Never tried multi masking before? Well lucky for you I have you covered and made a cheeky video over on my instagram to show you how its done.

Overall thoughts…

While Artistry might not be a household name in the UK and these products might seem a bit steep, I can honestly say they are worth the money.

No, you don’t need every single thing in the collection (unless you just want to collect each city, in which case go for it!) but I would 100% recommend picking up an item or two and trying out.

With Christmas around the corner its a great time to add these to your wish list. You never know, Santa might just put in an order for you.

This collection is by far my favourite one so far. If you read my post about the NYC collection a year ago you will know, while I liked the products, I wasn’t blown away by them. But, each time a new launch comes out I find more and more things I love, and the collections just keep getting better and better!

Until next time…


*Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Amway UK, but all opinions are honest and my own. Amway give bloggers creative freedom and encourage us to write genuine honest reviews.

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