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Welcome to the second instalment of my Christmas Gift Guide. I was originally intending to just do one guide, but after trawling the internet to find the perfect gifts, there was just too much to fit into one guide.

If you haven’t already had a look at my stocking filler guide, go read it!

So I’ve put together a cheeky little guide to help you get some inspiration on what to get the people in your life, or what to add to your own Christmas list… No judgements here!

As with my stocking filler guide I’ll be keeping this post short and snappy!

These recommendations have varying price ranges so whether you are looking to spend a little or a lot there should be something here to inspire your inner Santa!

*All products will be linked where possible*
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Everyone loves a bit of beauty, whether it’s the perfect product for glam makeup or a gadget to keep your teeth gleaming.

Here are my top picks for beauty gifts this year…

Artistry Studio Bangkok Palette – £47.75
I did a whole blog post about the Artistry collection, and if you’ve read that then you’ll know that this palette is my absolute favourite thing right now. This palette is beautiful and the perfect gift for any makeup fanatic, especially if they love a glowy blush!

Look Good Feel Better Brushes – £19.99
Not only are these brushes nice to look at and super soft, but by buying these you are also helping the fight against cancer. Give a gift that keeps giving and grab your special someone a set of these brushes. They will love the brushes for sure, but I’m sure they will also love the fact that their gift has helped someone.

Frances Prescott Tri-Spritz Setting Spray – £45
Everyone loves a face spray, and if you don’t, well then Im disappointed in you. Why not treat someone to a little luxury and splurge on this setting spray from Frances Prescott? Its a little pricey, but it’s a gift after all, so treat them… or yourself.

So Eco Brush Sets – from £14.50
Another couple of sets of superb brushes! The So Eco brushes are great for your face and for the environment. Once again they are super soft, and they help to blend your makeup flawlessly, helping you achieve the perfect holiday glam. These brushes won’t disappoint!

STYLSMILE Whitening Kit – £149.99
This is what id describe as the ultimate gift this year. The newly launched StylSmile kit will definitely get them showing off their dazzling whites, at least after a few weeks of use anyway…
The kit comes with everything they need to get started, including the toothpaste! Although a little on the pricier end, this is well worth the investment. Especially if you are shopping for someone who spends loads of money on teeth whitening gadgets already!

CROWN Brushes Pro 23 Piece Apron Set – £69.99
There are a lot of brushes included in this gift guide, but these ones are probably my faves. CROWN brushes in general are one of my all time favourite brands when it comes to makeup tools, and this MUA set is perfect for anyone who loves makeup, whether they are just getting started or are already painting faces for a living. The 23 piece set comes in an apron which can also be used as a brush roll to keep them safe in between uses.

Benefit Minis Van Gift Set – £17.50
Benefit have a bunch of different gift sets to choose from, but this little set is one of my faves. It comes with 3 cult products to help them step up their makeup game. Including minis of the porefesional primer, the badgal bang mascara and a gimme brow, this little set is perfect for a benefit cosmetics fan. And, the packaging is super cute too!

CROWN Brushes Pro Gift Set – £99.99
Another set from Crown Brushes, although this time we have some of their gorgeous makeup items included too! As well as a smaller set of brushes this set comes with their pro eye shadow palette, which is perfect for anyone who loves a warm toned bronzy eye look, and a stunning highlight palette! I can absolutely vouch for the quality of the CROWN makeup, and their eyeshadows in particular are some of my faves.


Whether its for him or for her, you can’t deny we all love to feel clean and soft. So why not treat someone to some bits to do just that?

From bubble bath to body yogurt, I’ve hunted down the best bath and body gifts for you…

Scottish Fine Soaps Company Gift Sets – from £7.79
Scottish Fine Soaps have loads of different gift sets to choose from but a couple of my top picks is the Au Lait Noir and the Gardeners Hand Therapy sets. Not only do their gift sets start at a very affordable price of under £8, but the packaging and quality of the products is absolutely perfect and will be sure to make someone very happy this Christmas!

Skinny Dip Bubble Bath – £8.50
Who doesn’t love a bit of SkinnyDip? I know I do!
SkinnyDip have a bunch of gift ideas available this year, one of which is the Bubble Trouble bubble bath. This stuff smells amazing and gives you the best bubble bath of your life. This is perfect for anyone who loves a pamper evening which begins with a soak in the tub.

Olverum Bath Oil – £35
Another hot item for those who love a pamper sesh! This is more on the luxe side of things, so perfect for someone who is a little more ‘Made in Chelsea’ than ‘The only way is Essex’ if you know what I mean. This Bath oil is super relaxing and sure to leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered. Perfect for a busy girl boss (or regular man boss…) who needs to unwind and relax after the Christmas madness.

Shea Moisture Bath, Body and Massage Oil – £8.99
This is a multi tasker if I ever did see one. You can use this in your bath, as a moisturising oil on the body, or simply get your other half to slather a bit on while they give you a cheeky massage. At under £10 this is a great budget friendly gift and would even be a great addition to a little home made pamper hamper.

Roger Gallet Soaps – £15
This is another ‘on the luxe side’ kind of gift. These are great for anyone to be honest but I particular think they work well for the more mature women. The fragrance of these is beautiful, and the packaging gives you all the boujee vibes. Although £15 can be considered a lot for soaps, these ones are worth it.

Pure Anada Christmas Spirit – from £5.50
Why not give a little Christmas spirit to that special someone? These bits are both affordable and cute AF! Who wouldn’t love to spritz a bit of Christmas spirit on their body? There are a few different bits and pieces in this collection to choose from and you can definitely mix and match to create a nifty little hamper for someone. These are very much a novelty gift, but they are actually useful as well. Bonus!

Skinny Dip Bath Syrup Trio – £12.50
Another cute little set from SkinnyDip. These Bath Syrups gives me all the baking vibes but with none of the calories! After a long day of stuffing pigs in blankets down our food holes, these little bath syrups are the perfect gift to have a relaxing bubble bath before bed. With the packaging being as cute as it is, no sweetener is needed in these syrups!

Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Set – £18
Beauty Sleep is a gift in itself, so this is the perfect little set to help them drift off into the land of nod. Including a sleep mask and various skin and body bits to wrap yourself in nourishment, these bits are perfect for pretty much anyone.

Body Duo Gift Set – £39 & Beauty Sleep Booster Gift Set – £22
REN make some great gift sets, and these two are no exception! The body wash and lotions are super luxurious and smell bloody incredible! And then there’s the beauty sleep set. If the Sanctuary Spa set didn’t tickle your fancy, maybe this one will. No sleep mask with this, but you do get three nifty products including a pillow spray to help you drift off.


Whether its your face or your body, skin is very important. So why not show them you love them with the gift of glowy, beautiful, perfect skin?

Or at least a few bits and pieces to help them get it anyway…

Fushi Oil Discovery Set – £24
With six different oils included, this set is perfect for anyone who loves to add oil to their body, hair, face or even hands! I for one love putting oil in my hair after washing it and also on my cuticles to keep everything looking and feels soft and healthy. These mini oils are six different kinds helping you discover which kind is best for you.

Artistry Signature Select Masks – from £33
I spoke about these masks in a recent post and even did a demo video on my instagram. They are blooming amazing and worth every penny! Whether you want to grab one, three or even five of these masks, they will definitely impress any skin care addict!

Norvell Tanning Maintenance Kit – £29.99
Don’t let them loose their glow this winter. For anyone who can’t be without their summer glow all year round, this maintenance kit is perfect. It helps to prep and extend the life of your tan, meaning summer stays for longer!

Face Theory Gift Sets – from £13.99
(use code INF45 for a 25% discount)
Another great item for anyone who lovessssss skin care. Face Theory have a few different sets they created themselves, or you can do what I did and do a BYOB! You can put between 3 – 5 items in the box and if you build your own you can really personalise it to who you’re buying for. Face Theory gave me a discount code for you guys, so you can keep your box budget friendly too!

HUGG CBD Skin Care – from £6.99
CBD is getting bigger and bigger and for anyone who is into their fitness, these bits are perfect! Pictured above is a face mask (to help cleanse and relax the skin), a muscle cream (to help relax soar muscles after a workout) and a foot soak (for tired feet after a long run). Starting at only £6.99 these bits are great if you are shopping for anyone who feeds into the ‘New Year, New Me’ tradition of joining a gym on January 1st.

Collistar Skin Care – between £10 – £70
Add a little luxury to their life this Christmas and pick up some bits from Collistar Skin Care. They have a bunch of different products to choose from, but one of my faves is the body scrub. The jar is huge and will last for agessss. If scrub isn’t your thing then maybe grab some of their masks? They make both face and body masks so there is something for everyone.

REN Cleanse and Reveal Kit – £16.50
(packaging will differ from above – unable to find exact link)
Another great little set from REN. This is great for anyone who loves to do their ritualistic skin care routine each evening, or even for someone who is just starting to get into skin care. Washing your face is very underrated, so this set including the cleanser and cloth is perfect for those just discovering the benefits of being kind to your skin, or even for those who are already well aware.


Scent is such a personal thing, but it’s not Christmas if you don’t get a new bottle of smelly to spritz all over now is it?

Ive been on the hunt and have tracked down a few bits which are sure to make them smile!

Roger Gallet Fleur de figuier – £35
This isn’t technically described as a perfume, but its a bottle of smelly stuff that you spray on you so im gonna go ahead and call it a perfume…
The packaging is just as beautiful as the fragrance on this one, and is sure to impress just about anyone who opens this up on Christmas Day. At only £35 for a 100ml, its also a bargain!

Le Couvent Kythnos – £65
This is a fragrance for a sophisticated and classy women. With a hint of lavender this smells absolutely delicious and is a firm favourite. Not only does it smell great, but once again the packaging is stunning. I love the sleek black bottle and this is a bottle that won’t disappoint.

Kierin NYC Sunday Brunch – £65
Keeping it fun and fresh with the Keirin NYC fragrances! My personal fave is the Sunday Brunch, which is more of a fruity fun scent, but they have 3 other smells if fruity isn’t your thing. The packaging once again is on point, and the fun bright and colourful bottle definitely has the wow factor! Relatively affordable as far as fragrance goes, this is a no brainer for any perfume addict.

Lancome Oud Bouquet – £100
My all time favourite fragrance! Literally, every time I wear this I get complimented and people always ask me what im wearing. Although pricey, this little bottle is pure magic and unless they have no sense of smell, is sure to bring a smile to their face… and nose!


I’m definitely guilty of forgetting about the hair when thinking about beauty, but don’t make that mistake when thinking about Christmas gifts.

There are tons of hair gadgets which I found that would be amazing as gifts, but I’ve narrowed it down to these bad boys for the ‘hot ticket’ items to get this year.

Dafni Cordless Straightening Brush – £155
One of the most interesting and pretty darn snazzy bits I came across on my hunt for gift ideas this year is the Dafni Cordless Straighten Brush. Their original corded brush is loved by peoples luscious locks all over, but this new addition to the family is great for anyone who travels! The design and colour of the brush is super pretty too, it gives me galaxy vibes and I am here for it. This little gadget is great for anyone who loves a sleek look to their hair but doesn’t have the time to go into full on straightening mode every morning!


You can’t go wrong with a little bling…

Whether your budget is on the lower or higher end of the scale, I’ve got something here which should suit your wallet and still be sure to impress.

Keeping it fun but classy, I’ve picked out a couple of bits which I think will go down a treat!

Georgina Scott Roma Hoops – £49
These are quite possibly the prettiest hoops I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Although they don’t have any diamonds on them, they sparkle as if they did when they hit the light. They truly are a work of art and will be sure to dazzle anyone who receives a pair this Christmas!

Trend Tonic ‘Big Sassy Balls’ Earrings – £12
Now if the name doesn’t do it for you, the earrings themselves definitely will! Inexpensive, but they are sure to make a statement. Trend Tonic make a ton of different styles like these ones, but the Big Sassy Balls are my faves. This brand is 100% worth looking into!

Ted Baker Heart Stud Earrings – £22
If you want to give them a little luxury without breaking the bank, how about some Ted Baker bling? These little heart studs aren’t too pricey as far as good old Ted goes, but they still give you that wow factor and are sure to go down a treat!


You didn’t think Id forget about him did you?

As well as plenty of options for her and for them, I wanted to pop in a small section with some ideas for that lucky fella in your life.

Or your dad, brother, uncle, cousin…

Scottish Fine Soaps Company Mens Grooming Set – £21
Another great set from Scottish Fine Soaps, but this time its for the guys! Specifically, for the guys with a little facial fuzz.
Keep their beards feeling soft and fuzzy this Christmas and give them the ultimate face and beard care set. Including some face soap, beard oils, moisturiser and even a comb, this set is full of everything he needs to stay looking fresh over the festive season.

Apple Air Pods – £159
If you’re looking to treat your man (or even lady tbh…) this year then air pods are the way to go, especially if they are a music lover. Although pricey, these little buds are worth the investment. With a long battery life and great sound quality he will be over the mood to open up a box of these on Christmas.

Gillette Heated Razor For Men Starter Kit – £199
For the man who likes to keep his face smooth as a baby’s bum…
Gillette just launched their newest gizmo, the heated razor! This actually sounds amazing, and if I was a guy, id definitely be looking into grabbing one of these. The Razor is meant to warm up on your skin making it feel like a warm towel gliding over the face. Doesn’t it just sound amazing? This is a pricey gift though, so I only recommend if he’s been extra nice this year! 😉

Gillette Mach3 Travel Bag Gift Set – £14.99
If the heated razor is a little too pricey, then this classic gift set is just as good. Well maybe not just as good, but still pretty darn good! The set includes the razor, a refill and even some shaving cream. Everything he needs for a great shave, as a budget friendly price for you!

31st State Skin and Hair Care for Guys – from £5.99
31st state is perfect for the younger age group as its specifically designed for younger skin, to help boys in their journey to being men, and help battle the bad skin and terrible hair styles on the way. I had one of my guy friends test this stuff for me and he has reported back saying it smells amazing and has made his skin super soft. If that’s not a winning gift I don’t know what is? Although products start from just £5.99 you can also get the whole starter kit for only £53, so it won’t break the bank and will give him everything he needs to look and feel great.

Crep Protect Ultimate Box Pack – £32
For the man who loves his trainers… or really for anyone who loves their trainers, but I tend to find guys are more into them than girls generally. This kit includes everything you need to keep them whites white, the blacks black and all the other colours in between. Not only is this kit great for cleaning the external shoe, but it even has little shoe fresheners to keep that cheesy stench away! What could be better?

American Crew Grooming Kit Wash Bag – £35
Not only does this little set include some bomb products but it comes with a rather snazzy little wash bag too. The bag is amazing quality and would make a great gift all by itself to be honest, so its a bonus that 4 amazing products are included in the set. Included is a 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner & body wash, a precision shave gel, a post shave cooling lotion and a cream pomade. Amazing right!?

Benecos For Men Only Gift Set – £11.99
Or if you don’t want to splash out quite so much on toiletries, but still want to keep him smelling fresh, maybe try this little set from Benecos. The whole ‘only for men’ thing should help keep him feeling manly enough to enjoy a little pampering session this Christmas.


And lastly, a little round up of pretty much everything else that just doesn’t really fit anywhere…

Although pretty random, these bits are great ideas for Christmas gifts this year if I don’t say so myself.

Morning Glamour Satin Pillow Case – £12.99
If silk is a little pricey for you, then satin is the next best thing as far as pillow cases are concerned! Not only are they great for the hair, but they are great for skin too as the natural dirt and oils from you face doesn’t soak into the fabric as much as traditional cotton sheets. This would be a great item to put together with one of the beauty sleep sets I mentioned earlier in my post, or even just on its own to be honest. The pillow cases come in a range of colours, but pink is my personal fave.

OkiOki Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask – £40
Now this eye mask is unlike any other eye mask you’ve tried. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, the mask literals beautifies you as you sleep. Hyaluronic acid is great for plumping and moisturising the skin, so when applied on the eye area this will give you the appearance of well rested healthy eyes, even if you’re secretly a zombie on the inside.

Sanatio Naturalis Flowering Teas – £18.50
This tea is unlike any other tea. Not only does it taste great but watching the flowers bloom in the cup or tea pot really is something else! I made a little time lapse video on my instagram if you want to see it in action before you buy. This is perfect for any tea lover though, its tea with an extra special something!

Stitch Sainte Luce Handmade Charity Gift – £50 or under
The Stitch project has been training women in embroidery production techniques since 2014 and provides a rare opportunity for women to learn a new set of skills. This women’s sustainable livelihoods project has enabled many women to earn an independent living. In return for supporting the project, you get a truly unique, handmade product made in Madagascar, and the knowledge that you’ve made a real difference to the lives of the embroiderers and their families. With a range of different prices there is sure to be something for everyone’s budget.

Chelsea Peers PJ’s – £32
The cosiest PJ’s I’ve ever worn! Literally, these are super soft, even after going through the wash a couple of times. Although £32 might seem pricey for PJ’s, Personaly, I feel these are worth it. And to be honest, the price isn’t that bad when you compare it to other PJ sets. The colours are vibrant, the material is super soft and the designs are fun.
Also… its not Christmas without a new pair of PJ’s so you better put these in your basket ASAP!

Chelsea Peers Makeup Case – £18
Not only do they make PJ’s but Chelsea Peers has a whole range of cute and fun accessories, one being this cheeky flamingo covered makeup bag. The quality is amazing and the design is really fun. The bag is big enough to fit all the essentials in without being too huge that it won’t fit in your bag, well… unless you have a clutch or something anyway.

Slipper Set – £24 & Winter Warmer Set – £20
Totes have some really cute gift sets this year, two of my favourites being the slipper and the hot water bottle set’s pictured above. Super cosy and super cute, you literally cant go wrong with a set from Totes. They also won’t break the bank, so perfect if you are needing to buy for multiple people!

Gucci Strawberry Print Wallet – £250
Lets through a little luxury into the flow shall we? How about some GUCCI?
This is definitely a statement gift and im sure not all of you will be putting this in your basket to give away, but its definitely something to put on your Christmas list.
GUCCI is an iconic brand, and although very pricey, the quality is there!
Not only is the leather, the sticking and everything else blooming amazing, but the strawberry design and pink inside detail is what really makes this the ultimate statement gift!

The Flatlay Co drawstring make up bag – £19.99
These little makeup bags are super unique. They come in two different sizes, I actually featured the mini size in my stocking filler guide. If you’re feeling extra generous you could even stock it up with a few of my suggestions from earlier in the post or from my other post. These are great little bags and truly one of a kind. Great for literally anyone, especially those on the go a lot!

The Vegan Larder Christmas Box – from £14.50 – £29
If you’re just not sure what to get them, then how about a food hamper? Everyone loves food after all…
Pictured above is the deluxe box from Vegan larder which, as you may have already guessed, is vegan. This is great for anyone, whether vegan or not as it all tastes delicious. And yes, I have done the hard job of taste testing it for you so I can 100% confirm that to be true. They also have a couple of other boxes available for Christmas as well, a full on chocolate box (YUM!) or for someone who is more savoury there is also an after dinner pate box.

Hopefully you now have plenty of inspo of what to get your friends and family this year, or even what to add to your own list… I don’t Judge!

If you haven’t already seen my stocking filler guide, make sure to give it a quick read as there is plenty more smaller gift ideas over there.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Until next time…

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