/ October 23, 2019

You may have noticed by now, but Colourpop launches A LOT of new collections!

So its no surprise that another one has just been launched…

Luckily for me, they sent me most of the newest collection to try out, and I have to say… I’m impressed!

Colourpop are one of my all time favourite brands in general, not just out of affordable brands, but compared to luxury brands too. Their product quality is always amazing, and always super affordable, meaning most people are able to get their hands on it to enjoy.

I wasn’t sent the entire collection, but I did get most of it so I can be pretty confident in my opinion.

One of the things I love with this collection is the addition of nail wraps. I really enjoy the new little random products they are launching with collections, it really gives it the perfect finishing touch!

The nail wraps are actually really nice, and good quality. They apply super easy and seem to last on the nails pretty well too. The only improvement I could suggest it to make more nail sizes as I struggled a little on a couple of my nails to find the right ones.

I really enjoy the eye products in this collection. The plum colour of the ‘Birds of a Feather‘ mascara and liner set is just beautiful! As always, the pigment is super rich and the products just glide on really easily. I also love the formula of the BFF mascara in general and I love that they have so many different colours.

The Jelly Much shadows are a close favourite to their supershock formula. I love using these to do cut creases as they are really easy to work with and look phenomenal on the eye!

The colour I received in the PR package was ‘Early Birdie‘ which is a super pretty pearly gold colour. There are 3 other shimmery pinkish toned colours available in this formula for this collection as well.

The palette is probably my favourite thing from the whole collection…

The colours are beautiful, and are really me kind of colours! There is a mixture of formulas included in the palette included a couple of supershock shadows and some pressed glitters.

Oh and by the way… the pressed glitters are just magical!

I can already tell I am going to get a lot of use out of this palette. It’s just absolutely stunning and It’s literally my dream palette. Im actually obsessed!

So we also have one of the iconic lite and blush stix bundles. There are two different bundles available in this collection, I got the one called ‘In a Twitter‘ which to be honest, is probably the best of the two for my skin tone. That being said, the highlighter is still a little too dark for my ghostly complexion so I will be passing that onto a friend as its too pretty to just sit in a draw.

The blush on the other hand is perfect for me. The colour is a really soft natural colour with an almost mauve undertone to it. Perfect for Autumn!

The formula of these once again is on point as per usual. cream products like this, especially in stick form can sometimes be a little intimidating. However, I find they apply the easiest, and best, when you take a little on a brush instead of applying directly to the face.

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No look is complete without lashes!

I haven’t yet had the chance to play with the Colourpop lashes in general too much as they are a new addition to their brand. But I can say, I have tried these on a few times and they are incredible!

I find them really easily to apply, the band is really flexible and easy to manoeuvre when putting it into position.

The quality of the lashes themselves is also amazing, they look very high ends and I would say they are very comparable to Lilly Lashes, which as you may know cost a fortune!

I also really love that these are faux mink, meaning no fury creatures were harmed to make them.

And last but not least we have the lip bundle

Once again there are a couple of different bundles available, and multiple single shades, but I got the bundle ‘Winger Takes All’.

Again, this bundle was definitely the one I would’ve picked if id ordered them myself as the colours are really complimentary of my skin tone.

As always, the formulas are bomb!

I don’t usually like gloss too much, but I make an exception for Colourpop. And the blotted lip formula? Well If you know me you know its one of my favourite lip formulas!

Overall thoughts…

If you haven’t guessed by now, I think the collection is amazing.

One thing that always really impresses me with Colourpop is that although they launch a hell of a lot of products, they don’t skimp on the quality. Each collection is really well thought out and everything just works!

This collection, although I say this pretty much every time, really is my favourite one yet. The colours are just a bit of me, and the actual products in the collection are all things I will get use out of.

The price point is amazing, so I would highly recommend picking up a few bits if you can. The palette and lashes are probably my top two recommendations if you get anything.

Remember you can use my code ‘5MRSGREGORY’ to get $5 off your order at Colourpop. I don’t make any commission from this code, its purely for you guys to save some money.

As always, thanks for stopping by. And if you do try anything from this collection make sure to tag me in your looks over on Instagram!

Until next time…


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